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Jeremy Lin Has An Unconventional Workout Plan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Houston guard Jeremy Lin‘s road to the NBA was never easy — he was cut and waived by several teams before Linsanity struck in New York, and Lin finally inked a long-term deal with the Rockets.

But how did Lin keep working so hard to become the type of player he is today? In this new video from Volvo, Lin attributes at least some of his strength to an unconventional workout partner…imported from Sweden and weighing several thousand pounds.

VIDEO: The Jeremy Lin XC60 Workout

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Jeremy Lin Signs With Adidas, Goes All In

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Linsanity may have ended, but Jeremy Lin is still playing well (averaging 14 point per game) for the Houston Rockets, and is very popular in the US and abroad. When Lin’s Nike contact ended recently, adidas made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to join the three stripes. And to show the world his commitment to the brand, Lin teamed up with some of his adidas-wearing Rockets teammates to make an Instagram video displaying a new haircut. (BTW, since Iman Shumpert has been down this road before, I’m wondering if that hairstyle is gone by the next time we see Lin play.)

Dwight Howard Gives Good Gifts

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The last few years have been a bit rough for Dwight Howard, at least in terms of public perception. Does he want to be traded or doesn’t he? Will he sign an extension or won’t he? Which team will he sign with in free agency? But what is it like playing alongside Dwight? Well, it seems pretty nice, at least on Christmas.

Several members of the Houston Rockets took to the internet yesterday to display their holiday gifts from Dwight, who seems to be a very conscientious gift-giver. According to James Harden, Howard got him the exact Audemars-Piguet watch that he wanted…

Dwight also went out and got Rolex’s for Chandler Parsons (here) and Greg Smith (here). And according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Dwight presumably went to the secondary market to find a pair of Air Mags for Aaron Brooks. “So generous,” Brooks told Stein. “Most people on the outside look at him wrong. I know ’cause I did, too, before [becoming Howard's teammate]. He’s a great guy. Huge heart.”

You’d think after all that, Dwight’s teammates might be a bit more willing to share a little love with Dwight. But even after Jeremy Lin poked fun at Dwight with his Instagram post the other day…

…if what we saw yesterday was any indication, you’d be wrong…


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Google Releases Top-Searched NBA Players, Teams In 2013

LeBron James_Game6

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This may not be the most scientific data available, but it’s pretty interesting. Today Google released their lists of the most-searched for NBA players and teams in 2013, compiling data from 72 countries. Some of the results are not that surprising (hey LeBron!), but some of the others? Can’t say I saw them coming (fly high, New Orleans Pelicans!)…


Dwight Howard Ambushed By Silly String On Birthday

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Houston center Dwight Howard turned 28 years old yesterday, and as part of his birthday celebration, he was apparently ambushed by teammates armed with Silly String, as this video by Jeremy Lin shows…

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Jeremy Lin Takes Elbow To The Head

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During Houston’s game against the Timberwolves on Saturday night, Jeremy Lin caught an accidental elbow to the side of the forehead from Kevin Love. And to say it swelled up would be an understatement.

The good news? According to reports, the swelling went down quickly. As Lin said, “I am much better. I had a headache last night, but today I am fine.”

A headache is completely understandable, especially when your head looks like this…

Jeremy Lin’s Dad’s Basketball Rules

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Yesterday Houston G Jeremy Lin posted a video to his YouTube channel featuring a behind-the-scenes look at a training session with his father, identified on the video as Papa Lin. How did Jeremy Lin become an NBA star? Through hard work, and perhaps by doing drills while carrying an egg on a spoon in his mouth, or while being pelted with water balloons. (Although we should probably take this with a grain of salt — in the video’s description, Lin says they shot this video over the summer to support his documentary Linsanity, which is out tomorrow.)

Which Nickname Would You Want On An NBA Jersey?

'Pistol' Pete Maravich of the New Orleans Jazz

‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich wore this jersey during a 1971 game as a member of the New Orleans Jazz.

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — News broke last night that the NBA was considering allowing some players to wear nicknames on their jerseys. Now, before the Fun Police show up and try to ruin this for everyone, let’s make clear that according to the story, this is just a one-time thing — one game, two teams (Miami and Brooklyn), for only one night. But it’s clearly indicative of an idea that the NBA is at the very least open to considering, even if only on a limited basis.

Nicknames on jerseys has happened in other sports — soccer players around the world do it now, and closer to home, former Braves owner Ted Turner once tried to give pitcher Andy Messersmith the nickname “Channel” so that his jersey would read “Channel 17,” a free ad for Turner’s nascent broadcasting business.

This has also taken place in the NBA and ABA, back in the day, as seen in the photo of “Pistol” Pete Maravich up top on this post. But as the NBA has grown in popularity and become more corporate, the wiggle room for fun stuff like nicknames on jerseys has been squeezed out.

As a person who is an avowed opponent of the Fun Police, I am one-thousand-million percent in favor of this idea, if only because I’m sure fans of different players would love to rock jerseys with nicknames on the back. Above and beyond the jerseys we night see in a Miami/Brooklyn game — KING JAMES, for instance — off the top of my head, here are some nicknames that would be neat to see on the back of official NBA jerseys…

BIRDMAN BIRDMAN — Chris Andersen

BIG SHOT — Chauncey Billups

BONES — Brent Barry throwback edition

MAMBA — Kobe Bryant, or…

VINO — Kobe Bryant

BIG BABY — Glen Davis


MANIMAL — Kenneth Faried

BOOBIE — Daniel Gibson

AK-47 — Andrei Kirilenko

LINSANITY — Jeremy Lin

KRYPTO-NATE — Nate Robinson

Now you tell us, which nickname jerseys would you like to see?

Trailer Released For Documentary “Linsanity”

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It was less than two years ago when Jeremy Lin got his chance with the Knicks and went from being on the verge of getting cut to becoming the toast of Manhattan. Since then he’s moved to Texas and he’s entering his second season with the Rockets, where he’ll team up with new big man Dwight Howard and returning All-Star James Harden.

But just because Lin is now an established NBA player, we shouldn’t forget the remarkable road he traveled to make it in the League. By all accounts, the forthcoming documentary Linsanity tells Lin’s story beautifully.

The film hits theaters on October 4. The trailer, you can watch right now …

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Jeremy Lin Scores 45, Gets Dunked On In Summer League

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the great things about the summer is that we see NBA superstars pop up from time to time all over the world to get in some hoops anywhere they can. The latest example of this comes from Houston PG Jeremy Lin, who dropped 45 points over the weekend in San Francisco playing in a Pro-Am game.

Pretty impressive. Of course, the other thing that’s always fun to watch is when someone gets dunked on. And that happened to J-Lin as well…

You know what they say: You’re nobody ’til somebody dunks on you.