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High school Kobe was as dominant as NBA Kobe

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As a high school player at Lower Merion High School, Kobe Bryant was highly regarded enough to become a first-round draft pick straight out of high school. Once he got to the NBA, Kobe has always been about looking forward, not back.

But sometimes it’s fun to look back. In this video unearthed by LakersNation, we find Kobe Bryant as a high school junior, and he was just as dominant as he became in the NBA. In these highlights — which really are maximum ’90s, from the graphics to the music to the clothes — we see Kobe’s Lower Merion against Norristown. In this game, Kobe scored 18 in the fourth quarter to lead a come-from-behind win. He also showed off a similar array of celebrations as we’ve seen from him in recent years. And the really amazing thing is when Kobe speaks on camera after the highlights, as he sounds pretty much exactly the same as he sounds in interviews today.

VIDEO: High school Kobe

Comparing Kobe and Jordan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For years now, fans have noted the similarities between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Not just the way they shoot, their moves, etcetera, but all the way down to little things like how they run and celebrate.

That’s really all I need to say. Just watch the following video, which is the last in a series of remarkable videos created by Youtube user Youssef Honnoun, and shows many of MJ’s moves juxtaposed against Kobe’s, and just how similar their games can be…

VIDEO: MJ vs Kobe

That time Kobe scored 36 points in Summer League

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I spent the last week in Las Vegas at the Samsung NBA Summer League, watching some of the best and brightest young players in the NBA out there trying to make names for themselves. From the more known players, such as Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, to guys who maybe weren’t as well known but played great, like Glen Rice Jr. and Ray McCallum, there were plenty of terrific performances this summer.

This continues a long-running tradition of NBA players on the rise showing out in summer league. Yesterday, someone uncovered this video of Kobe Bryant back in 1996, before he’d played in an actual NBA game, dropping 36 points against the Phoenix summer league team while wearing number 32. Funny how similar his game looks then to the way he still plays now…

VIDEO: Kobe scores 36

Kobe’s secrets to success? Cold-calling

By Jeff Case

Some of the funniest shoe commercials of the last few years were the ones Kobe Bryant did in 2012 billed as the “Kobe System”. In those spots, Bryant plays the role of motivational speaker/coach to a cast of Hollywood celebrities and other famous athletes.

But how has Kobe seeks to transition from NBA superstar to the next phase of his life in a few seasons, Bryant recently shared with Bloomberg how he often cold-calls business leaders and other people he’s interested in learning about cold.

That’s right, the fourth-leading scorer in NBA history will just call up business leaders when the inkling strikes him. Granted, that’s not something all of us can do, but Bryant’s advice about not being afraid to learn and/or ask stupid questions of others is worth storing away …

(h/t Los Angeles Daily News)

Kobe’s busy weekend in Seattle

By Jeff Case

Kobe Bryant has a documentary that will debut on Showtime in November in which he’ll address the Lakers’ disastrous 2013-14 season, his injury woes and other heavy topics that have been on the mind of the L.A. superstar.

While he’s gearing up for next season (and, no doubt, hoping for a better season than the last), Bryant was in Washington over the weekend and was quite the busy fellow. First, he stopped off at the Seattle Basketball Pro Am and visited with Jamal Crawford while he was there.

He also took part in a charity softball game thrown by Seattle Seahawks superstar Richard Sherman that drew more than 22,000 fans to Safeco Field in Seattle.

How did Kobe do? He just hit a home run …

Not a bad weekend, there, Kobe …


Kobe calls multiple title expectations for LeBron “ridiculous”

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — By now we’ve seen several videos of Kobe Bryant, who was in Brazil for the World Cup, discussing various topics with an array of journalists.

But in this latest video, Kobe is asked about a soccer player needing to win a World Cup to truly be considered great, and if that is similar to the expectations placed on LeBron James. As Kobe notes, for NBA players it becomes about “how many [championships] you get, which sounds absolutely ridiculous. You’re really lucky and fortunate to win one, but now it’s become so jaded, it’s like, ‘OK you only won one, you only won two, you should win five or six,’ which is absolutely ridiculous.”

VIDEO: Kobe on Bron

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Julius Randle is a long-time Lakers fan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With the seventh pick in last night’s NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers selected Julius Randle. Now, Randle was born and raised in Texas, and then he attended a year of school at Kentucky. But after being drafted by the Lakers, Randle took to Instagram and posted a photo to show everyone that actually, he’s been a Lakers fan for a long time…

Oh y'all didn't know I grew up a LAKER fan?

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Kobe Bryant’s World Cup picks

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We saw earlier through social media how Kobe Bryant has been enjoying his time in Brazil for the World Cup. And now a video has emerged of Kobe sitting down with Brazilian native Anderson Varejao and discussing the World Cup. Kobe freely admits his loyalties are divided, but seems to have a pretty solid idea of the teams he expects to see make the World Cup final…

VIDEO: Kobe in Brazil

Kobe drives car to help kid (in a peanut costume) escape an elephant

By Jeff Case

Most news surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers right now has to deal with who will be their next coach. Will it be Byron Scott? Mike Dunleavy? Lionel Hollins? Alvin Gentry? Who knows.

What Lakers fans wait on that bit of news, their star of stars, Kobe Bryant, has a new commercial for them to enjoy. In it — and it’s an odd one — a kid in a peanut costume is “chased” (we use that term loosely) by an elephant. The kid ducks into a nearby Smart Car (driven by Bryant) and a wild/funny little chase ensues. Check it out below …

(h/t & the L.A. Daily News)

Fan gets lifelike Kobe tattoo

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve seen fans honor their favorite players with haircuts, even with the occasional body ink. But this Kobe Bryant tattoo received by a Lakers fan may be the most detailed and realistic yet. Below is a video and a few pics from a tattoo artist who goes by QTattoo Lee…

Share to video for kobi piece. #intenzeproduct @inkjecta @hustlebutterdeluxe #tattooistartmagazine

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