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Rockets Use Sitcom Star To Convince Dwight Howard To Sign

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With his proclivity for using stats and numbers, Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey has always been a leader in the basketball analytics movement. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that now, as the Rockets are engaged in the race to sign free-agent Dwight Howard, and Morey looks to find an advantage over the other franchises in the running, that he has looked to one of the stars of “The Big Bang Theory.”

With time running out, today Morey today posted a video on YouTube featuring actor Jim Parsons, who plays the genius Sheldon on “Big Bang.” Turns out Parsons is a Rockets fan, and he makes a reasoned, measured argument for why Dwight Howard should sign with the Rockets. (We should also note that Parsons is obviously an actor playing a genius, because a true tech genius would have turned the microphone up.)

I don’t really care where Howard signs, but I just hope this leads to the Lakers posting a YouTube plea to Dwight from Jack Nicholson. “You can’t handle the truth!”