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Lakers fans take big whiff of Kobe’s armband

By Jeff Case

After last night’s loss in Salt Lake City to the Utah Jazz, only eight games remain on the Kobe Bryant farewell tour. Fans have been coming out in droves all season for Bryant’s final appearances at each arena, and last night at Vivint Smart Home Arena was no different.

During a break in the fourth quarter of the blowout loss, some Lakers fans sitting near the team’s bench were clamoring for Bryant’s armband/shooting sleeve. Bryant tossed it into the crowd and, after a pair of Lakers fans wrestled it away from the first fan, the Kobe backers took a long whiff of their momento (literally) …

VIDEO: Lakers fan gets Kobe’s armband

A decade of the NBA on Twitter

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Today is Twitter’s tenth birthday, and over the last decade the social media platform has become an invaluable tool to use while following the NBA. Not only can fans and teams interact in real time, but NBA players and front office members have also taken to Twitter as a way to communicate with fans.

So, to celebrate Twitter’s tenth birthday, we got into the wayback machine and checked out some of our favorite NBA people’s first tweets…


Kobe giving away tickets to his final game

VIDEO: Kobe Omaze

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Perhaps the hottest ticket in the NBA this season will be on Wednesday, April 13, when the Los Angeles Lakers host the Utah Jazz. Barring any surprises, this should be the final home game in the legendary career of Kobe Bryant. And while tickets can be obtained for a lot of money, there’s still an opportunity to get two front row tickets (plus travel and lodging) for as little as $10…thanks to Kobe himself.

Bryant is partnering with the fundraising website Omaze, where a donation of as little as $10 qualifies entrants for the chance to win two tickets donated by Kobe for the Jazz/Lakers game. The proceeds will go to several charitable organizations, including The Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, the Positive Coaching Alliance and The After-School All-Stars of Los Angeles. And hurry up, the contest ends on April 8.

Lakers pay tribute to Kobe today with custom socks

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — All season long, teams around the NBA have paid tribute to Kobe Bryant with gifts and on-court moments. Today, for their game against the Warriors (3:30 P.M. ET, ABC) the Lakers will do something no NBA team has ever done before, and honor Kobe Bryant by wearing custom Stance socks. This will mark the first time an NBA team has worn a piece of equipment to honor a current player.

From a release from Stance…

The socks, all of which pay homage to Bryant’s eye for detail, personal aesthetic and year-long #KB20 campaign, celebrate the guard’s incredible, record-breaking 20-season NBA career.

The first of the socks, called ‘The Final,’ is purple/gold/white/black and is adorned with the number TWO on the right sock and FOUR on the left. This style is built on Stance’s performance basketball block — with superior breathability, moisture management and targeted cushioning — and will be worn on-court by the Lakers this coming Sunday, March 6, when they face off with the Golden State Warriors at the Staples Center.

‘K. Bryant,’ the second of the three styles, is a casual sock that depicts a cartoon caricature of Bryant. The twist, though, is that the left sock depicts the guard as he would’ve looked at the turn of the century, complete with a No. 8 Lakers jersey, classic haircut and full goatee. Meanwhile, the right sock features Bryant in the No. 24, with a shaved head and his infamous jutted jaw.

The final style, ‘Kobe Faces,’ is a black/purple/gold/white mismatched casual sock that draws inspiration from Bryant’s HeroVillain line of merchandise. Most noticeably, HERO and VILLAIN are written in Mandarin on the socks, and the foot features the HeroVillain and KB20 logo.

The limited-edition Stance x Kobe socks are now available on,, and at Staples Center.



Guess the name of Kobe Bryant’s dog, win his shoes

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Ever wonder what happens down on the end of the bench, where the players are basically sit close enough to talk to the fans? Apparently, sometimes they actually talk to the fans, or at least Kobe Bryant did last night in Denver. During the fourth quarter of last night’s Lakers/Nuggets game, Kobe apparently got into a conversation with a couple of nearby fans. And then, as the Denver Post reports, something of a contest broke out. The prize? The shoes off of Kobe’s feet…

Bryant’s fun didn’t end when he exited the game. He had his own contest with four fans sitting behind the Lakers’ bench, a pair of boys and a pair of young ladies. It ended with the two boys receiving his autographed sneakers once the game ended. It wasn’t just a gift, either.

“No, they earned them,” Bryant said. “They wanted to know what the name of my pet dog was so I gave them a clue. I said ‘it’s in a (Harry) Potter film.’ So every time, they threw out like 15 names. The deal was if they got it, I’d give them my shoes. And they got it.”

Bryant revealed the name of his dog is Crucio, the name of one of three unforgivable curses that inflicts excruciating pain upon the receiver.

(via CBS)

Brooklyn Nets gave Kobe some books of poetry

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERKobe Bryant has been given gifts at games all along his retirement tour, and while he didn’t play against the Brooklyn Nets last night, the Nets still wanted to commemorate their final game against Kobe. So as you see in the video below, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson presented Kobe with a few gifts, including a book of poetry from Brooklyn poets, which is fitting since Kobe announced his retirement in the form of a poem. As Kobe says, the poetry book is the “most creative” gift he’s received yet…

VIDEO: Kobe Gifts

Kobe gives shoes to Tony Allen, calls him best defender he’s ever faced

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months ago, Kobe Bryant named his top five opponents, a list that included Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Clyde Drexler.

But the best defender Kobe ever went up against? Apparently a different name is atop that list. After Kobe’s final game in Memphis last week, Kobe gave his shoes to Grizzlies forward Tony Allen, and he wrote a special message on the kicks: “The best defender I ever faced!”

Check out every jersey Kobe Bryant has worn

17 Apr 1997: Guard Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers stands in a defensive position during a game against the Sacramento Kings at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California. The Lakers won the game 108-99.

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Considering that Kobe Bryant has played his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers, and considering that the Lakers have had the same basic uniform design for decades, you might think that Kobe hasn’t worn that many different uniforms. But then, remember that he started out wearing number 8 before switching to 24, and that the Lakers have had several alternate uniforms and jersey tweaks. And Kobe’s also been an All-Star nearly twenty times, and played for a couple of USA Basketball teams…and when you do the math, Kobe has apparently worn 36 different jerseys in his professional career.

The folks at have done important work here and put together a cool mini-site featuring every jersey Kobe’s worn in his career. Pretty awesome site, and easy to get lost in there checking out all the different looks.

Pau Gasol introduced Kobe Bryant last night in Chicago

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERKobe Bryant and Pau Gasol were teammates on the Lakers for several years, winning titles together in 2009 and 2010, and becoming great friends along the way. Last night in Chicago, with Kobe finishing up his final season, the Bulls figured out a neat way to pay tribute to Kobe: During pregame introductions, when it was time for Kobe to be announced, the PA announcer handed over the microphone to Gasol and let Pau do the honors for Bryant…

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant gets a warm greeting in Chicago

Kobe goes one-on-one with Chris Paul’s son & Dwyane Wade’s son

VIDEO: Kobe goes one-on-one against Chris Paul’s son, Dwyane Wade’s son

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During Kobe Bryant‘s final All-Star Game last night, everyone in attendance seemed to want to pay their respect to the legendary Lakers guard. Leave it to a kid to go all out. Just before the start of the second half, Chris Paul‘s son took to the court for second half warmups, and ended up going one on one with Kobe, for a moment Little Chris will likely never forget. He also took a few jumpers against Dwyane Wade‘s son, too…