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Hang Time Road Trip — Day 5 and 6


By Lang Whitaker

NEW YORK CITY — Day Five and Day six of the Hang Time Road Trip are getting their own post, because at this point we’re on the way home and almost done with this whole thing.

Let’s start on the morning of Day 5. It was a beautiful day in NYC, and we were lucky enough to have the morning off before having some afternoon responsibilities. I spent the previous night at my home in NYC, so I got up and hopped in a car and rolled out to Tarrytown, New York to meet up with the Hang Time Road Trip crew, who had spent the night in a hotel.

Around noon we finally boarded the bus and hit a local diner for lunch, and then showed up at the Knicks practice facility out in Tarrytown. Whenever the bus would make a stop, Rick and Sekou and I would put together all the souveneirs we’d accumulated for the little table in the middle of the bus where we conducted interviews. So we started grabbing bobbleheads, flags, foam fingers, bags, all kinds of stuff. And the Knicks gifted us with a Carmelo Anthony and Clyde Frazier bobblehead to add to our collection.

Before long, Phil Jackson got on the bus. He’s still new at his current gig as President of the Knicks, but he’s got a rich history in New York, including winning two titles as a player with the Knicks back in the ’70s. He had also a rich history with our crew, as the former coach of our own Rick Fox. It was really cool to chat with Phil and talk Knicks and their fans and the expectations around the team.

VIDEO: Phil Jackson talks about the Knicks’ fan base and communication

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#hangtime with Phil Jackson

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Not long after Phil left, we were joined by new Knicks coach Derek Fisher, who played with Rick on some of those Lakers teams. Fish was impressive, laying out his coaching philosophy and his vision for his team. As he left he autographed the basketballs we’ve had everyone who came on the bus sign, and I asked him if it was tough to not add his number at the bottom of his signature. He said it was — he’d spent decades signing his name with his number underneath it, and now, he said, he had to make himself pause each time to remember not to put a number on there.

VIDEO: Derek Fisher breaks down upcoming season as coach

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#Hangtime Road Trip with Coach Fisher

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When we finished with the Knicks, Rick had to go into the city to do a radio hit to promote our Hang Time Road Trip show that will air
next week (Wednesday night at 10 ET!). Sekou and I rode with him because we’re a team like that, and we piled into a car and headed for Manhattan. And once we were in the car, it didn’t take long for Sekou to knock out.

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To be fair, @sekou3000 fell asleep yesterday as well

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Once in the city, Rick did a few segments on the Michael Kay show while Sekou and I sat around the control room…

The bus was on its way to Secaucus, New Jersey, where the rest of the crew was gonna grab dinner, so we found a little diner right next to the studio and grabbed a bite to eat. (Also, while we were at dinner, Rick knocked over a glass of water all over my phone. Somehow it survived unscathed.) After dinner we rode out to Secaucus, where the crew had just finished dinner and was walking back to the bus. They met us there and we headed south.

But an hour after we left, we stopped at a truck stop to refuel. While our driver, Tom Cat, dealt with the gas, Rick modeled the latest in truck stop fashion…

We got back in the bus and found the Lakers/Warriors game on NBA TV, and kicked back and talked and laughed and watched TV and laughed. Just after midnight I crawled into my bunk for the evening.

I slept great, and woke up feeling well-rested with the bus driving slowly, so I figured we were at our destination. I got out of my bunk and walked to the front of the bus and realized it was still dark, and then noticed it was still 3:15 a.m.

Around 7:30 a.m., our super producer Gregg Waigand woke me to tell me we had reached Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Because there were no NBA games on the East Coast — well, Charlotte and Washington play tonight, but we we’ve already seen both of them play. So we decided to hit UNC, where Rick played his college ball. We stopped and showered at a hotel,grabbed some breakfast, then hustled over to the UNC basketball offices, where they rolled out the Carolina blue carpet for us.

Coach Roy Williams came out and met us, and walked us through their facilities and out onto the court. He’d actually recruited Rick years ago, so we talked about that, and talked about UNC and their long history of sending players to the NBA. We also ran into assistant coach Hubert Davis, who was Rick’s roommate for three years when they were in school.

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On the floor…

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After our tour we grabbed lunch downtown and then walked around the campus some, where Rick and I put our Vine skills to work…

We finished up our time in Chapel Hill by filming the closing of our show, and then, for the final time, we boarded the bus and headed home. And of course, someone fell asleep immediately.

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Payback for @imrickafox #Hangtime

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There are a ton of stories to tell from this trip, which has been outstanding, but really I’d say just watch the special next week on NBA TV to get the entire tale. As for me? We’re almost home, and I need a nap. Later…

Hang Time Road Trip — Day 4


By Lang Whitaker

NEW YORK CITY — Day Four of the Hang Time Road Trip is in the books, and man, it was quite a day.

We were supposed to arrive in Philadelphia early in the morning, with enough time to for all of us to take showers and clean up before we headed to the Wells Fargo Center to bank some more interviews. But because of an accident on the Pennsylvania turnpike, we spent an few hours stuck in traffic and rolled into our hotel in Philly with barely any time to spare. So Sekou Smith, Rick Fox and I ran in and grabbed some showers, while the crew did their best to get clean with whatever options were available to them. Here, our super producer Gregg Waigand brushed up in the parking lot.

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Super producer Gregg Waigand. #hangtime

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We then hustled over to the Wells Fargo Center, where, for the first time all week, the sun blessed with us an uninterrupted presence. After the early winter in Cleveland and Chicago and the rain in Indianapolis, it felt awesome to just spend a few seconds basking in the sun. (more…)

Hang Time Road Trip — Day 3


PHILADELPHIA — Day Three is in the books, and after a night on the (bumpy and not-so) open road, we just rolled into Philly and it feels like we’re trying to chase our tails, so to speak. The plan was to drive overnight from Indianapolis to Philly, and be here in Philly in time to grab some showers and breakfast before our first interview of the day. But apparently there was some sort of slowdown on the turnpike last night and we spent nearly two hours stopped on the highway.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s talk Day 3: At some point yesterday morning before sunrise, we pulled into a hotel parking lot near Plymouth, Indiana. We had two hotel rooms reserved, so we took turns using the facilities and getting prepped for the day. Once we were all cleaned up and ready to roll, we boarded the bus and chugged toward Indianapolis. We rolled through cornfields and amber waves of something or other, and it was a lovely ride through the heartland of America.

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Morning in Indiana #Hangtime

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Unfortunately, by the time we got to Indianapolis, we were running late, and one interview we lined up had to cancel at the last minute. Hey, stuff happens. Luckily, we had Rick around to make some smoothies with a blender he bought at Wal-Mart, to help me get my voice back.

David Benner, the Pacers’ longtime senior VP or PR, was standing in the parking lot holding an umbrella waiting for the bus upon our arrival in Indy. For Sekou, this trip was something of a homecoming. Back in the 1990s, Sekou spent five years living in Indianapolis and writing about the Pacers and the NBA for the Indianapolis Star. (more…)

Hang Time Road Trip — Day 2

PLYMOUTH, INDIANA — To be honest, I’m not exactly sure when it left me. It could have been while walking from the United Center through the brisk Chicago evening air to our bus in the parking lot. Maybe it was while yelling over a bad cell phone connection trying to talk to Kyrie Irving about Call of Duty. Perhaps it was being in close to the perpetually-hoarse Tom Thibodeau. To be honest, it was probably when we stopped at that farm-themed restaurant near the Illinois/Indiana border near midnight.

Whatever the cause, the effect is this: I woke up this morning with absolutely no voice.

Now, normally not having a voice wouldn’t be a big deal — I’m a writer, after all, not a talker. HOWEVER, right now, for the duration of this trip, I’m a talker. We’re filming interviews with players and podcasts and videos. And being able to, you know, talk, is sort of important to this endeavor.

My co-host Rick Fox says I’ll be fine — “You just need some tea.” I appreciate Dr. Fox’s confidence in this matter, so I’m sitting here on the bus in the early morning half-light of Northern Indiana, guzzling tea and mostly not talking.

Yesterday was the second full day of the Hang Time Road Trip, and it was indeed a full day. We drove overnight from Cleveland to Chicago, and woke up in the parking lot of a hotel near O’Hare airport. I rolled out of my bite-sized bunk bed and stumbled into one of the two hotel rooms we booked to use as a base for showers. Considering the size of the bed I’d been in 24 hours earlier, it was quite an adjustment… (more…)

Hang Time Road Trip — Day 1


VIDEO: Sekou tries to get the Hang Time Road Trip rolling

CHICAGO — And so it begins. Hopefully you’ve read about the Hang Time Road Trip over the last few days. We’ve been writing and tweeting (#hangtime) about it, and it won’t stop.

This morning we kicked it off bright and early in downtown Cleveland, where Sekou Smith, Rick Fox and I met our bus, our home for the next week. You can see bus in the video above. I mean, it’s really our home, and it’s tight quarters — the three of us, our producer, a camera man, an audio guy, two editors and two drivers. All in one bus for seven days. Last night we stayed in a Cleveland hotel. Tonight we will sleep on this bus. It’s a really nice bus though, as you can see in a video here.

Anyway, first thing this morning we drove around Cleveland for a bit before ending up over at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We discovered a photo shoot for a car magazine underway. So of course we put our best face forward and had Rick join the photo shoot …

The Rock Hall was terrific. We were given a tour and saw everything from James Brown‘s suit to Beyonce‘s tour outfits to Jimi Hendrix‘s guitar to Alex Van Halen‘s drum kit. Also, a video outfit from one of my favorite groups of all-time …

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#RockHall #ATLshawty #HangTime

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We spent about an hour wandering around the place and checking it out, and could have easily spent another hour or so there. If you’re in Cleveland, it’s a must-see. Here’s a video of our experiences there …

VIDEO: The Hang Time crew visits the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (more…)

LeBron’s first shot as a Cav (the second time)


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Hang Time Road Trip is in Cleveland tonight for the debut of the LeBron/Kyrie/Love Cavaliers in an exhibition against Maccabi Tel Aviv. We will have much more from our day later, but for now, here’s a look from my seat courtside of LeBron’s first shot as a member of the Cavs (for the second time). For what it’s worth, he made it…

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LeBron's first jumper as a Cav (the second time)…

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Will Teach You How To Dougie

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On this week’s episode of the Hang Time Podcast, we were joined by veteran Bucks forward Caron Butler. Among other things, I asked Caron about Bucks rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo. More specifically, How do you pronounce his last name? Butler’s response: He didn’t know. “I just call him rook,” Butler said. While we learn how to pronounce Antetokounmpo, Giannis is becoming a bit of an internet favorite. His latest hit: An Instagram video via by my main man Zaza Pachulia in which Giannis teaches us how to Dougie …

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Jeremy Evans Should Be In The Dunk Contest

by Micah Hart

You may have heard Jazz broadcaster Matt Harpring plug his dude Jeremy Evans for the dunk contest on last week’s Hang Time Podcast. Based on this dunk over teammate Earl Watson, I’m inclined to agree:

#letJeremyDunk indeed.

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Steve Hess wants you to follow him — who are you to argue?

by Micah Hart

Yesterday on the Hang Time Podcast, we spent some quality time with Nuggets strength coach Steve Hess discussing what it is like for players trying to stay in playing shape (and healthy in general) during this compressed schedule.

Hess was great — very animated, and you can tell this is a dude who does not slow down during much of his waking hours. See for yourself:

As of today, Hess is up to over 4,000 followers so he still has a ways to go. But after talking to him yesterday, I don’t doubt he’ll get there.

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Hang Time welcomes Basketball Jones, Jenni Carlson

by Micah Hart

If you aren’t listening to Sekou Smith and Lang Whitaker (along with a healthy dose of Dennis Scott) on the Hang Time podcast, you are missing out on a little dose of NBA heaven every week.

This week’s show welcomes in J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas from the Basketball Jones, the guys who invented the NBA podcast, to talk about their upcoming 5th anniversary.

Also, Jenni Carlson from the Oklahoman in OKC comes on to discuss putting Charles Barkley on blast for not coming to see the Thunder in person.


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