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Cuttino Mobley can still get buckets

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERCuttino Mobley played for ten years in the NBA, most memorably pairing with Steve Francis to form a dynamic backcourt for the Houston Rockets. And while Mobley retired in 2008, he popped up this week in Los Angeles at the Drew League, where, even with the gray hair, Mobley showed he can still play the game…

Dwight Howard dressed as The Predator for Comic-Con

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Comic-Con just ended out in San Diego, the annual event where fans of comic books and comic book culture gather to celebrate all things related to comics and science fiction. And while many attendees dress as their favorite superheroes, how would a seven-foot NBA star dress up? Well, Houston’s Dwight Howard attended Comic-Con with a full The Predator costume. It’s a pretty good costume, but I’d imagine it’s hard for Dwight to go incognito no matter what kind of costume he’s in…

VIDEO: Dwight at Comic-Con

Steve Francis is not a great pitcher

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’re reaching that time of year when basketball players start to pop up at baseball games to throw out ceremonial first pitches, which can have a variety of results. Last year we took an in-depth look at all these throws, and we will probably do that later this summer, but we need to take a second and check out this effort from former Rockets great Steve Francis. We know former Rockets forward Tracy McGrady can really pitch the ball, and although McGrady and Francis were traded for each other in the NBA, when you consider the first pitch Francis delivered at last night’s Houston Astros game, a Francis/McGrady baseball swap probably wouldn’t make much sense.

(via Complex)

How the Warriors made the NBA Finals

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — “The phrase you thought you would not hear in your lifetime: The Golden State Warriors are going to the NBA Finals.”

That’s really the key sentence in the video below, which is an inside look at the Warriors Game 5 victory over the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals, the game that put them into the NBA Finals. The Warriors were great all season, sure, but advancing to the NBA Finals for the first time in four decades was not guaranteed until they got past the Rockets.

And here’s a great look at exactly how that happened…

VIDEO: Warriors win west

Did the Golden State Warriors plan too far ahead?

VIDEO: Rockets win Game 4

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Heading into the weekend, both the Eastern and Western Conference final series seemed pretty cut-and-dried: The Warriors had a 3-0 lead over Houston, and the Cavs had a 3-0 lead over the Hawks. So it’s perhaps understandable if the Warriors and Cavs were looking ahead a bit, or planning for what might happen if either team clinched the series and advanced to the NBA Finals.

The only problem there is, the Warriors put their future plans down in writing. And the plans got back to the Rockets.

According to, following the Rockets’ 128-115 Game 4 win over the Warriors, the Rockets returned to their locker room to find a copy of the Warriors plans in case they swept the series. As Calvin Watkins writes

The memo read in part: “The Golden State Warriors will return to Oakland tomorrow (Tuesday, May 26) following their 4-0 series sweep of the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals.”

The memo wasn’t distributed to the media, but its legitimacy was confirmed by Raymond Ridder, the Warriors’ vice president for communication.

The Warriors now lead the best-of-seven series 3-1, with Game 5 coming Wednesday in Oakland.

Several players, including Corey Brewer, smiled and shook their heads upon reading the memo.

“They’re confident in their team,” said Josh Smith, who scored 20 points Monday night. “It’s not added motivation; we just got to go out there and play. I don’t really feed into the whole mentally get your rah-rah hype. I just want to go out and play my game.”

The Houston Rockets present how not to play Tic Tac Toe

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During a break in action during a recent Houston Rockets game, a couple of fans took part in an on-court contest designed to entertain the crowd. Not sure if this was entertaining or not, but if nothing else it should have been informative.

Here are Reid and Blake, the two fans, who play a basketball-themed version of Tic Tac Toe. If you make a layup, you get the chance to place an X or an O on the board. Seems simple. But after watching these two guys play, it’s unclear if they understand the point of the game is to get three letters in a row…

VIDEO: Rockets Tic Tac Toe

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Rockets’ Howard Waits Out Storm With Fans After Game 4

By Nick Margiasso IV

Was it that the win was so sweet one Rockets big man hung around the arena to take it all in? No, but he was at the Toyota Center until all hours anyway.

Awful weather in the Houston area caused many fans caught up in the glee of a Game 4 win to get smacked right in the face with arena authorities advising them to stay inside the stadium due to safety concerns related to bad thunderstorms and the like. The thing is, their pal Dwight Howard stayed, too. (It could be just that he was looking for some extra court time in case his Flagrant I on Andrew Bogut is upgraded by the league)

Dwight Howard gives Chris Paul a ride

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Houston Rockets mounted an epic run over the last few games to come from behind and overtake the Clippers, and advance to the Western Conference Finals. But they nearly didn’t make it, as the Clippers tried to come back at the end of Game 7. That comeback included a fair amount of intentional fouling, which teams do frequently when Dwight Howard, a poor free throw shooter, is on the court.

So here’s a Vine of Chris Paul fouling Howard by hopping on his back and hanging on for dear life. And because this is the internet, this Vine is set to Ginuwine’s “Pony.”

J.J. Watt has a blast at Game 2 of Rockets-Mavs series

By Jeff Case

The Houston Rockets are expecting a big playoff run in 2015, what with their fancy, new pregame intros and whatnot. Tuesday night’s Game 2 moved Houston to 2-0 in its series with the rival Dallas Mavericks and delighted the fans at Toyota Center — one of whom was Houston Texans star J.J. Watt.

Before the game, Watt and his fellow Rockets fans were treated to a masterful rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” by 12-year-old Nicholas Connors:

After which Watt congratulated Connors on his rendition (and clearly shocked him in the process):

And lastly, Watt soaked up the Rockets’ win with some celebratory dancing:

VIDEO: J.J. Watt dances after the Game 2 win

Cavaliers, Rockets debut new intros for playoffs

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I’m in Cleveland right now covering Games 1 and 2 of the Cavs/Celtics series, so I got to see in-person the Cavs’ pregame introductions on Sunday afternoon, which were awfully impressive — Kevin Love actually mentioned getting fired up by them in his postgame comments. But it’s not just hot in Cleveland — every team in the playoffs brings it big-time, to give their team the best home court advantage possible.

Here are the new postseason intros from the Cavs and the Rockets…

VIDEO: Cavs court projections

VIDEO: Rockets Postseason