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Charlotte Hornets introduce biggest burger ever

VIDEO: Lang at Barclays

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This summer the Charlotte Hornets went out and, building on last season’s success, signed Lance Stephenson and Marvin Williams, setting themselves up as contenders on the court. And they’re also stepping up their game in the…kitchen?

Food options at NBA games is a big deal, as you can see in the video above from Barclays Center in New York. And the Hornets may have jumped into the lead among people seeking calorie explosions with their new option, Hugo’s Boss Burger, which features 8(!!!) pounds of meat and costs $70…

The Hornets’ main competition for NBA food supremacy may come, ironically enough, from the defending champs Spurs, who late last season introduced a sandwich covered in onion rings.

Your move, Cleveland…

Lance Stephenson picks up where he left off

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — All Lance Stephenson wants to do is win basketball games — he made that clear to us during the Hang Time Road Trip when he boarded the bus in Philadelphia. And in that pursuit of Ws, Lance is willing to do whatever it takes to make them happen. Does this mean that sometimes Lance goes too far? Perhaps, but wouldn’t you rather have someone try to hard than not try at all?

Last season during the playoffs Lance caught a fine for flopping, and on this play last night, Lance seems to once again exaggerate the contact just a bit, unless Kirk Hinrich has been on some kind of secret workout plan.

(via B/R)

LeBron hangs with future NBA players in 2007

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It doesn’t seem like all that long ago, but 2007 was seven years ago, and a lot of players who are in the NBA now were still in high school or college back then. That point was reiterated yesterday when former college basketball player Wesley Witherspoon celebrated Throwback Thursday by posting a pic taken in 2007 at the LeBron James Skills Academy. And while LeBron looks a bit younger then than he does today, what’s really neat is all the guys around him who will eventually make it to the NBA.

See if you can spot Kemba Walker, Greg Monroe, DeMarcus Cousins, DeMar DeRozan and Lance Stephenson

Hang Time Road Trip — Day 4


By Lang Whitaker

NEW YORK CITY — Day Four of the Hang Time Road Trip is in the books, and man, it was quite a day.

We were supposed to arrive in Philadelphia early in the morning, with enough time to for all of us to take showers and clean up before we headed to the Wells Fargo Center to bank some more interviews. But because of an accident on the Pennsylvania turnpike, we spent an few hours stuck in traffic and rolled into our hotel in Philly with barely any time to spare. So Sekou Smith, Rick Fox and I ran in and grabbed some showers, while the crew did their best to get clean with whatever options were available to them. Here, our super producer Gregg Waigand brushed up in the parking lot.

We then hustled over to the Wells Fargo Center, where, for the first time all week, the sun blessed with us an uninterrupted presence. After the early winter in Cleveland and Chicago and the rain in Indianapolis, it felt awesome to just spend a few seconds basking in the sun. (more…)

Paul George and Roy Hibbert go fishing

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We know the Pacers like to go fishing — and I mean that in the literal sense, not in terms of losing during the playoffs. Last season, while stumbling through the playoffs, Pacers players Roy Hibbert, Paul George and George Hill actually went fishing to help get away from it all and have some fun.

This summer hasn’t been great for the Pacers, either. Lance Stephenson left to play in Charlotte, and Paul George suffered a compound leg fracture while playing for Team USA that will keep him out for at least the upcoming season. So how to get away from it all? Why not go fishing?

That’s what George and Hibbert did yesterday. Well, first Hibbert sat in George’s Ferrari…

Then they got in a boat and went fishing…

Hang on to your hat, Roy…

The Pacers take Lance Stephenson to the movies

Indiana Pacers v Washington Wizards: Game Six

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When the clock struck midnight last night on the East Coast, NBA free agency kicked off. For many teams, at least at that initial moment, this means putting in a call to a player’s agent to register some level of interest.

But the Indiana Pacers were apparently not messing around. With their do-everything swingman Lance Stephenson hitting free agency, the Pacers decided to go all out and let him know how important keeping him is to their future plans. So, according to the Indy Star, the Pacers rented out a movie theater. Really.

Sometime shortly after midnight Tuesday, Lance Stephenson will be seated with his family and friends in a movie theater. The lights will go down and the ‘Born Ready’ life story will flash before Stephenson’s eyes on the big screen.

Inside the entertainment complex based in suburban Indianapolis, the Pacers’ commitment begins in earnest where a private party will be held and a love letter set to moving pictures will play with the hopes of keeping Stephenson. The movie will feature moments from when Stephenson arrived in Indiana to the point he is now, a potential Eastern Conference All-Star and a key figure in a core that can compete for a title. After midnight, however, the real picture of Stephenson’s future will take shape.

Will it be enough to keep Born Ready in Indianapolis? That remains to be seen…

The Lance Stephenson trolling continues

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It was nearly a week ago now that Indiana’s Lance Stephenson made a name for himself as one of the NBA’s best agitators. And even though several days have past, the world can’t stop having fun with Lance’s antics.

Earlier today, the Atlanta Hawks wished a happy birthday to Al Horford, and used a photoshopped version of Lance to help Al extinguish the candle (the tweet has since been pulled) …


Meanwhile, last night the WWE rolled into Indianapolis, and in order to properly get the local fans riled up, WWE superstar Damian Sandow did his best Lance impression…at least until The Big Show showed up…

VIDEO: WWE on Lance

Lance Stephenson gets a taste of his own medicine

By Jeff Case

The Indiana Pacers’ season came to an end on Friday night after the Miami Heat ousted them in resounding fashion in Game 6 of the East finals. One of the big storylines leading up to Game 6, though, was how LeBron James would respond to Lance Stephenson‘s antics (which included blowing in LeBron’s ear) in Game 5.

James, of course, went wild in Game 6, scoring 25 points and setting the tone in Miami’s Finals-berth clinching win. Now that the Pacers have all this free time on their hands, Stephenson went to last night’s Indiana Fever-New York Liberty game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. During a stoppage in play, he got a little bit of his own ear-blowing medicine from a fan …

And, Lance even somehow made an appearance in the West finals, too (courtesy of a creative Vine video that had his ear-blowing “knocking over” Kevin Durant in Game 6).

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(h/t TNLP, FTW & SBNation)

Lance Stephenson blowing on things is the NBA’s newest meme

By Jeff Case

ICYMI somehow last night or this morning, Lance Stephenson had a great game last night. But he made a name for himself not so much for his on court-play, but for doing what he could to get in the heads of the Miami Heat (and, specifically, LeBron James) in Game 5 of the East finals. That meant playing in-your-face defense, bumping Heat players here and there and, oh yeah, blowing in LeBron’s ear:

VIDEO: Lance Stephenson blows in LeBron James’ ear

Well, a good screengrab/video excerpt like that can’t survive on the Internet without becoming a new meme. So, this morning, we present the best memes of Stephenson blowing on things:

Lance Stephenson takes over a famous scene from Titanic

If you grew up in the 1980s, you remember doing this with your Nintendo games …

Why 50 Cent whiffed on that opening pitch so bad the other night

Lance Stephenson blowing bubbles at LeBron

Blowing out a birthday cake & blowing a pinwheel

Lance crashes a classic photo with the ‘Friends’ cast

(h/t SBNation)


Lance Stephenson takes a nap

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERLance Stephenson turned in a heckuva game for the Pacers last night. Though Indiana lost to the Heat, 87-83, Stephenson was the Pacers’ most consistent performer, finishing with 25 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. And on this play in the third quarter, Lance also turned in his most expressive play of the series, trying to draw a foul on LeBron James and then just laying it down right there near midcourt…

UPDATE: Stephenson was fined $5,000 by the NBA for violating its anti-flopping rules

VIDEO: Lance takes a nap