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Frank Caliendo meets J.R. Smith

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Comedian Frank Caliendo has become well-known for his impressions of several sports figures, including TNT’s own Charles Barkley. And with Caliendo in Phoenix last night, he checked in on the Cavs, and did a postgame interview where he broke down the Cavs as everyone from Barkley to Jon Gruden. But the real fun part happens at the end of the video, when J.R. Smith randomly turns up and takes some good-natured ribbing from Caliendo, in character as Barkley.

VIDEO: Caliendo Cavs

Karl-Anthony Towns breaks out Shaq impression

VIDEO: Arena Link — Karl-Anthony Towns

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For pretty much anyone in comedy, doing an impression of Shaquille O’Neal is no big deal — he’s been parodied by everyone from Kevin Hart to Frank Caliendo to Aries Spears to Jay Pharoah. But a basketball player doing an impression of Shaq? That’s a little more unexpected. So let’s give Minnesota rookie Karl-Anthony Towns some credit for breaking out a Shaq imitation last night on NBA TV. (And shoutout to Shaq for being ready to go right back at him.)

What if Morgan Freeman read Allen Iverson’s “Practice” rant?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months ago, comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo went on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” show and performed a memorable trick: He read LeBron‘s “coming home” essay in the voice of Morgan Freeman. And it was great.

So yesterday they had Caliendo back, and this time he read Allen Iverson‘s “practice” rant in the voice of Morgan Freeman. Practice, man.

VIDEO: Freeman/Iverson