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LeBron’s son does a pretty good imitation of Dad

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve seen a few athletes in different sports pay tribute to LeBron James by breaking out “The Silencer,” his in-game celebration. But can anyone do it as well as LeBron? How about his son, Bryce, as in this video LeBron posted to Instagram…

The Cleveland Cavaliers really liked this picture of them working out

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — You don’t have to be a detective to figure out that several members of the Cleveland Cavaliers gathered in Miami this weekend to get in a workout together. How do we know? They all posted the same picture on Instagram. Either there was a glitch in the matrix or they all really liked this photo…

Missing a couple but not forgotten. We on a mission! #TheLand #StriveForGreatness

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Good day at the office #questforaring #togetheron3familyon6

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LeBron and Kobe and their shooting based on accessories

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA players wear uniforms, so that all players will look alike for fans and teammates can tell who is on their team. Of course, nobody really looks all that much alike, mostly because everyone accessorizes differently — longer shorts, different socks, headbands, armbands, and on and on and on.

And many players change their looks from game to game, including some of the biggest names in the NBA. Twitter user @nbaayy went through the 2014-15 season stats and figured out what LeBron James‘ shooting numbers were based on what he was wearing during each game…

He also did the same for Kobe Bryant

Bottom line? Not sure if it matters what they wear — these guys can play ball no matter what.

LeBron Approves As Ohio State’s Miller Does ‘The Silencer’ Move

By Nick Margiasso IV

In between breaks from watching FIBA Americas basketball all night on NBA TV, you may have briefly flipped over to watch the Ohio State football team play backyard video game football as they crushed Virginia Tech.

LeBron James was watching, too.

He was certainly watching when former QB-turned-WR Braxton Miller put on a show and remembered to stamp it by paying homage to the Cleveland’s King.

An impressed James nodded back.

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Usain Bolt does LeBron James victory celebration

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As I’m writing this, it strikes me that I don’t believe we have as yet an official name for LeBron James’ celebratory dance. You know the one I’m talking about, where LeBron takes exaggerated big steps and holds his hands out, palms down, and pretends to push down against the court. He’s been doing it for years, in games and commercials, but I don’t think it has a real name attached to it.

Because if it did have a name attached, it would be easier when doing posts like the one last week, where Carolina’s Cam Newton did LeBron’s move to celebrate scoring a touchdown. Or this post you’re reading, where we check out Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, who hit LeBron’s move after anchoring Jamaica’s recent win in the 4×100-meter relays at the World Championships in Beijing.

(via B/R)

Cam Newton pays tribute to LeBron James with TD celebration

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has had a signature celebration for a while now: He stands tall and pretends to rip open his jersey, as if he were Superman. But this weekend in a preseason game against the Miami Dolphins, Newton broke out a new wrinkle: He added LeBron James‘ hand-pumping/high-knee move to the Superman…

And LeBron, a noted football fan, took to Twitter to express his support for Newton as well as the impending return of the football season…

Draymond Green blocking LeBron James made from emojis

VIDEO: Draymond blocks LeBron

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During overtime of Game 2 of the NBA Finals, one of the iconic plays of Golden State’s run to the Finals was a blocked shot from Draymond Green against LeBron James. (Watch the clip above.)

Or, since we are in the digital age, you can see the image below as translated into emojis…

LeBron puts on dunking exhibition in Manila

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — While on tour in Asia right now, LeBron James played today in an exhibition game in Manila. And while it may only be an exhibition, LeBron still finished this alley-oop with incredible authority…

Russell Westbrook makes LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony crack up

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — So here’s the drill: Someone passes you the ball, and you catch it and then are allowed to have two dribbles before you must to shoot the ball. At least, that’s the drill they were running yesterday at USA Basketball practice yesterday. And when Russell Westbrook caught it in the post, took two dribbles and then for some reason decided not to shoot the ball, it sent LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony into hysterics.

LeBron James holds Twitter Q+A

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On Tuesday night, after noting it had been a while since he’d talked directly to his fans, LeBron James popped up for an hour on Twitter to answer questions from fans. King James ended up talking about everything from the NBA to professional wrestling to cartoons…