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Jordan Brand unveils new Carmelo Anthony signature shoe


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night in New York City, just steps away from Madison Square Garden, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony and Jordan Brand unveiled his latest signature shoe, the Jordan Brand Melo M11. The new shoe, out Jan. 3, is Jordan’s newest performance model, and will be available in several colorways that reflect Anthony’s life and journey.

The event was held at Terminal 23, the indoor basketball court on West 32nd Street that Jordan Brand opened a year ago inside a former event space. Since being transformed, Terminal 23 has become an epicenter for off-season pick-up basketball among New York-based NBA players, largely thanks to Anthony’s constant presence. For the evening, the entryway to the facility had been transformed into something of a museum, and Anthony patiently walked reporters through the venue, explaining each installation. “I almost handed out headphones to everyone like you get at the Louvre,” Anthony joked.

As for the details on the shoe, from a press release…

The Jordan Melo M11 incorporates the brand’s pinnacle technology created for the basketball court: FlightPlate. Designed to harness and return energy from every step for explosive liftoff, FlightPlate features a moderator plate placed directly over the forefoot Nike Zoom unit to create a larger sweet spot and ample cushioning. On the shoe’s upper, a molded collar optimizes fit and enhances ankle support for Anthony’s versatile game.

Anthony definitely notices a difference in his game when playing in FlightPlate, saying it not only makes him faster and provides jump-shot lift in the first quarter, it actually keeps him fresh through the fourth quarter.

Building on last year’s model, the Jordan Melo M11 echoes Melo’s physical transformation through the offseason. After a summer dedicated to intense workouts — Melo was known for hosting some of the game’s best runs at Jordan Brand’s Terminal 23 in New York — he returned slimmer, fitter and ready to push even harder this season.

Melo said he wanted the Jordan Melo M11 to have a more sophisticated look that is well suited for a high-end, simple color palette, but also uses hues and patterns to tell dynamic stories.

The upper features synthetic leather for support and lightweight durability, while perforated details enhance breathability. A webbed strapping system wraps the foot to provide superior lockdown. The updated foam heel counter integrates into the midsole, bringing strength and support to the collar, as well as a distinctive pattern produced by repetition of the letter M.

Born in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., Melo has always felt a strong connection to the city of New York. Each colorway of the Jordan Melo M11 is inspired by — and a tribute to — different elements of Anthony’s story.

“It was essential that we incorporate how important New York City is to me,” Anthony said. “It’s where my basketball journey started, and there’s no other city where I’d rather play the game.”

Inspired by the concrete jungle, this color way of the Jordan Melo M11 juxtaposes the grit and shine of one of the world’s greatest cities. The gray across the forefoot echoes the concrete streets and the detailing on the tongue is a nod to brightly colored graffiti and street art, while a subtly speckled midsole evokes the bright lights of the city that never sleeps.

Born in the Red Hook projects in Brooklyn, Melo remains inspired by and committed to remembering his roots even as he achieves great personal success in basketball and business. This colorway brings to mind sunsets in Red Hook and early memories of his childhood in the famous New York borough.

Melo wanted to include a colorway tribute to the Jordan Brand family, who have been with him and supported him throughout his career. Featuring the traditional colorways worn by Michael Jordan — black, red and white — the shoe calls to mind the great Jordan rivalries with New York throughout the 1990s.

Featuring a simple, premium color scheme, the black/gold colorway features luxury touches, and highlights throughout.

Today, consumers in North America will be able to pre-order the Jordan Melo M11 at The shoe will be globally available at select retailers and starting January 3. Stay tuned to @Jumpman23 on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

For a closer look at the shoe and the Terminal 23 gym, check the gallery below…

Russell Westbrook is an intense personal trainer

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In this latest spot from Foot Locker, we see what would happen if you — a young, developing basketball player — were tutored by Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook. He will teach you how to be a great basketball player, sure, but make certain you’re ready for a glass of water in the face and a battery of challenging drills before you sign up. SPLASH!

VIDEO: Westbrook Fly

His Airness Tries Out Tennis

By Nick Margiasso IV

Game recognize game.

It is a phrase that never rang truer than Tuesday night, when Michael Jordan headed to the US Open to watch his first-ever professional tennis match in person (according to USA Today) — as guest of tennis legend Roger Federer.

It wasn’t just worlds colliding just for the sake of blowing sports fans’ collective minds. No, it was in part a celebration of the debut of Fed’s new Jordan-inspired tennis kicks. Federer used his new wheels courtesy of Jordan to blow out his opponent in front of the Chicago Bulls legend, who was commended by the fans and even Federer himself after the match. They were probably just trying to get some freebies of these sweet sneakers.


And, although it was a glorified business meeting, MJ was entertained enough that he might be back soon … as long as his Nike buddy is playing. Then again, they might just play piano, too. Such is the life of the greats.

Jordan Brand unveils Air Jordan XX9

By Lang Whitaker,

VIDEO: Tinker Hatfield on the Air Jordan XX9

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At a press conference yesterday in Manhattan, Jordan Brand unveiled their latest signature sneaker, the Air Jordan XX9. Michael Jordan and designer Tinker Hatfield were in attendance, and they talked often about how the new kicks, which will be available in September, is the best shoe they’ve created yet.

The shoe is woven together using a technology they found in Italy, so it’s both light and strong. As a press release explains…

The performance-woven upper delivers superior abrasion resistance, along with an entirely new look on the outside of the shoe. The structure and fit of the shoe are engineered through Flight Web tunnels, and strategic panels of stiffer and softer flex to enhance natural motion. The absence of numerous layers and adhesion technologies creates an incredibly comfortable, sock-like interior lining with superior breathability. Using webbed straps that wrap the foot and integrate with the laces, the Flight Web fit system offers superior mid-foot lockdown that moves with the athlete. Woven channels in the upper enhance the Flight Web fit system, while a double-lasted heel helps dampen the impact on hard landings. Articulated padding in the collar adds to the premium, signature feel of the shoe and helps prevent the heel from slipping.

While the shoe isn’t out until the fall, you’ll probably start seeing it on some feet in the playoffs. In the meantime, check out some images of the first two colorways in the gallery below…

Jordan Brand Introduces Melo M10


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s hard to believe Carmelo Anthony has been in the NBA for eleven seasons, much less had nine different signature shoes, but we got a reminder this week with Jordan Brand’s introduction of the Melo M10, Carmelo’s tenth signature sneaker.

According to Nike, the sneaker, which was designed by legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, “incorporates Jordan’s signature Flight Plate technology, offering maximum responsiveness through compression and deflection. The dynamic fit technology works with Flight Plate to provide a lock-down fit that moves with the foot and enhances maximum performance.”

The shoe hits the market on January 4, with a suggested retail price of $165. For more on the kick, check the video below where Melo and Tinker discuss their inspiration…

VIDEO: Melo And Tinker M10

Don’t Sleep Around Blake Griffin

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, Blake Griffin knows what happens if you fall asleep on the team plane: You get embarrassed. Because it was the Clips who came up with “Got ‘Em,” the fad whereby sleeping teammates are photographed and memorialized on various forms of social media. It became such a common occurrence that there are entire Pinterest boards dedicated to it.

For the past few days, Griffin’s been on a tour of Asia with his fellow Jordan Brand athletes, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. And on the long plane flight home, while everyone else was sleeping, Blake went to work…

Always good to be surrounded by great friends

A video posted by Blake Griffin (@blakegriffin32) on

Ray Allen’s NBA Finals Jordan PE Kicks

NBA Style

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Ray Allen has worn Jordan Brand shoes for about as long as Michael Jordan, and with Ray and the Heat set to tip off in the NBA Finals tonight, the folks at Jordan Brand have released a series of images of his new player edition shoes. Here are some photos of the Air Jordan XX8s that Allen has added to his arsenal specially for the 2013 NBA Finals.

According to Jordan Brand, “On the home court, he can choose between White/Black/University Gold or White/Gym Red/University Gold colorways. On the road, the options are Black/Gold and Gym Red/Gold; both include a fractal Elephant Print on the upper. The home versions feature Allen’s logo on the inside of the shroud, while the away shoes features his logo on the tongue. The AIR JORDAN XX8 boasts an ultra-modern stealth design for elite performance, with more technological advances than any AIR JORDAN to date.”

Let us know your favorites in the comments, and don’t forget to continue the conversation online using #NBAStyle

LeBron James Can Sell Shoes

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A report in the June 10 issue of Forbes magazine says LeBron James isn’t just the NBA’s MVP on the court — he’s also the MVP when it comes to moving shoes.

According to Forbes, who culled this information from the research firm SportsOneSource, while several NBA players have signature shoes that sold tens of millions of dollars worth in 2012, nobody’s kicks came close to LeBron, whose signature LeBron X made about six times as much in U.S. sales as his closest finisher (in this case, Kobe Bryant). On the come-up: Derrick Rose, who moved into the top five even though he missed the entire 2012-13 season.

There are a lot of variables involved, which you can read about in the Forbes story, but here is how the top five shook out for U.S. sales in 2012, according to SportsOneSource:

1. LeBron James (Nike): $300 million
2. Kobe Bryant (Nike): $50 million
3. Carmelo Anthony (Jordan): $40 million
4. Kevin Durant (Nike): $35 million
5. Derrick Rose (Adidas): $25 million

Also worth noting from the story: Even though he retired in 2003, Michael Jordan‘s Jordan Brand did $2 billion in sales in 2012.

NBA Style: Spotlight On Playoff Shoes

NBA Style
By the Style Crew

A player’s shoes always make a statement. Pregame, many choose to go with high-fashion dress shoes or sneakers. During games, a player can have career-defining moments that get memorialized by the shoes he wore. A player’s in-game sneakers often represent more than athletic performance. Notes can be seen scribbled across the sides, or logos crafted specifically for the player become globally recognizable symbols that represent the growth and influence of the game. In fact, the global aspect of basketball extends to shoes, as several NBA players now endorse Chinese shoe companies.

In this spotlight, we will highlight both the sneakers worn during the game, and the shoes that made the biggest statements during arrivals. As always, keep up with the conversation using #NBAStyle.

James Harden is a known risk taker, and goes all-out with multi-colored studded sneakers, which he pairs with a printed button down.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Houston Rockets - Game Four (more…)

Rip Hamilton Has More Jordans Than You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I know a lot of people who collect sneakers, neatly stacking boxes on boxes on boxes in their closets, never even touching the boxes for fear of lessening the value of the kicks. I get that, I do, but I am not one of those people. I will admit that yes, I have spent an asymmetric amount of my disposable income through the years on shoes, but I actually wear them instead of collecting them. What are shoes for if not to be worn?

Sure, basketball shoes are fully functional, a tool used by basketball players to optimize their ability to play the game. But to some of us, they can also be an objet d’art, a beautiful combination of leather and rubber and whatever else that not only looks terrific, but also says something about you, the shoe-wearer.

Bulls G Rip Hamilton has been down with Jordan Brand for as long as I can remember (and that’s a long time). As one of the brand’s signature athletes, he has long rocked an array of classic Jordans on the court, as well as peppering his social media feeds with peeks at his extensive collection. But for a recent “throwback Thursday,” or #tbt as the kids online call it, Rip Hamilton posted a photo that has had sneakerheads drooling.

As Hamilton said, “Had to many sneakers in the crib had to fill up 2 u-hauls to put them in another spot.” So remember that this is ostensibly just half of his collection.

Next time your parents or girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband complains that you have too many shoes, show them this picture:


(via Instagram)