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Every Pick-Up Basketball Stereotype

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just recently we saw a Jordan video that featured Blake Griffin playing with the guy who thinks he can play but is actually terrible. That is a classic pick-up ball stereotype, one of any number of types of players you tend to run into on the regular on the court.

The guys from Dude Perfect, a group of Texas A&M students who know a thing or two about viral basketball videos and are committed to achieving a bunch of random goals, put together a new video that catalogues every pick-up basketball stereotype. Be honest: Which one are you?

Dude Perfect Takes To The Sky

by Micah Hart

For their 100th video, Dude Perfect took a ride in the Goodyear Blimp:

Very impressive, but I say again — I will not rest until I see a skydive shot!

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Dude Perfect Returns With The Slingshot

by Micah Hart

Dude Perfect is at it again, and I have to say, I like the way they are challenging themselves to come up with new and different ways to hit a basketball shot.

Can I make a request? They’ve done the Airplane Shot, but I say its time for the Sky Dive shot. Make a shot from 9,000 feet, without the sheer force of the falling basketball destroying the hoop. Get on it guys.

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Trick shots artists raise their game for the playoffs

by Micah Hart

It’s the playoffs, which means everyone involved has to step their game up or go home. This is true for the teams left playing in the Eastern and Western Conference finals, and it’s also true for trick shot specialists.

First up, the guys from Dude Perfect go corporate, teaming up with Southwest Airlines to put together a pretty impressive array of shots:

Impressive. Airlines don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor about their equipment, so I tip my cap to them for making this happen. Especially since they always make me check my trampoline when I travel.

The Legendary Shots decide to go a different way, this time giving it a little bit of a science-fair feel:

This will come in handy the next time they fight a war against the Persians at Thermopylae.

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