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Even Warriors’ Triple-Double Machine Green In Awe Of Kobe

By Nick Margiasso IV

Kobe is Kobe, people. So when The Black Mamba hits the road for his retirement tour, even the best NBA players of the day pay respect and lineup like kids in candy stores.

Cue Draymond Green, the NBA’s season triple-double leader, who seems to have waited his whole life to get Kobe Bryant’s John Hancock on his collectible kicks.

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Don’t know about a thousand, but this picture talks, Part VIII

by Zettler Clay

Yesterday featured a rematch of last year’s first round playoff matchup between the Lakers and the Thunder. In an answer fit for Jeopardy, a guy named Kobe plays for one of those teams. And when guys named Kobe play on the court, there are likely to be watts of flashes sparkling at any time. Case in point.

Just a regular photo. Until you start to see the uncanny similarity to…no…not that comparison again.

Roll it.

See. That wasn’t cliche at all. Just another photo of the two icons taken when they were both 32-years-old and on the tail-end of their careers.

On the tail end of their careers.
Whatever that means.

Of course, the whole hanging tongue thing on Kobe’s part could just be a coincidence. Surely a photographer can catch another current NBA player with that same countenance, sporting a knee sleeve, rocking a wristband on his left elbow and with their own signature shoe.

Surely this comparison is wholly original.

Mamba visits our friend in Burbank

by Zettler Clay

There was a guest on Conan last night and you may have heard of him. With over 26,000 points and 5,000 assists in his career, Jellybean’s son has done nicely for himself. But on Tuesday, he was faced with another test.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Kobe’s velvet blazer + (another) quick-witted quip on Shaq + Conan’s plug for friend Ellen DeGeneres = a rather cool night.

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