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NBA Style With Damaris Lewis

damaris-lewis-mughsotBrooklyn native Damaris Lewis has appeared in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. In 2012 she toured with famed musician Prince as his muse / dancer, all the while keeping up with the happenings of the NBA.  She’ll be reporting on all things NBA Style during 2013 NBA All-Star in Houston.

All-Star Friday | Style Guide
By Damaris Lewis

Photo 1: James Harden, Russell Westbrook

  • James Harden looks very dapper in his blue suit. I would comment on Westbrook’s pants, BUT I commend him for his ongoing fashion statements. We know these players for their uniforms, not their street style. Totes to RW for making us talk about more than his game.
  • Harden is asking Russell Westbrook why he has turned the Raptors’ camouflage jerseys into pants.

Photo 2: Westbrook on court

  • Fitted blazer, camouflage pants, yellow Air Jordan V “Tokyo 23” kicks, and stylish frames. If you ask me, I think Clark Kent is making a futuristic comeback…..and I like it.
  • If you look closely, Russell Westbrook matches perfectly with the basketball court.

Photo 3: Harden on sidelines

  • If Russell Westbrook can wear camouflage pants to coach, James Harden can wear pink socks, too.
  • I can’t lie, I did NOT see those coming when he walked out in his suit, but who doesn’t love a man bold enough to rock pink and not care?

Photo 4: LeBron’s portrait

  • It’s always nice to see a player dressed down, without a ton of clothes on that they are obligated to wear. One of the gems of All-Star Weekend is that it’s truly about the players and their individuality.

Photo 5: Swin Cash

  • Representing for the ladies!!! Loving this leather jacket look on Swin. It shuts down the stereotype that woman in the WNBA aren’t as stylish as those who work in fashion. She looks great!

Photo 6: Chris Bosh

  • Looking very dapper if I may so my self Mr. Bosh. If you regularly follow NBA style off the court you know that Chris Bosh seldom disappoints.
  • Fellas take note, his blazer is the perfect fit. Not too tight, and not too loose.

Photo 7: Anthony Davis’ shoes

  • This is what happens when a Hornet and a Pelican make a baby.
  • Would Chuck say these socks are turrible or turrific?

Photo 8: Dwyane Wade

  • Once upon a time an NBA player tried falling asleep by counting sheep, but instead started counting cows, and then put them on his shoes.
  • You can never go wrong with black and white, and I love that he added a hint of grey to the mix.

Photo 9: Blake Griffin

  • Cue Kia Optical Grand Opening commercial.
  • I will always be pro-nerdy look. I’ve worn prescription glasses since I was 7 years old.

Photo 10: Tina Thompson

  • My favorite part of this look is Tina’s shoes. She could have thrown on a heel to make it super sexy, but instead opted out and threw on a Military boot. It screams, I’m a woman, I’m fly, but don’t mess with me.
  • Spalding is being accompanied by some serious WNBA style.

Photo 11: Kevin Garnett

  •  Are those slippers?
  • All black everything, my favorite.

Photo 12: Paul George

  • Another all black look that I agree with. What I REALLY want to know is who’s teaching these players how to pose? Don’t steal my day job please.

Photo 13:  Tyson Chandler

  • Tyson Chandler or 007?

Photo 14: Damian Lillard

  • Trailblazer or lumberjack?

Photo 15: James Harden

  • I am a sucker for leather accents on clothing! This look is totally different from his coaching look. I love that! It shows variety in his wardrobe and that he can clean up well whether he is dressed up or dressed down.


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