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Jay-Z is a good NBA scout

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During the Clippers/Nets game a few nights ago, the Nets hung around and kept the game competitive, until the Clippers clinched the game with a trio of alley-oops from Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan in the game’s final three minutes. After the game, Jay-Z, who was sitting courtside, grabbed CP3 and showed he had the scouting report figured out. Good luck stopping it, though…

Another OKC Thunder Fan Hits From Halfcourt

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just the other day we checked in with the Oklahoma City Thunder, where during each home game a fan is taken from the crowd and given one chance to make a halfcourt shot worth $20,000. And while this is supposed to be a novelty, a celebration of futility, these fans in OKC somehow keep making halfcourt shots.

During last night’s game against the Clippers, a fan came from the stands and made a halfcourt shot. That’s the second time this week, and the fifth make in the last 22 attempts. And as it turns out, this fan almost missed his chance entirely: He and his wife were on the search for some hot dogs, but when one stand wasn’t quite ready, they went a different direction and he was selected by the Thunder to try the shot.

His reward for the make? Twenty thousand bucks, as well as a handshake from Jay-Z. Not a bad night at the game…

VIDEO: OKC Fan Scores Again

Nets Fan Recognizes CEO On Street, Parlays It Into Internship

by Micah Hart

Quick trivia quiz: Can you name the CEO of the Brooklyn Nets? How about the CEO of any NBA team? Would you ever think knowing the answer could be a potential life-changer?

It was for Nets fan Vivek Shah, who recognized Nets CEO Brett Yormark coming out of a Manhattan sushi restaurant and decided to tell him what a fan of the team he is and get a photo. Yormark, clearly impressed, then invited Shah to tour the Nets’ offices in Brooklyn. With the cameras rolling, Yormark offered Shah some swag from the Nets store and, the cherry on top, an internship with the team’s accounting department.

Check it out:

It’s a nice little bit of PR for the Nets, and Yormark is careful to point out the team’s integration into the Brooklyn skyline.

And who knows, maybe once Shah starts his internship, he’ll get to meet some of the Nets’ other front office superstars like Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov CMO Fred Mangione or Senior VP of Event Marketing and Community Relations Petra Pope!

H/T Nets Daily (via BDL)

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LeBron James Introduces Norris Cole To Jay-Z

by Micah Hart

Many fans around the world see LeBron James as a super-villain, but you rarely hear his teammates say anything bad about him. I’m guessing it’s because he does things like introduce them to Jay-Z after games:

Somehow I doubt you’ll hear Norris Cole disparage King James any time in the near future.

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Jay-Z Isn’t the Only Nets Owner Who Raps

by Micah Hart

Rapping Prokhorov? Yes please. Via The New Yorker (H/T @edsbs):

You’re move, Hova.

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