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Cavaliers fan gets ‘2015 NBA Champs’ tattoo

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA Finals are still four days away, but at least one Cleveland fan feels pretty good about the Cavs’ chances. A user on Twitter posted a photo of a new leg tattoo of the Cavs logo along with the words “2015 NBA Champs.” It’s a bold prediction, to be sure, but there’s a positive history: Jason Terry got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy months before the Dallas Mavericks won a title. Terry didn’t put the year on there, though. Either way, this Cleveland fan will have a great memento of the season…

Clippers Cap Sunday’s Bona Fide Jam Fest

Every night, the NBA yields a jaw-dropping play, or 10. But certain nights give you more. With “only” eight games on Sunday’s slate, the leapers — particularly in Brooklyn — loosened their limbs and decided to occupy more space on the Dunk HQ and Top Plays Theater. From All-Stars to bench warmers to the guys in L.A., many hoopers around the Association ascended high and crashed hard:

VIDEO: Poster dunks abound from a eight-game Sunday in the NBA

NBA Behind The Scenes: The Photo Game (Part Two)


BROOKLYN Earlier this week, I spent an evening shadowing Nathaniel Butler from NBA Photos as he photographed the Trail Blazers-Nets game in Brooklyn. During the game, Butler gave me a camera and let me shoot the action. What follows are some of the images I took that night, with my thoughts and comments below each picture. These pictures have not been cropped or color-corrected or anything else. This is what I shot … for better, or for, probably mostly, worse.


As the Blazers took the floor to warm up directly in front of me, Nic Batum started hoisting 15-footers from the right wing. I picked up my camera, zoomed in a bit, half-pushed the button down to make sure the image was focused, and then fired off the shot. What I didn’t account for was that Batum would jump when he shot, so my photo chopped off his arms and the ball.


Once the game started, sure enough the Nets ran a play to get Kevin Garnett a shot at the top of the key. I saw the play developing and as soon as KG caught the ball and squared up, I took this picture. Unfortunately, as you may notice, I managed to capture all of the players out of focus. But the basket support and the fans in the front rows are crystal clear. Also, terrific job by me to cut off the shot clock. (more…)

Deron Williams Does Sideline Push-Ups

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The addition of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry has pushed the Brooklyn Nets to the top of the Eastern Conference, but it’s also given the franchise a little more swagger, some giddy-up in their step. And having KG around, one of the NBA’s most intense players, doesn’t seem to be dulling anyone’s edge, either.

During last night’s preseason game against the Wizards, Nets F Mirza Teletovic drained a three-pointer, and as the camera cuts to the sideline, we see Deron Williams hustle over to the bench, where KG and the other players clear room for Deron to do a couple of push-ups, right there as the game is going on. Not sure if this is the equivalent of a college mascot doing push-ups after each score or what, but you can’t say the Nets bench isn’t engaged in the game.

As Teletovic himself tweeted, this is something he’d like to see more of…

Jason Terry To Get Brooklyn Tattoo

Dallas Mavericks NBA Champion Victory Parade

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During Jason Terry‘s rookie season in the NBA, back in ’99-00, he played for the Atlanta Hawks. I lived in Atlanta that year, and spent a lot of time enjoying not only Terry’s play, but also his numerous superstitions. For instance, Terry would wear five pairs of socks in every game, eat at the same restaurant before every game, and sleep in his uniform the night before games.

A few years later, Terry added the superstition of getting a tattoo when he joined a new team. With the Dallas Mavericks, Terry got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy on his right bicep (see photo above), and lo and behold the Mavericks won the title.

When he joined the Celtics a year later, Terry got the Celtics’ logo tattooed on his other arm…

This year, Terry will play for the Brooklyn Nets, and in an interview today with Newsday, Terry says he’ll be getting some Brooklyn-centric ink: A tattoo that says “BK ALL DAY”…

“I’m a very superstitious guy, but every community I come involved with, I just take it on. That’s what the tattoo symbolizes. It means something to me. Being a Boston Celtic, that means something. I’ve been blessed and fortunate to play for a lot of great franchises, and this is just another one.”

And as if there was any question about his loyalties, Terry also recently poked fun at JR Smith, who had noted that the Knicks were aiming to win a championship — perhaps “a Rucker Park championship,” Terry allowed.

But as Knicks G Raymond Felton told us recently, “We’re still the city’s team.”

The city never sleeps, and it seems like this rivalry won’t either.

(via FTW)

Green Compiles Different Hat Trick

by Zettler Clay IV

In the battle-torn world of the NBA, certain teams bring a certain grit out of each other that transcends records. The Boston Celtics are currently seventh in the East, but that doesn’t matter to the Miami Heat. Their games are going to be physical affairs with both teams jabbering and tussling throughout the 48 minutes.

Last time these two teams met, LeBron gave fans a giddy highlight and Jason Terry a strong headache.

Tonight in a rematch, Terry’s teammate Jeff Green took it personal.

Not once…

Not twice…

And yes, good people, the trifecta.

Green did eventually get up from that last jam and finished with 23,432 dunks for the game 25 points, giving him a combined 68 points in his last two contests versus the Heat.

Gettin’ Buckets In The Motor City

By Jeff Case

It’s been a while since we updated our “Hey man nice shot” category here in All Ball-land, but we think this one makes it worth it. Rookie Kyle Singler of the Pistons has become a solid contributor for Detroit, starting in his last six games and is averaging 11.3 ppg, 2.7 rpg and shooting 38.5 percent from 3-point range in that role. That 3-point percentage is nothing to sneeze at as it puts him ahead of other well-known outside shooters such as Jason Terry, Mike Miller, Kobe Bryant and Jamal Crawford this season.

But just think how high his 3-point shooting could be if he were allowed to … oh, I don’t know … drop-kick the ball and bank it off the glass for a 3-pointer? OK, maybe that wouldn’t help his shooting percentage, but it would sure be cool to watch. Check out this great video from the fine folks over at as Mr. Singler takes to Detroit to punt, kick and bounce in some of the most creative shots we’ve ever seen.

Jason Terry Is Pushing His Luck With The Whole Championship Trophy Tattoos

by Micah Hart

Remember two seasons ago, when we found out Jason Terry got a Larry O’Brien trophy tattooed on his bicep at the start of the Mavericks’ title-winning campaign? That was amazing. Like once-in-a-lifetime amazing, especially considering the general consensus on the Mavs’ title chances at the beginning of the year.

Apparently Terry has decided to double down on tattoo-related predictions, as the new member of the Boston Celtics tweeted this new addition to his arsenal of ink:

I love the confidence, JET, you know I do, but you saw the Lakers’ recent trade, right? You’re going to need the luck o’ the Irish and the luck o’ the Dwight Howard recurring back injury to pull this one off.

H/T @jasonterry31

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Dominique Jones sees your bicep tattoo, Jason Terry, and raises you a neck

by Micah Hart

We are all aware by now of the infamous Larry O’Brien tattoo Jason Terry got before the season. Now that Terry’s Mavs have made good on his promise, it seems his teammates are ready to get in on some of that action. Like Dominique Jones for example, who recently had this added to his neck:

Jones got no postseason minutes for Dallas, but no matter — he’s on the team and therefore a victor, and to the victor go the spoils. By the way, the new trend of getting a tattoo of the championship trophy, is that the new thing?

H/T Eye on Basketball

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DeShawn Stevenson, perhaps gloating just a tad

by Micah Hart

Here is the championship apparel DeShawn Stevenson is wearing today as the Mavericks return triumphant to the city of Dallas (via @BallinwithBryan):

You gotta hand it to him — Stevenson backed up his talk in the Finals, much like his teammate Jason Terry, and to the victor go the spoils. If that’s the shirt he wants to wear, he’s earned it.

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