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Stephen Curry teams up with Chance the Rapper

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Two of the most popular performers in their respective fields teamed up last night prior to the ESPY Awards. Before the terrific Chance the Rapper took to the stage to perform a moving tribute to Muhammad Ali, Golden State’s Steph Curry showed Chance how he warms up for a big event. We saw Curry in the playoffs getting his groove on to a local ad known as “Jones BBQ and Foot Massage.” So to make sure Chance was prepped for his moment, Curry and Chance did their dance. No wonder blessings keep falling in their laps…

Craig Sager’s powerful ESPY acceptance speech

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night’s ESPY Awards ceremony ended with our colleague Craig Sager being honored with the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance. The award is named for longtime North Carolina State coach Jim Valvano, whose memorable speech at the 1993 ESPY Awards in the midst of his battle against cancer is still referenced today. Sager has recently waged his own public war against cancer, and last night was another incredible step in that battle. As the award’s presenter Vice President Joe Biden tweeted, Sager’s powerful speech was a “lesson on how to live.”

To watch Sager’s entire speech, click here.

Don Draper Disses Dwight Howard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night was the annual ESPY Awards, where ESPN gathers many of the best athletes, gives them trophies and televises the entire affair. This year the event was hosted by actor Jon Hamm, who of course plays Don Draper on Mad Men. Since they were all assembled in Los Angeles, Hamm cracked a few jokes at Dwight Howard‘s expense.

(via BIL)

Jimmer Fredette and Justin Timberlake, Bros

by Micah Hart

Jimmer Fredette tweeted out a little before-and-after action of himself and Justin Timberlake yesterday. The photo on the left was taken in the mid-90s, when Timberlake was just making his way into America’s women’s hearts as a member of ‘N Snyc, and Fredette appeared to be ready to do the Truffle Shuffle. The one on the right is from the ESPY Awards earlier this summer, totally suited up.

Just a couple of bros being bros, you know?

H/T @jimmerfredette

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