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Steph Curry dances with Justin Timberlake and Alfonso Ribeiro

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Since Stephen Curry is taking the summer to rest and recuperate, he’s had time to indulge in one of his true passions: Golf. And this weekend while playing in a celebrity tournament, Curry got paired up with singer (and Grizzlies co-owner) Justin Timberlake and actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who is perhaps best known as Carlton from “The Fresh Prince.” The trio not only hit the links, they indulged in a couple of signature dances, including “The Carlton” and the old Jones BBQ and Foot Massage classic…

The Portland Trail Blazers don’t listen to a lot of Ed Sheeran

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We first found out about the television watching habits of the Portland Trail Blazers last year, when we discovered that they apparently don’t watch a lot of “Portlandia.” Now, further exploring their popular culture consumption, from watching them play Name That Tune with a song from Ed Sheeran, it would appear the Blazers don’t listen to much Ed Sheeran. Justin Timberlake should be thrilled, though…

VIDEO: Blazers Sheeran

Justin Timberlake’s newborn son already supports the Grizzlies

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — You may recall a few months ago when Justin Timberlake took to Twitter to swat down a hater who claimed that he wasn’t a real fan of the Memphis Grizzlies. Not only is Timberlake a Memphis native, he’s a part-owner of the team.

So we shouldn’t be surprised that yesterday, when Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel shared the first public photo of their newborn son, Silas, he was decked out in Grizz gear to support the start of the postseason…

Anderson Varejao is a dancing machine

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During an important moment in last night’s San Antonio/Cleveland games, the Spurs needed to inbound the ball along the sideline. In order to try and disrupt the pass, the Cavs had seven-footer Anderson Varejao defend the passer, Kawhi Leonard. And in order to make the pass as tough as possible, Varejao was very awkwardly active. Which meant he did this…


Later, just to make sure the moment was commemorated perfectly, “Inside Stuff” host Kristen Ledlow took to Twitter to suggest someone put Varejao’s moves to music. After we discussed a few options — I knew Ledlow would initially gravitate toward Grizzlies fan Justin Timberlake — a Twitter user came up with what just may be the perfect soundtrack to Varejao’s funky moves. Thank you, internet…

(gif via r/NBA)

Don’t call Justin Timberlake a bandwagon Grizzlies fan (UPDATE)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — He may not be as ever-present as Spike Lee is with the Knicks or Jack Nicholson in Los Angeles, but Justin Timberlake has long been a fan of the Memphis Grizzlies. It makes sense, as Timberlake is a Memphis native, and he’s publicly been an NBA fan for years now. I mean, Who can forget when he served up Kenny “The Jet” Smith at the All-Star Game years ago?

VIDEO: JT vs Kenny

And in 2012, Timberlake actually became a part-owner of the Grizzlies. So last night, it wasn’t much of a surprise when JT tweeted his support for the 10-1 Grizz.

But that didn’t sit well with at least one of his twitter followers, who accused Timberlake of being a bandwagon Grizzlies fan. And Timberlake fired right back. It’s clear who’s the owner here.

UPDATE: Just in case you didn’t believe him, the Grizz tweeted this pic of JT repping the Grizz way back in the day…

Paul George Plays HORSE With Justin Timberlake

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you had any doubts about the relevance of the Indiana Pacers, doubt no more. They are a contender, for sure, and as they’ve established themselves as a team to be reckoned with, their stature in popular culture is rising in equal measure, from magazine covers to NBA Fan Night appearances.

Last night the Pacers hosted (and beat) the Heat on Fan Night, and in attendance was none other than Justin Timberlake, who is not only a huge NBA fan, but a minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies. I don’t know if JT was there on a scouting mission or what, but after the game he took to the court with Paul George for a round of HORSE, as we see in the video below…

(via B/R)

Justin Timberlake Set To Become Grizzlies’ Jay-Z

by Micah Hart

ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that superstar musician/decent actor Justin Timberlake is being recruited by prospective Grizzlies’ owner Robert Pera to take on a minority ownership stake in the Memphis franchise:

Sources told that Timberlake and Pera have quickly struck up a friendship, with one source adding that the singer/actor is making “a meaningful investment into the team” and “plans to be active” with the Grizzlies. The league office, sources said, has been made aware of Timberlake’s proposed involvement and is already well acquainted with him after inviting the self-proclaimed basketball junkie to participate in various celebrity games at All-Star Weekend.

Given all the success the Nets have had with their association with Jay-Z, it makes a ton of sense for Pera to reach out to Timberlake, who is a Memphis native and would immediately improve the franchise’s Q-rating. It also might help ease Grizzlies fans’ worries about Pera, who has no real Memphis ties, and the potential that he might one day move the team (though he’s repeatedly said he has no intention of doing so).

As for Timberlake’s “active” role with the team, the man has conquered pretty much every industry he’s dipped his toe in so far (jury’s still out on his acquisition of MySpace). Could there be a general manager position in his future?*


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Jimmer Fredette and Justin Timberlake, Bros

by Micah Hart

Jimmer Fredette tweeted out a little before-and-after action of himself and Justin Timberlake yesterday. The photo on the left was taken in the mid-90s, when Timberlake was just making his way into America’s women’s hearts as a member of ‘N Snyc, and Fredette appeared to be ready to do the Truffle Shuffle. The one on the right is from the ESPY Awards earlier this summer, totally suited up.

Just a couple of bros being bros, you know?

H/T @jimmerfredette

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