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Jeremy Lin Skypes With Child Distraught Over Knicks’ Departure

by Micah Hart

A little background: continuing the trend of videotaping youngsters being heartbroken over the departure of their favorite athletes, a Knicks fan captured his five-year old bursting into tears after learning that Jeremy Lin would not be returning to the team.

As it turns out, Lin has access to the internet, found out about the video, and decided to try to cheer the youngster up via Skype:

A lot of people want to blame the Knicks for Lin’s departure, but obviously Lin had to know by signing an offer sheet with another team that leaving New York would be a possibility. Still, its easy to mend some fences with unprompted acts of kindness like the video above.

Something tells me Naim is going to be kicking himself someday for clamming up in the face of his idol, but then again, by the time he’s six he’ll have probably moved on to Kreayshawn or something like that.

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Sorry Brooklyn, Spike Lee Sticks With Knicks

by Micah Hart

When the Knicks infamously declined to match the Rockets’ offer for Jeremy Lin, bringing the Linsanity era in New York City to a screeching halt, many began to wonder if residents of the Big Apple had finally had enough of the team’s bumbling ways and would consider jumping ship to root for the Nets. After all, Brooklyn is the trendy spot, Jay-Z is a part owner, and they’ve shown a similar ability to throw gaudy contracts at players without blinking an eyelash.

One person we won’t see making that trade any time soon, despite his Brooklyn heritage, is Knicks’ superfan Spike Lee.

In an interview with the New York Times this weekend, Lee discussed whether he’d considered the change, and made his position crystal clear:

“I wish I had a dollar for every time people ask me that — I could finance another film,” he says. “No, no and no. Can’t do that. Can’t.

“I am orange and blue, baby,” he says in reference to the colors of the Knicks. “Orange and blue.”

Though Lee has set many of his best films in his native borough, including his upcoming release “Red Hook Summer”, he maintains his allegiance to the Knicks, even with the firestorm set off by Lin’s departure. And though he maintains his loyalty, Lee made clear he’s not happy with the team’s prolonged lack of success either:

“Look, I hope Carmelo Anthony saw LeBron holding that championship trophy. Amar’e’s my man. But I’m tired of looking up at those old championship banners.

“No lollygagging, no half-stepping, no shenanigans, no tomfoolery. Got to get serious, got to.”

Lee’s loyalty is impressive, especially considering the vitriol being directed towards the Knicks’ ownership and management team over the summer. But if the Knicks continue to fall short of expectations while seeing their new neighbors achieve success in Brooklyn, you have to wonder if Spike is doing the right thing.

[Spike Lee to Stick With His Knicks]

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Carmelo Anthony Takes The Time To Prank Visitors At Madame Tussaud’s

by Micah Hart

How do you know you’ve made it in New York? Is it headlining a show on Broadway? Having a sandwich named after you at Carnegie Deli? One benchmark is certainly having a wax figure of yourself put on display at Madame Tussaud‘s, which is what happened to Carmelo Anthony on Tuesday:

I love, love, love, that ‘Melo took the opportunity to mess with people visiting his exhibit at the museum. Hand to god, if I ever had a wax statue made of myself on display anywhere, I would do this to people ALL THE TIME. I wouldn’t just do it at the opening, I’d do it when things were slow at work or if an appointment were in the neighborhood, or you know, whenever I had a free minute, and I would never, ever get tired of it.

Congrats Carmelo on the honor. It’s no jersey made of Fruit Roll Ups, but it’s close.

H/T @jonahballow

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Top 10 Most Amusing Moments From The 2012 Playoffs

by Micah Hart

What a shortened, yet still very long, strange trip it’s been. In a season that felt like we inhaled on Christmas Day, only to exhale roughly two hours ago, I’m already counting down the days until we start this whole thing over again in November.

But before we start dreaming of a fresh start, let’s pause for a few moments to remember some of the fun and funny we had over the course of the 2012 NBA Playoffs, which started somewhat slowly but picked up speed to the thrilling conclusion that was the Finals series between the victorious Heat and vanquished Thunder.

Here’s a look back at the 10 most amusing moments from the last seven weeks:

10. Amar’e channels Andy Bernard

The Knicks had a lot of hype at one point in the NBA season, but it all began to fall apart starting with a rash of injuries to the likes of Jeremy Lin and Iman Shumpert. At least their injuries occurred on the court though. Amar’e Stoudemire made headlines when he punched a fire-extinguisher case after Game 2 of the Knicks’ first-round series against the Heat, causing a huge laceration and forcing the Knicks’ big man to miss the next game of an eventual 4-1 series defeat.

No one saw it happen, but I have to imagine it went something like this.

9. Spurs fan gets Matt Bonner haircut, gets suspended

In case you forgot, a Spurs fan got this shaved into the back of his head:

For doing so, he got suspended from school, which seems bad, until the Internet found out about it and the Spurs ended up invited him to a playoff game. Miss school AND see playoff basketball? BEST WEEK EVA! By the way, a month later, the kid did it again.

8. Metta World Peace being Metta World Peace

His playoff run may not have lasted long (one game against Denver and five against OKC), but that doesn’t mean Metta World Peace didn’t have time to make lasting contributions, including doing the local weather in Vancouver, being in Vancouver in the first place because he’s filming a movie there based on a novel by Nancy Freaking Grace, and unveiling his new superhero alter ego Metta Man:


ICYMI: Amar’e Lacerated Hand

by Micah Hart

In case you missed seeing this earlier today, Amar’e Stoudemire tweeted out a picture of his hand, post-surgery and post-fire extinguisher bash:

My goodness. And this man may play basketball on Sunday?

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Bosh Welcomes Son, Makes It To NYC In Time For Game 3

by  Micah Hart

If you were not aware, Chris Bosh nearly missed Game 3 Thursday night between the Heat and the Knicks due to the birth of his son earlier in the day.

But thanks to the wonders of modern travel and a veeeery understanding wife, Bosh arrived at Madison Square Garden just before tipoff, and showed little rust in adding nine points, 10 rebounds, and this block to the Heat’s dominant win, moving the team within a game of a series sweep of the hapless Knicks.

Via Hot Hot Hoops, here is Bosh with his brand-new son, Jackson, from early Thursday morning:

Congrats, CB1. Speaking as a father to a new son as well, the reflexes you’ve honed as a world-class athlete are going to come in handy at the changing table.

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Knicks May Be Losing, But Linsanity Still Lives In Fruit Roll Up Form

by Micah Hart

So maybe this postseason isn’t for the Knicks. But hey, at least someone made Jeremy Lin a replica of his jersey made entirely out of Fruit Roll-Ups. That’s something, right?

From Lin’s Twitter feed, by way of Posting and Toasting:

Given the way this postseason is turning out, I have a feeling someone on the Knicks (A’mare, cough) ends up eating the entire thing while sobbing uncontrollably.

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Aziz Ansari Goes 1-on-1 With Kate Upton

by Micah Hart

The Knicks do a great job of getting celebrities to do stuff for their website (see Lin, Jeremy). Wednesday night at the Knicks-Magic game, they wrangled comedian Aziz Ansari to interview SI supermodel Kate Upton to discuss being the Knicks’ PA announcer and compare their signature looks:

The height differential is as funny as the commentary.

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Lin, Fields Give Handshake Tutorial

by Micah Hart

A few weeks back we linked to a how-to infograph on how to execute Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields‘ pre-game handshake. It was humorous and informative, but it was just an illustration. Some people are learn better with video than audio, which is why we are fortunate Lin and Fields took it upon themselves to show you how it’s done themselves:

Try it at home, kids.

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Yay All-Star And All, But What About Lin?

by Micah Hart

In case you were thinking the NBA, its fans and its media had become incapable of paying attention to anything other than Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks, I hope All-Star Weekend put that notion to rest. Lin made an appearance Friday night in the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge, but that aside the weekend was mostly Lin free. I say that not to complain or to be smug — just to note that when Lin is not part of the storyline we all seemed capable of avoiding trying to shoehorn him into it.

Having said that … with all of our attention on Orlando, there were a few Lin-related items that slipped through the cracks, and now that we are back to regularly scheduled programming, here’s a rundown:

I think that about catches us up for now. At least for the next few hours.

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