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Aerial Specialist Gerald Green Does It Again

by Zettler Clay IV

Buzz is high on the Indiana Pacers for the upcoming season. So it’s only right that they — mainly Gerald Green — take their act above the ground to reflect such:

Generally when people use the term “above the rim,” a visual of a full head above the rim is not what actually happens. This is something you expect to see on Space Jam, not in an empty gym where the rules of gravity are supposed to apply.

Between Green, Blake Griffin and That Guy in Miami, Mr. Calloway might have his work cut out for him this season.

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Westbrook lays waste to the Kings

by Zettler Clay

OK, this is just ridiculous. Kevin Durant steals ball, dribble up court and…boom. Keep in mind that the dunker in question is a 6-foot-3 point guard.

All I have is a plea to LeMont Calloway to clear some space on the digital wall. With all the iron abuse that has occurred this season, it’s only right that Russell Westbrook crack the list before season’s end.

JaVale McGee Gets Detention For Unnecessary But Pretty Sweet Dunk

by Micah Hart

What to do with you, JaVale McGee? That’s what Wizards coach Flip Saunders must spend a good amount of time thinking — at least when he’s not thinking the same about Andray Blatche or Nick Young, or …

Anyway, take this play, for instance, from yesterday’s Wizards-Rockets tilt:

Now, before we get into what happened afterward and who is right or wrong, let’s please all first acknowledge the dunk was awesome and clearly Dunk Ladder material.

In a vacuum, McGee’s aerial display is exactly what makes the NBA so amazing. I’d wager that we all secretly wish every player on a breakaway would do something like it.

But McGee’s slam did not occur in a vacuum; it occurred with the Wizards trailing the Rockets in the third quarter of a game they were losing and with the team’s record at 1-11, soon to be 1-12.

And so Saunders sent McGee to the bench, where he sat for the rest of the game save a couple minutes early in the fourth quarter.

There are a lot of opinions about whether this kind of showboating has a place in the NBA (and other sports as well), but I’d say the general rule of thumb is it is only acceptable when you are winning. Which, to refresh your memory, the Wizards are not. It reminds me of LeBron’s Cavaliers teams and their elaborate pre-game rituals. As long as they were winning it was cute. But as soon as they fell to Orlando in the playoffs you started to hear “maybe if they’d spent more time practicing basketball instead of handshakes …” and other tropes.

Both sides are right, and both sides are wrong. Sports are supposed to be fun, and that’s clearly what McGee was trying to do here — have some fun. But there is a time and place, and one look at the Wizards’ place in the standings shows that they haven’t really earned the right to goof off. That’s why most don’t have a problem with Saunders’ decision to make McGee sit in timeout and think about what he’d done.

Still … it was a pretty sweet dunk.

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Meet the world’s newest MJ fan

by Micah Hart

I feel you, kid. Dunk Ladder sage and Bulls diehard LeMont Calloway has the same DVD, and he assures me it elicits a similar reaction when he watches it as well. Me, I was more of a Nique guy, but to each their own.

via Outside the Box Score

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