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The Larry O’Brien Trophy Is Big

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Call it an award tour.

Before the NBA’s Larry O’Brien trophy is presented to the winners of the Spurs/Heat series in The Finals, it made a recent stopover in New York City, where it spent some time with a few celebs from the worlds of fashion and food.

What is the Larry O’Brien Trophy? Just so you know…

• The Larry O’Brien Trophy is awarded to the winning team of the NBA Finals. The trophy was designed by Tiffany & Co. and unveiled on May 16, 1977. From 1977 to 1984, it was called the World Championship Trophy. It was renamed after the late former Commissioner Larry O’Brien (the third commissioner, 1975-84) when current Commissioner David Stern took over in 1984.

• The trophy is 24.5 inches high and weighs nearly 16 pounds. It depicts a basketball in motion over a stylized segment of hoop and basket. The basketball depicted on the trophy has the regulation-size nine-inch diameter.

• The trophy is fully handcrafted in sterling silver, then vermeiled in 24-karat gold.

• Each year, two of Tiffany & Co.’s highly skilled artisans – a spinner and a silversmith in the Parsippany, N.J., workshop – labor for approximately 80 hours on the trophy.

• Following the deciding game of The Finals, the trophy is presented to the winning team’s owner(s) and team representatives. It is then returned to Tiffany workshops where the craftsmen engrave the trophy with the winning team’s name and refurbish it to pristine condition.

Check the pics…


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