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Draymond Green learns how to stand out

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green plays alongside some of the NBA’s biggest stars, including Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. So it’s no surprise that from time to time Green might get overshadowed by some of his better-known teammates. But in this new commercial from Foot Locker, Green gets some advice from a couple of other people who may understand what it might be like to be overlooked…

Shaq says all-time Lakers would destroy Bulls greats

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s always fun to argue about NBA history. Who is the greatest player of all-time? What is the greatest team ever? Could this guy beat this guy? Would this team be able to beat that team?

As it turns out, even former NBA players enjoy being part of the conversation, like how Shaquille O’Neal recently took to Instagram to stir things up. What would happen if a team of former Lakers greats (Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor, Shaq and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) faced off against a team of Chicago Bulls greats (made up of Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Horace Grant)?

According to Shaq, the Lakers great would “beat em by 50.”



Pippen has a different opinion:


Update II:

Shaq responds to Pippen:


What do you think? Is Shaq right?

Jason Maxiell To Rock Horace Grant-Style Goggles

Horace Grant Portrait

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERHorace Grant always did the dirty work. And it was that willingness to fight for rebounds, set screens and knock down midrange shots that allowed him to play in the NBA for 17 years, and, more importantly, win four championships (three with the Chicago Bulls, one with the Los Angeles Lakers.)

Yet for casual fans, Grant was perhaps best known as the guy in the bright goggles. No matter which team he played for, he always had a pair of color-coordinated goggles. According to this classic story, once he was diagnosed with poor vision, Grant chose goggles over contacts and, according to his doctor, “[Grant] said it was like a whole new world opening to him.” Although they were there for function, the goggles quickly became a style trademark for Grant.

And now the look will live on. According to the blog Orlando Pinstriped Post, Magic F Jason Maxiell is planning on reviving the look…

Maxiell underwent surgery on Easter to correct a detached retina, and he will “most likely” wear protective goggles for his own safety throughout the season. “I don’t have to, but I would rather [wear them].” He’s still not sure when or how the original injury occurred.

Currently, Maxiell is wearing a sleeker and more stylish pair of goggles similar to the ones Bo Outlaw wore when he was with the Magic. Maxiell says the Grant goggles are “a little more durable, [and] a little more my style.”

(via EOB)