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US Olympic Team Tracking London Experience Through Instagram

by Micah Hart

Being a part of the Olympic Games is a special experience that must be hard for any participant to explain to someone who hasn’t been through it. Fortunately, through the wonders of technology and social media, the fans can at least get a glimpse of life from the inside looking out. Many of the members of Team USA have been documenting their time in London with the popular photo-sharing app Instagram, giving a nice little peek behind the curtain. has compiled a nice photo gallery of some of the team’s best images so far – definitely check out the whole thing as they take in the tourist sites, mingle with their fellow Olympians (like Deron Williams goofing off with U.S. track star Lolo Jones above), and prepare for the task of bringing home a gold medal for the second straight Olympiad.

I haven’t seen any Instagram photos from the Nigerian basketball team, but I imagine they look a lot like this.


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