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The Utah Jazz Go To The Mall

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There’s a lot going on in this video from the Utah Jazz, in which the entire team descends upon a Salt Lake City mall and then spends some time basically hanging around and interacting with fans.

My two favorite parts:

  • When Mike Harris delivers an impromptu lecture about cell phone protection, and demonstrates the effectiveness of his own phone case by casually tossing his own phone onto the floor.
  • When John Lucas III discovers a kid wearing a Denver Broncos sweatshirt and offers to buy him a Jazz jersey, at which point Derrick Favors suggests he choose a Favors jersey. So Lucas basically buys a kid a Favors jersey. Lucas later returns to the sporting goods store like the Pied Piper, leading a group of kids in search of Jazz hats. (Not, however, jazz caps.)

VIDEO: Jazz visit fans at Salt Lake City-area mall

John Lucas III Makes Hard Shot Look…Harder

by Zettler Clay IV

End of quarter buzzer-beating heaves are a staple of the game. Some clank off the back of the rim. Some hit nothing but air. Some even go in. They are generally uncontested because no one wants to pick up a stupid foul while the ballhandler is careening wildly for an angle to get an impossible shot off.

Then the Raptors’ John Lucas III comes Monday night against the Bucks and hit as difficult a buzzer-beating 3-pointer as you’re gonna see.

Despite the effort of Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Beno Udrih, Lucas III was not to be denied.

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