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Warriors’ Curry Doles Out Courtside Feets

By Nick Margiasso IV

You can’t do better than courtside seats. That is unless you do courtside seats at a Warriors game.

Ticket holders in the front row of Saturday’s Golden State-Oklahoma City game not only get the closeup experience, they get a pretty good set up for their feet — and collectible case — too.

More from ESPN’s Darren Rovell

Enough for a whole extra row, too? Stephen Curry, you the real MVP.

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The Warriors visit the White House

VIDEO: Warrior’s White House

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the perks (among many) of winning an NBA title is the winning teams traditionally get to pay a visit to the White House, where we have a sitting president that’s a huge hoops fan. And with the Golden State Warriors in Washington D.C. after defeating the Wizards last night, today the Warriors got to spend some time in the White House and with President Obama, who unveiled a pretty good Steph Curry impression…


Draymond Green cools down Stephen Curry

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Golden State’s Stephen Curry had himself a game last night against the Washington Wizards. He scored 25 points in the first quarter, including 7 three-pointers, and finished with 51 points on 11 threes, as the Warriors basically outscored the Washington Wizards, 134-121. Curry was hot all night, and no matter what the Wizards tried, they couldn’t slow him down. As Wizards guard John Wall said after the game: “It’s like Kobe (Bryant) when he had 81. He couldn’t miss. You keep defending the best way you can. We challenged some shots. He didn’t have too many open looks. He just made them.”

Curry was so hot, the only person who could manage to cool him off was his teammate Draymond Green, who had to resort to the old ice water trick during Curry’s postgame interview…

Draymond Green has some advice for Kevin Hart

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Golden State Warriors are one of the most popular teams in the NBA this season for their play on the court. Off the court? They’re starting to get popular there as well. So in this new ad from Foot Locker, Kevin Hart looks to Warriors forward Draymond Green for advice with the launch of his “fashion” line. Perhaps Green should stick to racking up triple-doubles…

VIDEO: Draymond-Hart

Fans find creative way to get Stephen Curry’s autograph

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s no surprise that fans would want Stephen Curry’s autograph — by any measure, he’s one of the most popular players in the NBA today. Which means that even getting to Curry to procure his signature can be tough. So some fans this weekend in Philadelphia came up with a novel approach to get Curry to sign a few items…

VIDEO: Curry autograph fishing

Meet Noah Cutler, the kid who can dribble just like Steph

By Jeff Case

It started with an Instagram video a few weeks ago. From there, the dribbling skills of 11-year-old phenom Noah Cutler spread like wildfire to the point that the ball handling maestro was warming up at Oracle Arena with his hero (and inspiration for the video), Stephen Curry.

The folks over at detailed Cutler’s trip to Oracle and his parents pointed out how his dribbling showcase has garnered not only media attention, but a bevy of positive comments from unknown well-wishers, too …

VIDEO: Noah Cutler’s Oracle Arena visit

Cavs, Jazz celebrate Australia Day

By Jeff Case

The NBA is truly an international league, as 100 players from around the world were on opening-night rosters this season. Eight players in the NBA — Cameron BairstowMatthew Dellavedova, Kyrie Irving, Aron Baynes, Andrew Bogut, Patty Mills, Joe Ingles and Dante Exum — hail from Austraila.

Yesterday was Australia Day, and as such, players from the Cavs and Jazz took it upon themselves to celebrate it.

The Cavs went all-in on Australia day with Dellavedova, having him teach teammates some Australian words …

VIDEO: Dellavedova teaches teammates some Australian words

… and had him address the crowd before the game.

VIDEO: Dellavedova addresses the crowd

Cleveland also had Austrailan pop singer Cody Simpson sing the Australian National Anthem last night, too.

VIDEO: Cody Simpson sings Australian National Anthem

(For comparison’s sake, here is Starters co-host Leigh Ellis belting out the Australian National Anthem, too)

VIDEO: Leigh Ellis sings the Australian National Anthem

And, lastly, the Jazz had Ingles and Exum wish their fellow Australians well on the holiday. You’ve gotta love how Ingles does his best to troll Exum throughout the whole segment …

VIDEO: Exum, Ingles wish you a Happy Australia Day


Stephen Curry does pregame dribbling routine with young fan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago we saw an Instagram video from a kid named Noah Cutler, who could do a pretty good Steph Curry impersonation in his backyard.

Well, apparently Stephen Curry saw it too, because Curry and the Warriors had Cutler out to a Warriors game, where Cutler met Curry and even got to do his pregame dribbling routine alongside Stephen…

VIDEO: Curry dribbles with kid fan

Stephen Curry and Kent Bazemore are pumped about the Carolina Panthers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers defeated the Arizona Cardinals in order to qualify for Superbowl 50, where they’ll face Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. And at least two NBA players, Golden State’s Stephen Curry and Atlanta’s Kent Bazemore, are huge Panthers fans who used social media to celebrate the big game.

As the Warriors prepped for tonight’s big game against the Spurs (10:30 p.m. ET, NBA TV), Steph Curry went through yesterday’s practice wearing a Panthers jersey…

And Steph was appropriately fired up by the win…

Meanwhile, Bazemore basically live-tweeted the NFC title game…

Steve Kerr gives improv comedy a try

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Back before becoming head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr called games on TNT, where he was known in part for his sharp sense of humor. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that when the Warriors had a recent night off in Chicago, Kerr and his coaching staff spent a night taking in (and taking part in) a show at Chicago’s famed Second City sketch and improv comedy theater.

According to assistant coach Luke Walton, via Diamond Leung at the Bay Area News Group, Kerr went as an audience member but quickly became a performer. And considering Kerr hasn’t actually coached a game this season as he recuperates from offseason back surgery, Kerr’s participation may be looked at as a sign that his recovery is continuing to get him closer to the sideline…

“It’s a great sign,” said Warriors interim head coach Luke Walton, who attended the show with Kerr.

“During one of the intermissions, (cast members) asked if he’d be willing to come up on stage and take part in it. He was good up there too, showing some of his wit and being as engaged as he was. We obviously don’t try to read into anything. Whenever he’s ready, he’s ready, but that’s a good sign.”

The return of Kerr’s dry sense of humor has for months been an indicator to the coaching staff of at least some progression with his health. The on-stage appearance marked a rare public appearance for Kerr, who due to complications from offseason back surgeries has missed the first half of the regular season.

“He was hesitant a little bit about doing it, but I think he thought it’d be good,” said Warriors player development coach Bruce Fraser, a longtime friend of Kerr’s who was in attendance. “He was great. He’s witty. It was more of almost an interview. They were asking him questions that were serious, a little bit more about the team, and they would act out some of the things that came up.”

Fraser said Kerr remains “up and down” with his condition and that the night out after dinner reflects how the head coach is starting to feel better, though not necessarily that he actually is better. Kerr has been more energetic of late, traveling with the team for three of its past four road trips.

“It’s still tough to tell with him because he’s tough,” Walton said. “So even when he’s feeling bad, he still tries. He’s looked good the last couple of days. He really has, so I’m hoping he’s not just getting better at playing the part and that he’s actually feeling better.”