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Andre Drummond got dunked on by a former software engineer

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — First, the good news: Playing in a game at the Drew League in Los Angeles this weekend, Pistons center Andre Drummond had a dominant 27 point, 18 rebound performance. Now, the bad news: Drummond also got dunked on. Twice. Both times by big men who’ve played college and pro ball, although the guy in the second dunk here calls himself a former software engineer

To his credit, Drummond not only owned up to it on Twitter but noted that really all you can do is drop the “#shrugs” hashtag…

NBA players in Pro-Am leagues roundup

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA recently kicked off its Orlando Summer League, a training ground for players trying to prove they deserve a roster spot in the NBA. Meanwhile, some of the NBA’s more proven players spend the summer playing in various pro-am leagues around the country, getting in some work in a setting a little less structured than summer league, but often with just as much talent. Let’s check in on a few NBA players…

Brandon Jennings showed out at LA’s Drew League with a 57-point, 6-rebound, 5-assist performance.

• Also at the Drew League, Paul George did this.

Jabari Parker will be in Vegas with the Bucks’ summer league team, but before he left, he stopped by his hometown Chi League in Chicago to put up 20 and 10 in a game against NBA players such as Will Bynum and Draymond Green. (Video here)

Tony Wroten scored 53 points in the famed Seattle Pro-Am.

Jamal Crawford made scoring 30 look easy in the Seattle Pro-Am.

VIDEO: Crawford scores 30

(via BIL)

Kevin Durant, star of NBA offseason

by Micah Hart

Remember a couple weeks back when we showed you Kevin Durant putting in work at the Goodman League in Washington DC? Well, that ain’t the only league KD35 is playing in this summer. Durant has now swapped coasts to get some run in at the Drew League in Los Angeles, another famed summer-league stop for NBA ballers looking to keep their games tight.

Courtesy of Hoopmixtape’s YouTube channel, here is Durant throwing down the filthiest dunk of the summer:

That is just nasty. For a guy whose reputation has never been built on ferocious dunks, he certainly has thrown down some memorable ones in the past month or so.

Save some of that for the regular season KD!

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