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The Animated Top Plays of the NBA Season

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Readers of the All Ball Blog will no doubt remember the work of Patrick Truby, who has done several animations where he brings to life memorable NBA plays, such as this one. Now Patrick has teamed with ESPN to produce an animated version of their top ten NBA plays of the season. Pretty cool stuff…

VIDEO: Animated Top 10

Gregg Popovich Gives Most Revealing Sideline Interview Yet

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Through the years, we’ve seen Spurs coach Gregg Popovich make some sort of performance art out of in-game sideline interviews. He doesn’t seem to like doing them, and he is at least blunt about his feelings. Yet last night on ESPN, longtime NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy took over the Popovich interview duties, and finally got Pop to embrace the in-game interview. Literally.

VIDEO: Pop vs. Van Gundy

Roy Hibbert Videobombs ESPN Announcers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Miami Heat have made a habit of videobombing each other during their courtside postgame interviews following wins. I haven’t seen any footage of the Heat players videobombing anyone following last night’s win against the Pacers, but at some point after the game, Pacers big man Roy Hibbert videobombed the ESPN announcers taping an NBA Countdown segment. And after being invited onto the set by Sage Steele, Hibbert grabbed a mic and dropped some strong opinions…on Stephen A. Smith‘s hair.

VIDEO: Hibbert videobombs ESPN

Ricky Rubio Will Help You Find (Kevin) Love

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In this latest spot from ESPN, Kevin Love and Mike Breen are driving an RV cross-country, as one does, when they see a series of curious billboards. Kevin Love makes the call, and things unravel from there…

VIDEO: Ricky Rubio Helps You Find Love

Maybe It’s Not So Great To Be Michael Jordan After All

by Micah Hart

That is, if your name is Michael Jordan and you aren’t a six-time NBA champion. This ESPN commercial has been making the rounds today, and it’s pretty outstanding. Enjoy:

I have a cousin who’s name is also Micah Hart. I want to think his life is similar to this, but somehow I doubt it.


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Stats strips down in ESPN The Mag

by Adena Andrews

In its second attempt to celebrate the athletic form of our favorite athletes, ESPN The Magazine is hitting folks with its Body Issue on Oct. 8. Knicks team captain Amar’e Stoudemire gave the camera all he had in a pretty risqué cover shoot. The cover is a two-parter that forces readers to open it up to reveal the rest of Stoudemire’s ummm… stats. Since we are the All Ball blog (insert childish joke here), we’re giving you the full cover.

What do you think about this, Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury?

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