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Kevin Willis enjoyed himself some rookie hazing back in the day

by Micah Hart

No eye contact, rook.

Thunder forward and friend of the Hang Time Podcast Nick Collison is blogging for GQ this season, and in his latest column he tackles one of my favorite subjects here on All Ball — the art of rookie hazing.

Most of the time it’s pretty tame stuff, like competing in dance contests or wearing goofy outfits, and Collison says it often depends on what kinds of stuff veterans went through during their own rookie seasons. Not everyone gets it easy though, as Collison relates in this story about teammate Royal Ivey‘s rookie season with the Hawks:

On road trips, Kevin Willis would call Royal’s room at 2 A.M. and say “Rook, I need you to go get me a carton of cigarettes.” Now, Kevin Willis didn’t smoke, but Royal still would have to get out of bed and find a convenience store to get him his cigarettes, then knock on his door and deliver them. All that Royal would get for his troubles was a “Thanks Rook,” as he watched the grinning veteran throw the cigarettes in the trash.

Man that is cold — and also hilarious. Take it from someone who was in a fraternity, the kinds of physical punishment (branding and paddling and whatnot) you think of when hazing comes to mind are dangerous and meanspirited, whereas mind games like this have way better payoffs and get you in much less trouble.

The Exquisite Art of Rookie Hazing [GQ]

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Jason Terry knows how to handle pressure

by Micah Hart

Hang Time Podcast co-host Lang Whitaker (he does have other gigs as well, but as far as I’m concerned that’s his most glamorous role) knows Jason Terry pretty well from covering the league over the years, and in particular covering the Hawks back in 1999-2000 when both were still in Atlanta.

Lang guested for a column at GQ yesterday to give the fans a little insight into the life of the JET, offering up 11 things you probably didn’t know about the Mavs’ super-sub.

In particular, I found this passage to be pretty enlightening:

The first time Jason Terry drove a car was when he was 14 years old. His mother was in labor in the passenger seat. “I didn’t even have a permit,” Jason remembered. “She’s kicking me, going, ‘Come on, pick it up! What are you doing?’ She was having the baby right there!”

So yeah – maybe crunch time in a playoff game isn’t so tough once you’ve had to handle a situation like that. It becomes even more impressive when you find out Terry got a tattoo of himself* driving his mother to the hospital before she even went into labor!

*not really

SLAM’s Lang Whitaker Presents 11 Things You Don’t Know About Jason Terry [GQ]

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