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Jimmy Butler answers your questions

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Bulls guard Jimmy Butler has had a breakout season, being named a player of the month and making the All-Star team. But he’s still relatively unknown, at least to many NBA fans. Did you, for instance, know that Jimmy Butler loves the music of Taylor Swift? Or that he enjoys watching the television show “Pretty Little Liars”? That and much more in this fun video from the Bulls…

VIDEO: About Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler pledges $10,000 to school if kid can hit one-handed three-pointer

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Bulls swingman Jimmy Butler is out for a few more weeks while he waits for a sprained left elbow to heal. But instead of just sitting around, Butler is using his down time to make a difference in and around Chicago. Yesterday, Butler paid a visit to the Chicago-area Phoenix Military Academy to increase awareness of eating a healthy breakfast. He ended up leaving $20,000 lighter.

According to the school’s website

Butler wagered that for every junior who made a free throw shot he would donate $50 towards the school. The class came up with a total of $550. Soon after that he then went on to say that if he made a 3 point shot with one hand he would donate $10,000 to the school. He made the shot easily and then challenged junior Jabaree White to do the same for another $10,000. Butler offered to gave White 3 tries to make the shot but he nailed it in one which got the class real whipped up and screaming in joy.

“I feel like I contributed to the school” after making the two three point shots and one free throw,” said White.

The junior class raised a whopping $20,000 from Butler, which was a generous donation. Jimmy Butler also accepted an invitation to become an “Honorary Firebird” and to wear the Phoenix PT uniform at Bulls Practice at least once.

Here’s video of the event — first Butler’s three, then Jabaree’s big shot…

VIDEO: Butler three

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Kids draw pictures of the Chicago Bulls

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On the surface, this seems like a simple enough game: Second and third graders from a Chicago elementary school drew pictures of Chicago Bulls players. Then, the actual Chicago Bulls players looked at the pictures and tried to guess which player was featured in the drawing. Again, simple idea, although it’s safe to say the players struggled the right identifications.

VIDEO: Bulls Kid Picasso 1

VIDEO: Bulls Kid Picasso 2

VIDEO: Bulls Kid Picasso 3

The Chicago Bulls visit the White House

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Usually NBA teams get to pay a visit to the White House after winning an NBA championship, where they spend a moment with the President and smile and take a few pictures. But the Chicago Bulls have a special hook-up — President Barack Obama is from Chicago and is on record as a Bulls fan. So last night with a night off in Washington D.C., the Bulls took a team visit to the White House. Luckily we have their social media accounts to document the trip…

Aaron Brooks‘ selfie game is strong, even in the White House…

But so is Nazr Mohammed‘s…

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Mr. President

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I don't think I look half bad dressed up a little.

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The Chicago Bulls present The Gift of the Game

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Every year about this time, we start to see the same movies airing on TV over and over, the holiday classics: Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Elf, etc.

Now the Chicago Bulls have created a new video to add to the holiday classics canon. Their video, The Gift Of The Game, which tells of a Christmas miracle involving Benny the Bull and a Bulls team that understands teamwork is the key to success. Special shoutout to Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol, Doug McDermott, and Mike Dunleavy for their narrating skills.

VIDEO: Bulls Gift

Jimmy Butler plays putt putt

VIDEO: Bulls Open Championship

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Athletes compete, no matter the sport, no matter the stakes. So finding Bulls forward Jimmy Butler on a putt putt course along with former Bulls center Bill Wennington should not be much of a surprise. The main surprise here is who ends up winning the first-annual Chicago Bulls Open Championship. One thing worth noting: This putt putt course looks awesome. It has buildings and elevators and water hazards and I would like to play there next time I am in Chicago. Maybe I can score an invite to compete in next year’s Open Championship?

Joakim, Jimmy Butler Won’t Be Stopped

VIDEO: Joakim Noah was a diming fool against the Knicks Sunday

The Chicago Bulls don’t want our pity. Despite being hit hard with injuries and attrition the last two seasons, they continue to make it their business to repel any “that’s OK, there’s always next year” sentiments fans are wont to throw their way. And these days, fresh off ripping the Knicks at home for their ninth win in 10 games, business is good.

For Joakim Noah, it was a historic performance. He recorded his fifth triple-double. By halftime, the deed was almost done, as he was two rebounds shy of the mark. His 14 assists were the most ever by a Bulls center, and the most by a center in the NBA since 1978.

His doings could have easily been the talk of the game, but not so fast, says Jimmy Butler. In the first quarter, he poked the ball out of Carmelo Anthony’s hands. After dashing toward the sideline to save the loose pill to the hands of Kirk Hinrich, things got a bit tricky for Jimmy.

But fear not, he had a solution:

VIDEO: Jimmy Butler runs through the stands to get back on the court

Horry Scale: Taj Tops L.A.

VIDEO: Gibson’s Game Winner

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — After a flurry of Horry Scale entries around the winter holidays, we went into a long slumber, with no game-winning buzzer-beaters since January 3, when Andre Iguodala last made an entry. But now, after a long day of NBA action, thanks to Taj Gibson and the Chicago Bulls’ 102-100 overtime victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, we have yet another GWBB to break down.

Before we get too far into this, we should stop and explain why we’re here: What is the Horry Scale? For those who are new around these parts, the Horry Scale examines a game-winning buzzer-beater (GWBB) in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time?), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Kings-Pistons game?) and celebration (is it over the top or too chill? Just the right panache or needs more sauce?). Then we give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys, the patron saint of last-second daggers.

With the groundwork laid, let’s do this, shall we?

With 0.9 left on the clock, the Bulls most likely had to run a play where the guy who caught the ball was heading toward the basket. If you watch closely, even before the ball is inbounded to Gibson, every Bulls player is streaking toward the rim, ready and able to get off a last-second shot. Jimmy Butler acts as sort of a bulldozer, moving Lakers guard Nick Young out of the lane. And as Gibson cuts to the basket, he manages to pin his defender, Lakers wing Manny Harris, behind him, basically creating a Taj-Gibson-sized target moving toward the rim. Yet with all seven-feet of Pau Gasol defending Mike Dunleavy, who was there to make the pass, Dunleavy had to resort to a bounce pass to get the ball to Gibson. Gasol spun around and ended up running at Gibson, nearly blocking the shot. But Gibson made a smooth catch and lefty layup (he shoots his jumpers righty), all in less than a second. If all that wasn’t enough, according to Bulls announcer Chuck Swirsky, Gibson said he’d never even made a game-winner before …

Nice way to start.

Since trading away Luol Deng and waiving Andrew Bynum, the immediate future of the Bulls — or at least their intentions — has been somewhat murky. Their roster may not be what we thought it would be at the start of the season, but Tom Thibodeau teams always play hard, and Monday night was no exception. Even after taking a three-point lead in overtime, which Nick Young erased via free throws with four seconds to go, these Bulls don’t know when to say when.

One of the problems endemic to GWBB’s is that often the players involved aren’t even sure whether or not the shot actually beat the buzzer, which can lead to some subdued celebrations. Still, the Bulls players were pretty excited, including a leaping chest/shoulder bump between Jo Noah and Gibson. But if there was an image that summed up how great the Bulls felt about the win, it was the shot of all-business Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau smiling and giving Gibson five as they left the court.

Lefty layup. Contested shot. Slick inbounds play. Overtime. Thibs smiling. Thibs smiling! I have been criticized in the past for being too tough on some shots, but the only thing I discount about this game/play is that it was a .500 team (Chicago) against a team 10 games under .500 (L.A.). If this was a playoff game I’d go five Horrys. But for now, I’m going four Horrys …

horry-star horry-star horry-star horry-star

What say you? How many Horrys does Taj Gibson’s shot deserve?

Local Ads: Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler Will Always Be With You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Chicago Bulls might be in the midst of reconfiguring their roster, but that doesn’t stop the players still with the Bulls from being as consistent as ever. And that determination is displayed in this ad from a Chicago-area bank, where Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah show off what it must be like to have a Chicago Bulls bank card. Better than having Tom Thibodeau yell at you everywhere you go.

VIDEO: Bulls Bank Commercial

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Mark Wahlberg Vs. Jimmy Butler


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In the video above, actor/entertainer/producer Mark Wahlberg sits down with to talk about what a big Bulls fan he is. He prefaces this by noting his love for the Celtics (he is originally from Boston, after all), and he is wearing a Lob City t-shirt while doing the interview, but still, hey, this guy loves the Bulls, OK?

We then see Wahlberg and his crew get into a 2-on-2 game with Bulls forward Jimmy Butler. A few things worth noting:

No. 1: Wahlberg seems to have a pretty good jumper. Sure, this could all be CGI’d or whatever, but from what we see, he drills a few long threes.

No. 2.: These guys are playing full-court 2-on-2?

Worth noting, Wahlberg has a long history with basketball. Check the end of the below, where we flash-back to see Wahlberg firing up jumpers in the TNT studio. As Charles Barkley says, “As a basketball player, you’re a great actor!”