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Picture Perfect: Knicks Edition

By Nick Margiasso

It’s hard not to miss New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson on the court with his team. Even in practice, his presence looms large.

Or maybe it’s just what he’s wearing.

Thanks to Wall Street Journal Knicks beat writer Chris Herring for this gem of a pic. Follow him @HerrigWSJ.

Sad Trombone Of The Week

by Kevin McCormack

In the spirit of elections, this week’s vote for the Sad Trombone of the Week is too close to call so we decided to open it up for a vote. Your nominees:  (And in case you need a refresher on what the STOTW is all about, click here.)

1) NBA poster legend Shawn Bradley, who managed to lose his bid for the Utah state legislature running under the Republican banner on a night when the GOP swept statehouses across the country. How does a Republican lose in Utah?

2) Madison Square Garden. Yes, beloved old Spike-Lee-sitting-courtside-at-The-World’s-Most-Famous-Arena Madison Square Garden. But asbestos debris? Really? C’mon MSG!

3) Squatch the mascot. Read this. Not sure whether to applaud the man or shed a tear. Either way, it’s awesome.

So who gets to hear the dulcet sounds of the trombone? Vote early, vote often.

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