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James Johnson has hops

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERJames Johnson plays forward for the Toronto Raptors, but he comes from a family of martial arts experts and has a black belt in a form of karate himself. This means that despite being 6-9, Johnson can do some impressive stuff, such as the time after practice when he jumped into the air and kicked loose several balls stuck in the net. Yesterday, with the Raptors in Memphis, Johnson showed he can still get up, as these videos from his teammates Landry Fields and Terrence Ross show…

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Landry Fields sings his face off

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’re creeping toward the summer, which means we’re reaching the time when NBA players have a little bit of free time and start getting involved in all sorts off off-court pursuits.

This is where we find Toronto Raptors swingman Landry Fields, who will be taking part in a new television show on ABC called “Sing Your Face Off.” According to a press release from ABC…

Landry will star in new Summer show “Sing Your Face Off,” a talent variety competition featuring celebrities who are transformed and trained to perform as legendary musical icon, premieres May 31. The first episode, Landry performs as Lionel Richie, “Dancing on the Ceiling.”

Over the course of the series, the five celebrities (Sebastian Bach/legendary rock star from the band Skid Row; Landry Fields/NBA’s Toronto Raptors; Jon Lovitz/comedian, actor, singer; China Anne McClain/Disney Channel’s “How to Build a Better Boy” which premieres this summer, “A.N.T. Farm”; Lisa Rinna/”Days of Our Lives”) will take on the identity of an iconic music performer — the celebrities could find themselves transformed into someone far older, younger or even someone of the opposite sex.

Viewers will get the chance to see each of the celebrities portray multiple musical performers during the series — such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Pavarotti, Pitbull, Britney Spears, and Tina Turner to name a few.

The show doesn’t debut for a little over a week, but you can check out Landry’s Lionel in the video below…

VIDEO: Landry sings

Carmelo’s 62: Players React On Twitter

By Nick Margiasso IV

Carmelo Anthony may have scored 62 on Friday night — breaking his own, the Knicks’ franchise and the Madison Square Garden points records in the process — but he also did something else. He broke the Internet … especially Twitter.

As always, folks reacted with all kinds of hot-blooded hyperbole on The Big T (not a real nickname for Twitter, but it should be), not least of which were Anthony’s NBA co-workers. Here’s a roundup of their love for Lala‘s boy:

…and some Knicks perspective…

Lin, Fields Give Handshake Tutorial

by Micah Hart

A few weeks back we linked to a how-to infograph on how to execute Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields‘ pre-game handshake. It was humorous and informative, but it was just an illustration. Some people are learn better with video than audio, which is why we are fortunate Lin and Fields took it upon themselves to show you how it’s done themselves:

Try it at home, kids.

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How To Execute Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields’ Pregame Handshake

by Micah Hart

Jeremy Lin has made himself a home with the Knicks, and if you need proof of that (aside from you know, his ridiculous performance over the past two weeks), I give you his pregame handshake with Landry Fields:

Wondering how to execute such a complex maneuver? Here is a step-by-step guide, courtesy of @IamaGM by way of @SportsGrid:

Remember to seal it with a pat kids, or the whole thing is invalidated.

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Picking the Rising Stars Rosters So Chuck and Shaq Don’t Have To

by Micah Hart

Earlier this morning Sekou and I put our GM caps on and picked rosters for the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge, trying to figure out what they might look like once Shaq and Chuck get done with them for All-Star Friday night.

Sekou got the first pick because, well, he’s big time, and I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

Here are our squads:

Sekou’s Squad (in order of draft selection):

Blake Griffin
Ricky Rubio
Kyrie Irving
Paul George
Derrick Williams
Evan Turner
Tristan Thompson
Tiago Splitter
Markieff Morris

And mine:

Micah’s Men:

John Wall
DeMarcus Cousins
Greg Monroe
Kemba Walker
MarShon Brooks
Gordon Hayward
Kawhi Leonard
Jeremy Lin Landry Fields
Brandon Knight

Which team do you like the best?

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Three for all: New York Knicks

by Micah Hart

As everyone knows by now, the compressed NBA schedule will force every team to play three games in three nights at least one this season (42 times in total). With only 66 games to stake a claim to a playoff spot or seed, how teams perform during these killer slates could have a large impact on how their seasons turn out.

With that in mind, we’re going to keep track of each of the 42 three-plays to see which teams take advantage and which teams fall apart. Up next, the New York Knicks, who played three straight from Feb. 2-4.

The Knicks have been in a season-long funk, unable to live up to the increased expectations that came with trading for Carmelo Anthony and adding Tyson Chandler. Would three games in three nights be a rallying cry for the squad, a bonding experience that could turn the season around and put them back on a playoff track? Or would it be just another 72 hours of disappointment in a season so far full of them? Let’s find out.

Game 1: Bulls 105, Knicks 102 – Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire combined for 60 points, but the Knicks defense could not contain Derrick Rose, who torched them for 32 points and 13 assists as the Bulls escape MSG with the road win. -2 points

Game 2: Celtics 91, Knicks 89 – It seems to me if you go through all the trouble to sign Amar’e to a giant contract, then trade half your roster to get ‘Melo, you might want to get one of them a shot in the closing seconds of a tight game. Instead the Knicks got two bad shots from Landry Fields and (making sure I’m reading this correctly) Steve Novak in the final seconds, and there’s your L. -1 points

Game 3: Knicks 99, Nets 92 – Much like the Pistons, the Knicks faced the prospect of going oh-fer in their three play with the final game coming against the lowly Nets. Fortunately for New York they found some resolve, and by resolve I mean backup guard Jeremy Lin, who set new career highs in (gathers breath) points, field goals made and attempted, 3-pointers, free throws made and attempted, rebounds, assists, and minutes played in helping the Knicks salvage a win. 5 points

2 total points for the Knickerbockers, which given the way their season has gone so far seems fairly appropriate. 

Up next: The Denver Nuggets also played three straight Feb. 2-4, with games against the Clippers, Lakers, and Blazers.

Three for all Scoreboard:
Chicago Bulls (13 points)
OKC Thunder (12 points)
Atlanta Hawks (8 points)
Houston Rockets (7 points)
Portland Trail Blazers (6 points)
L.A. Clippers (6 points)
Philadelphia 76ers (6 points)
Denver Nuggets (6 points)
Orlando Magic (5 points)
L.A. Lakers (3 points)
Charlotte Bobcats (3 points)
New York Knicks (2 points)
New Jersey Nets (2 points)
Sacramento Kings (2 points)
Minnesota Timberwolves (2 points)
Toronto Raptors (1 point)
Detroit Pistons (-3 points)

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‘Melo, Amar’e latest to encourage New Yorkers to go

by Micah Hart

When last we listened to “Go New York Go”, it was being performed by Andy and Landry (of Andy and Landry Show fame) along with internet sensation Keenan Cahill. With the playoffs here, you knew New York wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to cut a version of the song with the Knicks’ two most famous teammates, Carmelo Anthony and Shelden Williams Amar’e Stoudemire. This is that version:

Honestly? Amar’e seemed a little wooden. I give the edge to Carmelo as a rapper here, but I’d really need to see them battle before I made a final decision.

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Being single in New York is hard, even for a Knick

by Micah Hart

Knicks rookies Landry Fields and Andy Rautins have been recording a show for the MSG network called the Andy and Landry Show, and watching the latest episode about their attempts at New York speed dating is about the best thing I’ve done all day.

Here is part I, where they get the groundrules for how speed dating works:

Alright, now they know the score. How will it play out for them?

Outstanding. I guess when you are teammates with guys like Amar’e Stoudemire and (now) Carmelo Anthony, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle, even in a city like New York. Also, way to drop a Step Brothers reference there Landry. We gotta get him on the Hang Time Podcast, and soon.

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Bragging Rights Bracket: No. 5 Stanford vs. No. 4 LSU

by Micah Hart

For the complete Bragging Rights rules and to vote for other matchups, click here. Our first Bragging Rights matchup features two schools known for producing big men: the Stanford Cardinal and the LSU Tigers.

Stanford Cardinal VS LSU Tigers

Stanford Cardinal

Starters (all stats per 48 minutes for their current teams):

Josh Childress, Suns: 15.0 points, 8.9 rebounds, 2.41 assists, 1.1 blocks, 1.4 steals
Landry Fields, Knicks:
15.2 points, 10.1 rebounds, 3.0 assists, 0.36 blocks, 1.59 steals
Robin Lopez, Suns:
21.5 points, 10.2 rebounds, 0.4 assists, 1.9 blocks, 1.0 steals
Brook Lopez, Nets
: 27.2 points,  8.2 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 2.2 blocks, 0.8 steals
Jason Collins, Hawks: 8.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 0.7 blocks, 0.7 steals

Missed the cut: Jarron Collins, Clippers

Team synopsis: The Cardinal are interesting for this kind of tournament, with two wingmen (Childress and Fields) and three centers (the Lopez-Lopez-Collins combo). In a regulation NBA game they’d get killed, but in a pickup game, their size could be difficult to deal with. Josh Childress hasn’t gotten a ton of run in Phoenix this season, but his per-48 stats show he can be a productive player. He’s not a great perimeter shooter, but that may be a good thing for Stanford, as I would imagine a team like this would get a lot of offense off putbacks. (more…)