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Orlando Magic thank Jameer Nelson

VIDEO: Thanks Jameer

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — After a decade as a member of the Orlando Magic, a run that included an All-Star appearance in 2009, yesterday the Orlando Magic waived point guard Jameer Nelson. This was largely seen as a cost-cutting move for Orlando, as the Magic are firmly entrenched in a rebuilding project. But that doesn’t mean the Magic and Nelson are leaving on bad terms. Nelson now has the chance to sign with a contending team, and as he told the Orlando Sentinel, he appreciates the fans in Orlando: “The people, the way they embraced me there in Orlando over the last 10 years, were phenomenal. Not too many players can say they played in the same place in any sport for 10 years.”

And to make sure the people of Orlando know they valued Nelson’s contributions, the Magic posted the video above, and have put up several billboards in Orlando to show their thanks…

Nelson teaches Pargo how to skate

by Zettler Clay

Even though his team was thoroughly dominated by the Hawks from start to finish Friday night, Jameer Nelson restored some value for the Amway Center patrons. Jannero Pargo came through with a game-high 17 points off the bench, but I imagine he needed some duct tape for his *talocrural joints after the game:

This hearkens memories of Russell Westbrook leaving Luke Ridnour in the dust earlier this season:

I’m gonna give Jameer the edge. He made Pargo cover more ground, plus got an extra point for his troubles. What sayeth you?

*I was an osteologist in another life.

Jameer Nelson, you sir got pwned

by Kevin McCormack

The basketball public is probably still a little skeptical as to how far this Hawks can team can go in the playoffs, but one thing is for sure, they are the champs (the CHAMPS) of postgame smack talk. And for this, we salute them.

First, we had Josh Smith with a little “In yo’ face!” comeuppance to an Orlando sportswriter and now comes word that Hawks VP of Public Relations Arthur Triche left a pair of tickets to last night’s Hawks-Bulls Game 1 for Magic guard Jameer Nelson, who famously told Derrick Rose a few weeks back that he’d “see you in the second round.” Um, or not.

Well played Mr. Triche. Well played.

A look back: Top Horry Scale moments from 2010-11

by Micah Hart

With the regular season behind us and the playoffs set to tip off this weekend, it’s the perfect time to do a little looking back at some of the fun we had during the past six months.

One of our favorite things to write about on All Ball has been the Horry Scale breakdowns of every GWBB (game-winning buzzer-beater) from the season, of which, in the end, there were 16 during 2010-11. Let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable:

Best Executed Horry

One of the most unlikely endings to a game all season, as Nic Batum scores four points in the last 0.9 seconds to beat the Spurs, the last two of which came on this picture-perfect lob off the inbounds pass from Andre Miller to ring up the Horry Scale breakdown. Portland’s Rose Garden would be my choice for where all GWBBs would take place, if I had my druthers. Where does one get druthers, I wonder?
Runner-up: Andrew Bogut – really this should be a tie, I just love Portland celebrations.

More Horry highlights after the jump.


Jameer Nelson, how do you rate on the Horry Scale?

by Micah Hart

Cleaning up the rest of my to-do list on a Sunday, I was on vacation last week for this Horry Scale entry from the Magic’s Jameer Nelson.

Once again, the Horry scale examines a shot  in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Clippers-Nets game), and celebration, and give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys.


The shot is from deep, but otherwise, not all that difficult of a shot. Ty Lawson is defending him close, but at the same time is primarily guarding against the drive, so when Nelson rises up, he’s got more than enough room to get a clean shot. In fact, if anything Nelson should be penalized for taking such a low-percentage shot when he had time to create something much much better.

Game Situation

Tie ballgame, and Nelson gets the ball unobstructed in the frontcourt with 5.9 ticks on the clock, so he has plenty of time to make his move.


Denver has been playing well of late so it’s nice to beat a good team, but the Magic are pretty much set as the 4-seed in the East. All in all, not a win that will move the needle in 2010-11.


Of course, don’t tell Nelson’s teammates it wasn’t a big deal. Ample celebration from the Magic, including the team dance circle at midcourt usually reserved for much bigger occasions.


1 Horry. I don’t mean to be stingy, but all in all there’s not a lot to recommend in this one (other than the celebration). It was a pretty terrible shot by Nelson, and if it hadn’t gone in I imagine he’d have heard a few words from Crankypants McMustache, aka Stan Van Gundy. Still, the shot dropped, and the Magic won, so I’m sure they’ll happily settle for the one.

What do you think?

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