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Spurs’ Team Selfie Takes Twitter By Storm

By Nick Margiasso IV

Hey, Oscars … anything you can do, the San Antonio Spurs can do better. Tuesday afternoon, the Western Conference’s top-seeded squad took a cue from last month’s now infamous and star-studded selfie posted by daytime talk show celeb Ellen DeGeneres at the aforementioned award show, posting one of their own to kick off the team’s upcoming fan night festivities.

So, eat your heart out Ellen and friends!

–Coach Pop & the crew

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Gregg Popovich Continues Compelling Sideline Interview Tour

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We have previously observed Gregg Popovich‘s ability to turn any sideline interview into performance art. Last night, as the injury-plagued Spurs trailed heading to the fourth quarter against the Bulls, Coach Pop used the sideline interview with ESPN’s Mark Jones to really boil the game down to its essence…

VIDEO: Pop’s Two Word Interview

Gregg Popovich Gives Most Revealing Sideline Interview Yet

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Through the years, we’ve seen Spurs coach Gregg Popovich make some sort of performance art out of in-game sideline interviews. He doesn’t seem to like doing them, and he is at least blunt about his feelings. Yet last night on ESPN, longtime NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy took over the Popovich interview duties, and finally got Pop to embrace the in-game interview. Literally.

VIDEO: Pop vs. Van Gundy

Pranking With The Spurs Big Three

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just in case you haven’t noticed, right now the San Antonio Spurs have the best record in the Western Conference, at 13-1. They have won 11 games in a row, are 7-0 at home, and their last (and only) loss this season was all the way back on November 2.

Hey, we get it: The Spurs do what they do. They execute, they move the ball, they defend, they win. It’s not rocket science. But they do this with such remarkable consistency that it can become almost stultifying. People start to think of the Spurs as basketball robots — they have no feelings, no emotions, they just want to make the proper passes and find the open guys and oh hey the Spurs won again.

Which is why this video clip is so valuable: During the waning moments of a recent 30-point win over Cleveland, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had his big three (Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan) resting on the bench. And here, caught on video, we see Manu pull the old “Make Tim Duncan sit on the paper cup” trick.

VIDEO: Big Three Pranking

We know the Spurs are great, but now they’re actually having fun, too? Watch out. Next thing you know Tim Duncan will be throwing his warm-up jacket at analyst Sean Elliott


(GIF via r/NBA)

Rick Carlisle Debuts Gregg Popovich Impression

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Heading into the fourth quarter of last night’s Mavs/Rockets game, ESPN’s Chris Broussard had a couple of questions for Dallas coach Rick Carlisle. Unfortunately for Broussard, this was also the exact moment that Carlisle decided to break out his Gregg Popovich impression…

VIDEO: Carlisle Does Popovich Impression

Gregg Popovich Is In Midseason Form

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night’s Spurs/Rockets preseason game was broadcast on TNT, which means, that’s right, a between-quarters interview with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. While many player use the preseason to work their way into shape, it’s obvious from this interview between Pop and Craig Sager that Pop is always ready to give a sideline reporter the business …

VIDEO: Craig Sager gets ribbed by Gregg Popovich

Matt Bonner Is A Terrible Boss

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Spurs forward Matt Bonner is having a busy summer. He’s already tried his best to convince us to eat carrots — and as an aside, the folks at Big Carrot sent me some of those seasoned baby carrots and they’re actually really good. Now, with his carrot pitching aside, Bonner is imagining what life would be like in a corporate atmosphere. His brother, Luke, works for GY&K Marketing, and they’re cooking up some sort of exchange program with the company’s CEO.

Which is how we now find Matt Bonner thinking what life would be like as the boss man of a big company. I wonder how much of his leadership style comes from Gregg Popovich?

(via PBT)

Spurs Through The Years

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There has been a GIF floating around the internet the last few days that pretty much explains everything you need to know about the San Antonio Spurs. The image, which according to the San Antonio Express-News was converted to a GIF from ABC’s Finals broadcast opening animation, shows the Spurs’ big four (Parker, Duncan, Ginobili and Popovich) in their first seasons and then again today.

Other than some missing hair and some added scars and wrinkles, there’s not a whole lot that is different. More than anything, it speaks to what we already know about the Spurs: Consistency is what they do. And they do it better than anyone.


(via r/NBA)

Gregg Popovich Can Have Fun

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Part of the fun in seeing a team on the way to a championship is seeing the coach have to make good on the promises he’s made to his players along the way as a motivational tactic. Sometimes this means getting a tattoo, and sometimes it might mean getting a weird haircut. And sometimes it might just mean letting loose and dancing like a maniac.

Look, we all know Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is a serious person … or at least likes to present himself as such. Yet he makes jokes, as we see game after game in his interviews with the media, both between quarters and postgame…

But when it’s time to get down, Popovich can, apparently, get down and cut loose, as we can see from this brief GIF of Pop dancing during the Spurs victory parade following the 1999 NBA Finals.
After beating Memphis last night, the Spurs are back in The Finals, and just four wins away from another title. Which means we might just be four wins away from getting to see Pop dancing with the stars yet again.

(via Deadspin)

Boris Diaw Adds Flair To Harlem Shake

by Zettler Clay IV

Just when you thought the Harlem Shake was dead and buried, another athlete takes a stab at it. Earlier, Boris Diaw tweeted his contribution to the cultural meme and whadayaknow…this piece of brilliance happens:

Things we have learned today:

1) When Boris Diaw isn’t on the other end of Gregg Popovich’s glare and exhortations, he has time to deliver an original take on a (now) unoriginal craze.

2) Popovich is probably thrilled by this video.

3) Everything looks five times cooler when depicted through legos and stop motion.

The boys in Miami, Inside crew and thousands of videos have joined the fun. Executive producer Diaw not only gets a pass for being late to the party, but wins extra points because, well, these are legos in stop motion (see No. 3).

It’s clear from this production that Diaw has a penchant for the ornate. If this is any indication of his creativity, I might find myself rooting for more Spurs off days.