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Jeremy Evans can jump out of the gym

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During the lead up to the NBA draft, a photo went viral of Andrew Wiggins showing off a 44-inch vertical leap. Wiggins worked out for the draft at P3, a sports-science institute in California, which is where that initial 44-inch photo came from. And as impressive as that 44-inch leap was, someone topped it: Utah’s Jeremy Evans, the 2102 2012 Dunk Contest winner, stopped by P3 and took back the championship belt…

Jeremy Evans debuts art exhibition

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Utah’s Jeremy Evans has won a Slam Dunk championship and spent some time with the Utah Jazz, but his artistic background might not be as well known. (Even though he referenced it in the Dunk Contest.)

So to help spread the word about his art, Evans put together an exhibition inside the arena before last night’s Jazz game. “I’m excited, just so everybody can see it,” Evans told the Deseret News. “Hopefully from here, I can do some work for other people.”

Jody Genessey from the Deseret News tweeted several photos of Evans and his work…

(via B/R)

Jeremy Evans can really, really leap

Whenever Jeremy Evans’ name is mentioned around these parts, it’s because of his deft ability to defy gravity and complete jams no human has a right to complete.

He is tall (6-foot-9), so he’s supposed to be able to dunk, right? Fair point. But Friday night against the Pelicans, he might have outdone himself on a feed from Ian Clark. Regardless of his height, this took a deal of hand-eye coordination, body control and flexibility to pull off.

With all due respect to the Lob Brothers in L.A., Evans might have given us the best alley-oop of the season:

VIDEO: Jeremy Evans reaches way back to complete the oop from Ian Clark

Reggie Jackson’s Summer Jams

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last summer, Oklahoma City PG Reggie Jackson might have had the dunk of the Orlando Summer League when he drove the lane and threw down on then-defending dunk champ Jeremy Evans

So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that this summer, Reggie Jackson is again in contention for dunk of the summer with this dunk from this morning, contested by Orlando’s Maurice Harkless


Jeremy Evans Should Be In The Dunk Contest

by Micah Hart

You may have heard Jazz broadcaster Matt Harpring plug his dude Jeremy Evans for the dunk contest on last week’s Hang Time Podcast. Based on this dunk over teammate Earl Watson, I’m inclined to agree:

#letJeremyDunk indeed.

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