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The Pelicans bring back King Cake Baby

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For the last few years, the New Orleans Pelicans have recognized the regional celebration of Mardi Gras by introducing a seasonal mascot known as King Cake Baby. As we saw last year, stripped of context, King Cake Baby can be downright scary.

Last night King Cake Baby made an appearance while the Lakers were in New Orleans, and as you can see, at least to Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson, King Cake Baby was as jarring as ever…

Pelicans bring back nightmare King Cake Baby

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We obviously love mascots here at the All Ball blog, but I’m not sure the Pelicans’ King Cake Baby qualifies as a mascot. I mean, it’s obviously inhuman and constructed of non-organic matter, which would seem to mark it as a mascot. But at the same time, the Pelicans have a Pelican as their mascot, so I guess the King Cake Baby is just some kind of secondary, seasonal thing they bring out for a few weeks year during Mardi Gras, when people bake miniature plastic babies into cakes as a means of finding good luck.

Whatever the Pelicans’ gigantic King Cake Baby mascot thingy is, it is undeniably creepy and terrifying to see a huge, wide-eyed, wild-eyed zombie baby walking around, particularly in your office. There’s one scene in this video where an unsuspecting gentleman exits the office kitchenette and is scared by King Cake Baby, and I think that right there would have been it for me. Do you, King Cake Baby mascot. Just stay away from me, King Cake Baby.

VIDEO: Office Cake baby

New Orleans Pelicans Continue Interesting Mascot Choices

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In this the first season of the New Orleans Pelicans, the franchise has had some very public mascot difficulties. After introducing a pelican named Pierre a few months back, a remixed, more friendly Pelican was introduced just before the All-Star break.

And then last night the Pelicans trotted out something called King Cake Baby, which is, frankly, rather disturbing.

The King Cake, for what it’s worth, is a Mardi Gras tradition, in which a small plastic toy baby is cooked inside a cake. If you get the baby in your slice of cake, it traditionally signals good luck.

If a huge version of King Cake Baby shows up on the basketball court, however, I’m not so sure it signals luck of any kind.

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