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Who is Stephen Curry?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With the NBA season tipping off tonight, and with reigning MVP Stephen Curry and the Warriors hosting the Pelicans tonight (TNT, 10:30 p.m. ET), there are probably more questions than answers right now. Which is why it makes sense that the game show “Jeopardy!” had an entire category dedicated to Curry last night.

How well do you know Curry? Here are the ques…er, here are the answers, with questions to follow…

$400 answer
Steph dishes out thank yous to cafeteria workers who he thinks made a special meal for him in an ad for this network.

$800 answer
When Steph is making an assist, AKA “dropping” this coin, he’s dishing it to someone else for the score.

$1,200 answer
If Steph dishes out 10 assists along with 10 points & 10 rebounds in a game, he achieves this coveted feat.

$1,600 answer
One of Steph’s best dishes at the 2015 All-Star Game was to this Maverick big man, AKA the Dunking Deutschman.

Steph dished & dealt in the NCAA, leading this Southern state’s Davidson College to the Elite Eight.

$400: What is ESPN?
$800: What is a dime?
$1,200: What is a triple-double?
$1,600: Who is Dirk Nowitzki?
$2,000: What is North Carolina?

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Who is Babe Ruth?

by Micah Hart

I love Jeopardy. I watch it all the time, and do the online tryout every time they make it available. Who knows, perhaps I’ll get a chance to compete someday. Meanwhile, one of my great regrets in life* is that I never took advantage of being in college and getting on the collegiate version of the show, because it is way, way easier than the regular edition. It’s so easy, I half expect Sean Connery to show up and participate (zing!).

* not really

Of course, it’s not so simple to everyone, as these three contestants will now demonstrate. Roll it!

Really, collegiate Jeopardy players? Tim Duncan? I guess he does keep a low profile, and, I bet he’s never been in Cliff Clavin’s kitchen.

I wonder how many foods they knew that start with the letter Q?

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