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LeBron shows off impressive (vocal) range

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We all knew LeBron James had great range, but who knew that also extended to his vocal cords? Last night on “Conan,” director Judd Apatow brought along a clip from his new movie Trainwrecked, which features LeBron. And as we see in the clip, LeBron shows off some impressive versatility, and an ability to go high or low…

VIDEO: LeBron Apatow

Nike takes out ad in honor of Cavs, LeBron’s season

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Cleveland Cavaliers had something of a dream season, managing to make it to the NBA Finals with a mostly new roster, and a new coach, and despite tons of injury problems. They lost in the Finals, sure, but that shouldn’t take away from what was an incredible season for them and LeBron James. To make sure people remember what a great season it was, Nike took out a full-page ad in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer in order to keep the memory alive…

WWE champ Seth Rollins trolls LeBron, Manziel

CLEVELAND — We’re here in Cleveland, waiting for Game 6 of the NBA Finals to tip off tonight, but last night the WWE rolled into town, which meant even as wrestling took over, people were talking NBA. I spent the night ringside, where I had a great view when, for instance, The Big Show tossed The Miz into Ryback at the announce table…

Big Show wrecking shop

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But the evening began with WWE champ Seth Rollins addressing the Cleveland crowd, and in classic wrasslin’ fashion, Rollins got on the mic and let Cleveland know that despite Johnny Manziel (a.k.a. “Johnny Idiotface”) and LeBron James, Cleveland’s title drought wouldn’t be ending anytime soon…

Stephen and Riley Curry celebrate with victory kiss

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s been a rough few days for the NBA’s MVP, Stephen Curry, who saw his Warriors lose back-to-back games to go down in the NBA Finals. Exacerbating things, Curry himself didn’t play all that great, scoring just 3 points in the first half of Game 3 and playing as though he was in a funk. But Curry broke out in the second half of Game 3, and then the Warriors broke out in Game 4, finding their rhythm and tempo and winning going away, 103-82. And how did Steph Curry celebrate the series-tying win? How about a kiss for the Warriors’ real postseason MVP, Riley?

VIDEO: Riley kiss

Artist makes pictures of LeBron, Curry out of salt

CLEVELAND — A few years ago during the finals in San Antonio, I did a story about a local guy doing portraits on NBA players in people’s hair. Well, one of the same hair artists has apparently moved on to a new medium: salt. Here he is making a picture of LeBron James and Stephen Curry, with salt as his milieu. Pretty amazing, no matter what you’re using…

NBA Finals 2015 πŸ€πŸ† #saltart #robtheoriginal #themajestic #lebronjames #stephenCurry #nbaFinals

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How is was done! #saltart #leBronJames #themajestic #robtheoriginal #nbafinals

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Matthew Dellavedova gets gym named after him

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Cavaliers may be stricken with injuries, but into the void has stepped Matthew Dellavedova, the reserve guard from Australia who has thus far been the Robin to LeBron‘s Batman. Dellevedova’s been so good, he’s spawned a series of memes on the internet, and here in Cleveland, even has his own burger named for him…

He's everywhere.

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How do you top that? Back home Down Under, Dellavedova is getting a gym named after him. According to 3AW, Delly’s hometown of Maryborough is renaming their basketball stadium in his honor…

The quiet town of Maryborough is planning on renaming its basketball stadium the “Dellavedova Dome” in honour of local star Matthew Dellavedova.

The 24-year-old guard from Victoria is making waves in America, becoming a major factor for the Cleveland Cavaliers as the franchise pushes for its first NBA championship against the Golden State Warriors.

While the Cavaliers have far from sealed the seven-game series – they lead 2-1 – Central Goldfield Shire CEO Mark Johnson told 3AW Breakfast Dellavedova had done enough to have his home-town stadium named after him.

“That’s where Matt Dellavedova learned his craft and the Maryborough Basketball Association have suggested that the stadium, which is a two-court stadium, ought to be renamed after Matthew,” Mr Johnson told 3AW Breakfast.

“He’s certainly put Maryborough on the world map, it’s just fantastic.

“Obviously there’s a process to go through.”

Who needs a Thunder Dome, we got a Delly Dome!

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The internet reacts to Matthew Dellavedova’s big night

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During last night’s Game 3 of the 2015 NBA Finals, Cleveland’s all-world player LeBron James got his best supporting performance yet, and it came from a perhaps unlikely source. Coming into this season, Matthew Dellavedova was expected to play a reserve role at best. Instead, he just scored 20 points in an NBA Finals game while defending the MVP, Stephen Curry, for most of the night. Delly was so good, that the internet just had to have some fun with his incredible performance…


Cleveland artist makes amazing LeBron James art via Etch A Sketch

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This is pretty cool: Cleveland-area artist George Vlosich wanted to do something to commemorate the Cavs making it to the NBA Finals, so he grabbed his Etch A Sketch and make this insanely detailed drawing/etching of LeBron James in action. He’s got the beard, the tattoos, every detail possible in there. Just don’t sneeze!

VIDEO: LeBron Etch-A-Sketch

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The All Ball 2015 NBA Finals Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here on the All Ball blog, we try to take a big picture look at the NBA, which means we spend as much (or more) time looking at off-court stuff as we do at the on-court. With that established, we thought we would preview the 2015 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers by looking at some of the things that makes each franchise so special…

Their 2015 Finals Hype Video

VIDEO: Cavaliers Finals Hype

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Playing hashtags with the Cavs

Three accounts to follow on Twitter

Iman Shumpert

LeBron James

Matthew Dellavedova

One player to follow on Instagram

JR Smith


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Three writers/media people to follow for the Cavaliers

Dave McMenamin

Chris Haynes

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Have we seen the 2015 NBA Finals before?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — They say everything old is new again. Perhaps that applies to the NBA as well? A YouTube user took the audio from NBC’s coverage of the 2001 Finals, when Allen Iverson and the Sixers took on Shaq and Kobe and the Lakers and applied that to some visuals of this year’s Finals. I guess the David/Goliath storyline is applicable to many situations, including LeBron James and Stephen Curry

VIDEO: 2015 vs 2001 Finals

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