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Miami Heat throw it back to the 1990s

By Jeff Case

Last night, the Miami Heat hosted the San Antonio Spurs in a TNT showdown on national TV. As such, the Heat decided this would be a “throwback” game and sported uniforms the team wore during the franchise’s 1990s era. But they didn’t stop there with the historical stuff.

They had a throwback “I Love This Game”-themed commercial, playing off the popular advertising campaign the NBA used in the 1990s …

VIDEO: Miami Heat “I Love This Game” commercial

… there was a throwback player introduction before the game …

VIDEO: Heat’s throwback player introductions

… and perhaps the best part, they had the players do a 1990s-style infomercial featuring Amar’e StoudemireDwyane Wade, Tyler JohnsonGoran Dragic and Chris Andersen dancing to hits from Bobby Brown (“Every Little Step”), Kris Kross (“Jump”), Tom Jones (“It’s Not Usual”/The Carlton) Los Del Rio (“The Macarena”) and M.C. Hammer (“Can’t Touch This”).

VIDEO: Miami Heat infomercial

Goran Dragic and T-Rex scare Phoenix Suns

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Suns are pretty good about pulling pranks, as we’ve seen in the past — actually, a year ago today.

So to commemorate the new season, Suns point guard Goran Dragic got a baby T-Rex — well, a person in a baby T-Rex costume, presumably — and had them attack the Suns players and coaches as they entered the arena for practice. Suns owner Robert Sarver seems particularly shaken by the incident.

VIDEO: Dragic T-Rex

Someone made a Goran Dragic music video

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you had to choose an NBA player to make a music video about, Phoenix point guard Goran Dragic seems like as good a candidate as anyone. Even if he didn’t make the All-Star game, Dragic has had a breakout season, which has raised his profile in the NBA, as well as in his native Slovenia. In fact, Dragic has become enough of a celebrity in Slovenia that he’s become a target of Slovenian comedian Klemen Slakonja, who has made what is probably the first and only Goran Dragic parody music video. As Dragic told, the lyrics are satirically praising his evolution as a basketball player…

VIDEO: Dragic video

Phoenix Suns Find Second Jobs

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Phoenix Suns recently posted a series of photos on their website from an event where several Suns players and coaches spent a day working for Southwest Airlines at the Phoenix Airport. So if you happened to fly Southwest out of Phoenix this week and your bag is missing a wheel or a handle, you might be able to blame point guard Ish Smith or coach Jeff Hornacek. And give it up for Goran Dragic, rocking the neon vest on the runway…

But when I went to to see if any video existed of this event, I instead found myself taking a wonderful trip in the internet wayback machine. It seems having the Suns work at the airport isn’t the first time the Suns have found secondary jobs, because here’s a video of former forward Tom Gugliotta, who played for the Suns from 1998-2004, putting in work at a Phoenix-area car wash for a bit called Suns Hidden Camera. Nice cargo jorts, Googs.

VIDEO: Tom Gugliotta Car Wash

(Airport via TNLP)

Phoenix Gorilla Pranks Suns Players

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Imagine that you’re on your way to work, minding your own business, when a gorilla leaps from a trash can. That would be scary enough, right? But what if this was not just a gorilla, but a gorilla wearing a sweatsuit, armed with a compressed air horn. And not just a gorilla wearing a sweatsuit and armed with a compressed air horn, but also clutching what appears to be the skin from a gigantic alien head.

This is exactly what several members of the Phoenix Suns organization were faced with on their way to work earlier this week. Poor Goran Dragic nearly falls out right there in the hallway…

VIDEO: Phoenix Gorilla pranks players and coaches

Rajon Rondo Really Is Afraid Of Shooting In Clutch Situations

by Micah Hart

There is a lot of chatter out there right now about what the Celtics are gong to do (or not do) with Rajon Rondo before the trade deadline. Some think the Celtics have had it with his attitude and want him gone, while others think he is the one building block for the future Boston can least afford to give up. Some think his variety of skills makes him a nightmare matchup for every team in the NBA, while others think his lack of confidence in his own offensive game makes him a liability in late-game situations.

That last group got a little more ammunition* during Tuesday night’s Celtics-Rockets game. Let’s set the scene:

The Celtics led 84-82 with 22 seconds left when Houston’s Luis Scola missed a mid-range jumper for the tie. There was a bit of a scramble for the rebound, which eventually ricocheted right into the arms of Paul Pierce, who spied Rondo streaking downcourt all by his lonesome for the cupcake layup that might put the game out of reach. Or not:

Goran Dragic would tie the game with a basket on the other end for the Rockets, but Boston would go on to prevail in overtime 97-92 for the team’s fifth straight win, thus making Rondo’s flub a funny side note rather than a Greek tragedy.

With the win the Celtics moved within a game of Philadelphia for the Atlantic Division lead. Maybe the Celtics will be buyers, not sellers, after all?

* Just so we are clear, I am kidding when I say that this play would make anyone question Rondo’s late-game talents. You may question them all you like, but one missed layup where Rondo clearly loses control of the ball is not the same as refusing to shoot with the game on the line.

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