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Toronto Raptors mascot pays tribute to Justin Bieber

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Toronto Raptors often invoke their franchise ambassador Drake, who sits courtside at many games. But during Game 1 of their first round series against the Indiana Pacers, the Raptors mascot paid tribute to a different Canadian pop star: Justin Bieber

And when you look side by side, the Raptor did a pretty good job putting together his outfit!

Amir Johnson Really Likes Drake

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Raptors started from the bottom, now they’re here. And earlier this week, one of the music world’s most popular artists, Drake, dropped his newest album, Nothing Was The Same. Drake, who hails from Canada, has been getting well-wishes from across the NBA for the release, such as this note from, oh, this LeBron James guy, who posted the album cover and wrote in the caption, “Congrats fam with this project. I know how much work u put into it and to see it all come together like this is incredible!! We’ll celebrate it when it goes Platinum for sure!!!”

But is anyone a bigger Drake fan than Toronto Raptors C Amir Johnson? Over a year ago, Johnson posted to Instagram a shot of his late night hoops crew working out at the Raptors training facility, a group that included not only Drake but Justin Bieber as well…

This week, to celebrate Drake’s new record release, Johnson went to two record stores in Toronto and bought every copy of the album…

And what’s a man to do with thousands of copies of Drake’s CD? How about give them away to fans who show up at the store…

Good on you, Amir.

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Pistons Play Game With Kyle Singler

by Zettler Clay IV

If there’s one thing preseason basketball is good for (well, outside return of NBA action), it is the rookie initiation rituals. From getting assigned nicknames to singing the birthday song to a vet to toting a Justin Bieber backpack, it is the Association way.

On Saturday night, it was Kyle Singler’s turn to get singled out:

Pretty PG as far as rookie pranks go. Does it beat Charles Oakley hemming up a just-drafted Scottie Pippen on camera? Methinks not.

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Justin Bieber would like a taste

by Micah Hart

We still don’t know if he can ball, but we know the Lakers think highly enough of the Canadian heartthrob to let him sample the fruits of their labor.

During an interview with Cheryl Miller last night, Lakers executive Jeanie Buss let it slip that while walking off the court with boyfriend Phil Jackson’s championship ring, Bieber asked if he could borrow it, and Buss had no choice but to say yes. As she put it, “I couldn’t say no to Justin Bieber.”

Bieber – he may not be able to ball, but he certainly has them.

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Justin Bieber – can he ball?

by Micah Hart

Last week we began our groundbreaking series on the basketball-playing abilities of some of the world’s most famous people with Mad Men star Jon Hamm. This week we turn our attention to another heartthrob, albeit for a slightly younger crowd:

Justin Bieber

America has come down with a fever recently, and it’s not for more cowbell. It’s for the Biebs. In terms of popularity, this guy makes the Beatles look like your average local garage band. Think I’m lying?

I just looked up his song “Baby” on YouTube, and guess how many views that sucker has: 365,314,755. Holy crap! Apparently, every single person in the United States watched this video, then forwarded it to everyone in France. For frame of reference, I looked up the word “basketball” on YouTube and the most viewed item was this video of Shaq and Dwight Howard’s impromptu dance competition from 2007 All-Star Weekend, clocking in at a paltry 16,515,027.

At just 16 years of age, Bieber has the world at his fingertips (when I was 16, my big accomplishment was finishing third in my region of the Mississippi Science Fair competition with a revolutionary study of “Which Paper Airplane Flies The Furthest“). In addition to selling a billion records and touring the world, he’s been on Saturday Night Live, recently guest starred on an episode of CSI, and is pretty much a permanently trending topic on Twitter. If this kid were a vampire, he might spontaneously combust.

Bieber has clearly demonstrated his musical chops, but that’s not what we want to address today.

Our question is simple.

Can he ball?

Let’s take a look at some of the evidence:

— He’s no stranger to NBA players, having battled Shaq in a danceoff on Shaq vs.

— He makes little girls cry. Of course, he does make it up to them.

— He knows who is to blame for the U.S. housing crisis.

All kidding aside, it actually appears that Bieber has some skills. Check out this video of him going up against Usher:

And here he is taking on Shaq and his family from the same episode of Shaq vs.:

He’s got some handle, and a solid lefty stroke. He clearly has played before.

But hey, maybe that’s not enough to impress you.

It’s time for you to decide:

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