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Detroit Pistons raise All-Star awareness for Andre Drummond

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In the most recent round of All-Star voting, Pistons forward Andre Drummond was among the top three frontcourt players in the Eastern Conference, meaning if the voting results hold, Drummond will be an All-Star starter. But voting isn’t over, and with Carmelo Anthony only about 6,000 votes behind Drummond, it will clearly go down to the wire. So to get the word out and attempt to rally the city of Detroit around Drummond’s campaign, the Pistons sent their mascot, Hooper, as well as a superfan and their famous Dancing Usher to a Detroit City Council meeting to get their campaign on the record…

VIDEO: Pistons City Council

Pistons’ mascot pranks unsuspecting Detroiters

By Jeff Case

Like the rest of us, the Detroit Pistons are watching the NBA playoffs unfold on TV. With no hoops at the Palace at Auburn Hills until next season, it makes for a lot of downtime in the Motor City that has affected everyone — including the team’s mascot, Hooper. To pass the boredom of the offseason, Hooper went Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit, posed as a statue and then, scared the bejeebers out of park-goers:

VIDEO: Detroit Pistons mascot Hooper scares park goers

Detroit Pistons Mascot Gets Sweet Revenge Against Joakim Noah

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months back we caught up with Detroit Pistons mascot Hooper as he had a very bad weekend. After first having a run-in with Andray Blatche and the Nets, Robin Lopez and the Blazers also had their way with Hooper.

But last night, Hooper seemed to draw some measure of revenge against Bulls center Joakim Noah. During pregame warmups, Hooper got on Joakim’s level and challenged him to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. This footage is a bit inconclusive, but it appears as though Hooper goes paper while Noah goes rock. Classic move by Hooper.


This had no long-lasting effects on Noah, apparently, who went out and turned in his second triple-double in his last three games. After the game, leaving the floor, he must have felt as if he’d conquered the Pistons.

But not if Hooper was going to have anything to do with it…


It was all enough to lead Hooper to talk a little Twitter trash…

A Rookie? Yes; Padawan? Not Hardly

By Jeff Case

The Pistons have had a rough go this season, what with their 0-8 start as well as another losing streak of six games. Yet despite all that turmoil, Detroit finds itself within reasonable striking distance of the No. 8 seed in the East thanks to their recent four-game win streak (which ended at the hands of the league-worst Bobcats … but still, positives, positives).

Regardless of the on-court product, though, the Pistons are at the top of the standings when it comes to funny team-produced videos. There was the Kyle Singler trick-shots-around-Detroit video, the always cute kids asking NBA players questions video and a visit with the man who made “Deeeeee-troit! Basket-baaaaaaaaaaaallllll!” a part of the NBA experience, Pistons public address announcer Mason.

No surprise, then, that the Pistons score another “win” in our standings with this great video featuring rookie Andre Drummond and team mascot, Hooper, to promote their upcoming Star Wars night at The Palace of Auburn Hills.