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Dwyane Wade goes 1-on-1 with 90-year-old fan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When Miami Heat fan and South Florida resident Illuminada Magtoto, also known as Grandma Nelly, was approaching her 90th birthday, she made a video challenging Dwyane Wade to a game of one-on-one. For her birthday, she paid a visit to the Heat’s practice court, where Wade greeted her and took her out on the court. It wasn’t exactly a one-on-one game, but Wade did manage to work in a funny burn on Mario Chalmers. Great job Wade and the Heat, and happy birthday, Grandma Nelly!

VIDEO: Wade 1-On-1

Shaqtin’ A Fool: Worst Of Round 2

VIDEO: Shaqtin A Fool: Worst of Round 2

Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment from the Conference semifinals and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin.

Don’t forget to tune in to NBA TV on June 11 at 9 p.m. ET for a special 30-minute edition of Shaqtin’ A Fool that will culminate in the naming of the 2013-14 #ShaqtinMVP!


Miami Heat Hold Epic Super Bowl Party

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Twitter is at its best during big events — nearly everyone has a wary eye on their second screen, looking for facts, jokes and supplementary commentary. And during last night’s Super Bowl XLVIII, many of the Miami Heat players were populating social media with text and images from a team-wide viewing party held at Ray Allen‘s beach-front home.

As Allen posted on Instagram early in the day, “Super Bowl party at my crib. In the words of Bart Scott, CANT WAIT.”…

Super Bowl party at my crib. In the words of Bart Scott, "CANT WAIT".

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He also showcased another image of the inflatable 35-foot screen they were using (with a peek at the Dwyane Wade-designed Stance socks Allen was rocking)…

The Heat players seemed fired up for the game…

LeBron posted a video from poolside and gave thanks to Allen for hosting…

As for the game itself…well, it wasn’t much of a game, as Seattle jumped out a lead and never looked back…

At least LeBron enjoyed the halftime show…

Great song!! So energetic

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And while LeBron enjoyed the halftime show, Shane Battier continued the Heat tradition of photobombing

By the way, while the Heat players enjoyed the view on the waterfront screen, Heat owner Micky Arison did it even bigger, with the Mississippi River as the background and an even larger screen on which to watch the game, along with a few hundred friends…

Talk Show: Genesis Rodriguez

VIDEO: Genesis Rodriguez At Heat Practice

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Whenever I want the inside stuff, at least when it pertains to the Miami Heat, I know exactly who to call: Genesis Rodriguez. You may know her as an actress from movies such as Casa De Mi Padre, Man On A Ledge or Identity Thief. But I know her as maybe the most dedicated Miami Heat fan that I know. In a way, it’s in her DNA, as a Miami native who was raised attending every Heat game. And these days, even though she lives and works in Hollywood, she still catches every Heat game on League Pass.

Tonight during the Heat/Thunder game, Genesis is back home in Miami to take over the Heat’s Instagram account. She prepped for the occasion by attending Heat practice yesterday, as you can see in the video above.

I rang her up last week to get her thoughts on the current state of the Heat.

ME: Let’s just establish one thing early on: You are not a recent Heat fan, right?

GENESIS: Absolutely not. You know, Lang, but the world, I guess, may not. I’ve been going to Heat games ever since I can remember, in their first arena. I believe it was a light pink arena, very “Miami Vice” style. This was back in the Rony Seikaly days. After that, I grew up in the Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning days, and it was my whole life. And we were always the underdog. That was an exciting time with the Heat because we had great rivals, the ultimate rivals in the Knicks, with Patrick Ewing. We had very good opponents. When I remember that time, it just makes me nostalgic and happy, because I think it has shaped me into the person I am. And then 2006 happened and everything has been different. I also think the Heat is just a wonderful organization — what they do for the community and how they involve fans. Like, when you go to a game and there’s two minutes left in the quarter, they don’t announce, “Two minutes!” They say “Dos…Minutos!” Because we’re a Latin community and there are a lot of Latinos watching and involved. And they have LeBron James. Why wouldn’t you want to be a fan of the most dominant player in the NBA? It’s history in the making. By the way, can I ask you a question? How the hell is he more efficient this year than last year? He’s insane.

ME: Well, it’s obvious that he’s getting better and more complete every year. And I’m sure you remember, that’s the one thing people used to criticize him for — that he wasn’t improving, that he wasn’t adding wrinkles to his game in the offseason.

GENESIS: Oh I remember those days, Lang. (laughs)

ME: But you look at his game and think, How can he get better? But to me he’s gotten better by being more selective and just getting more comfortable within what the Heat are doing. But wait: When you were talking about the fans and winning the title in 2006, it made me think that the Heat have won three titles since 2006. As a fan of the team, how does that change your expectations? Does it make you complacent? Do you feel like if they don’t win a title each season it’s a disappointment?

GENESIS: I mean, I want a championship and I want them to make it three titles in a row. That would be a beautiful thing and I wonder if then all the haters would shut up? Would that do it for everybody? But I don’t know…I always want a championship. I always want my team to win. The greatest day of my life is always the day when we get the rings — the celebrations, the parade, everybody with pots and pans on Calle Ocho. That’s my city. That makes my home so happy, so I would love that.

ME: I know you watch almost every Heat game, depending on your schedule, but how do you think the Heat are looking so far this season.

GENESIS: Well, we had a couple of tough games a few weeks back against Brooklyn, New York and Washington. Clearly it was a defensive lapse. What the hell happened to our defense? I don’t know. But before those three games, I was seeing a kind of rhythm. And because we have two championships right now, everybody else is bringing one hundred percent every time they play the Heat. And you can tell, you can seriously tell. You’ll see teams lose to the Bobcats one day and then almost beat the Heat, because they’re playing with every ounce of everything they have to beat the champs. And I get that, I get that. But why would the Heat get so pumped now? It’s not smart. Why should they try to win every game now, when what matters is the playoffs? So many people are getting hurt left and right, and they’re playing every game like it’s the last game, and I understand you want to win every night. But it’s the playoffs that matter, right?

ME: Yeah, but the regular season matters at least to some extent as far as, for instance, getting home court in the playoffs.

GENESIS: Of course, but you want home court only if you’re worried about it. If you’re worried about where you stand, that you really need home court, then that’s a whole different thing.

ME: Do you think the Heat are worried about home court against Indiana?

GENESIS: Um…clearly not (laughs). Because I believe when they really want something, they will get it. And this season it doesn’t seem like it’s really a priority for them. I feel like it’s smart of Indiana to fight hard for home court advantage, because they need it, you know? They’re a young team and they haven’t been to the Finals. So they need every advantage they can get.

ME: You know, the other thing with the Heat, and you kind of mentioned this, is they’re trying to manage their health as much as they can so they get to the playoffs as healthy as possible. So they might not always play with the same intensity or focus from night to night. And you always hear coaches and analysts say that teams can’t just “turn it on” whenever they want. But I kind of get the sense that the Heat can do that. They seem like they have a different level they can play at and they actually know how to get to that level, when most teams don’t know how to do that.

GENESIS: I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been so surprised in games where they play one way up until the last couple minutes, and then they’re totally different. And you’re like, Where did they get this? Why didn’t they play like this the entire time? Why are they stressing me out until the last minute? But when they want to play like that, they do. But I feel like this season, Chris Bosh has been playing really well, especially defensively. That makes me happy, because I criticized him a lot like now. But I’m really happy with him right now. We’re cool, we’re cool. (laughs)

ME: Who do you think needs to step it up right now?

GENESIS: I don’t have any major complaints. I’m really happy with Michael Beasley and what he’s doing. As long as he works on the defensive end, and can get to the Heat level, he’s a good fit, I think. Oh, and I forgot to ask you, did you see President Obama’s diss to Mario Chalmers?

ME: Yeah, I was going to ask you about that.

GENESIS: I laughed so much, because I always pick on Mario. I always scream at him, too. But he’s a good sport about that, isn’t he?

ME: I think so. He seems to be pretty levelheaded about that stuff.

GENESIS: Yeah, he can take it. The reason he gets screamed at is because he’s that good, and they know he can do what they need for him to do.

ME: Right, they have high expectations. Speaking of: As a Heat fan, what would you think about the Heat making a run at Andrew Bynum?

GENESIS: I wouldn’t be opposed to it. That is, if Bynum really wanted to play. You can’t go the Heat and coast. What we need Bynum for is for him to actually be a defense player. I don’t think it would hurt the Heat. But I would need a true demonstration of how badly he wants it before I let him on the Heat.

ME: Well, there’s also the question of can a guy who comes to a team with a lot of strong personalities, can those guys sort of keep him in line? And I think for the Heat, why not take a chance on Bynum? I think it could do more good than harm.

GENESIS: I agree. The Heat is sort of like a brotherhood, and you can tell they’re brothers and have each other’s backs. Maybe that’s the kind of thing he’s always been looking for and wanting? You never know.

ME: So we’ll check in with you again as the season goes along, but as of right now, a few weeks before the All-Star break, what kind of chances do you give the Heat of repeating again this season? Do you feel totally confident? Relatively confident? A little nervous?

GENESIS: I’m confident. If there’s one thing about this team, it’s that you have faith in them. They might stress you out a little bit, but boy do they make you happy. So I always have faith. They just have that way about themselves. I’m not worried. I feel like everyone else is, but the way that they’re playing now, that’s fine, that’s fine. We’ll win some, lose some, and after the All-Star Break, let’s see what happens.

Chris Bosh Gets Boshed

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Miami’s Chris Bosh has established himself as the NBA’s preeminent postgame photobomber. So when Bosh was chosen to do the postgame interview last night following a Heat win over the Hawks, someone else needed to pick up the slack. Yet while Bosh generally chooses some sort of low-impact interruption, Mario Chalmers went for the full-on spray bottle treatment to deliver the “Bosh”…

(via @CJZero)

Paul George Knows How To Stop Flopping

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If it wasn’t already, flopping became a meme during this postseason — fans in Indiana even heckled LeBron James with flopping-related chants throughout Game 6. And though the NBA has singled players out and instituted fines, it hasn’t really seemed to curb the players’ enthusiasm for flopping. After all, if the refs are going to call it, maybe it’s worth a flop here or there?

Well, in the second quarter last night, Paul George brought the ball up against Heat guard Mario Chalmers. When George turned his back on Chalmers to protect his dribble, Chalmers went sprawling backward. No call was made, and instead of complaining, George turned and drained the wide-open 3-pointer.

And on his way back down the court, he delivered a message for Chalmers that might have even more efficacy than a fine because of the end result of the exchange: three points for Indiana.


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Roy Hibbert Is The Ultimate Fighter

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Pacers C Roy Hibbert hasn’t always been the beast in the paint he currently stars as for the Indiana Pacers. As a kid, Hibbert admitted to Mashable, he spent a lot of time stirring up online mayhem:

Yeah. I’m not gonna lie. I used to be in AOL chat rooms a lot causing trouble back when you had dial-up modems.

But as the internet matured, so did Hibbert’s athletic ability, and he developed himself into a first-round draft pick out of Georgetown. (Perhaps it helped that Hibbert didn’t have to spend all that time waiting around on dial-up modems any longer.) While it probably didn’t hurt that he’s 7-2., Hibbert’s emergence is not all just height. How has Hibbert built himself into an NBA All-Star?

First of all, he’s strong as heck. Here’s a video of Hibbert deadlifting 540 pounds.

(There some comments on the Youtube page for that video arguing that what Hibbert is doing is not a true deadlift. Whatever. It’s 540 pounds. I threw my back out lifting up my five-month-old son the other day, and he weighs like 17 pounds. Whatever it is Hibbert is doing, it is impressive.)

Then, to put his strength into practice, Hibbert turned to mixed martial arts training. Last summer, when we had Hibbert on as a guest on the Hang Time Podcast, we had to juggle the schedule a bit because Hibbert had to go to MMA training. You can check that out here…

The final part of the Roy Hibbert puzzle has been his social media presence. Dude is terrific on Twitter, speaking on politics, making wry observations, even shouting out my favorite TV show:

And don’t forget last summer when Hibbert became arguably the tallest person to ever star in a Gangnam Style video…

Moral of the story? You don’t want it with Hibbert.

Well, unless maybe you’re Mario Chalmers


(MMA via B/R)

(GIF via @CJZero)

NBA Style: Spotlight On The Modern Suit

NBA Style
By the Style Crew

While many NBA players have different interpretations of high fashion and the latest trends, some are sticking with basic suits, while still mixing it up a bit. Perhaps the most important facet of today’s suit is an ability to break up the pieces and wear them with other items in your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at several different styles, including trends that can become part of any closet. Keep up with the conversation using #NBAStyle.

Derrick Rose
, Amar’e Stoudemire and Zach Randolph are in favor of finely tailored, slim cuts.

1_Derrick Rose-Game 4

2_Amare Stoudemire_bench (more…)

NBA Rooks: Diaries … Tyshawn Taylor

By Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets

 A Chance to Shine

It felt really good to have a big game and an opportunity to show what I could do right before All-Star. Since Deron Williams was out for two games, I had an opportunity to play. In one of the games, I played 34 minutes (the whole fourth quarter and all of overtime) and we beat the Indiana Pacers at Indiana in a real close game.

I am confident in my game and it felt good to remind myself I can play this game and I can do it in this league. My teammates and coaches got the chance to see that I could really play, especially in an environment like that, and handle it well. I felt really comfortable out there on the court, and my teammates did a great job of helping me out. I was smiling the whole game. I also got a lot of good feedback on Twitter. Of course though I realized when I watched the game tape that I could have made better plays.

 All-Star Activity

I felt good going into All-Star break because of our win against Indiana, and I wanted to enjoy the time off with my family and friends. I went to Kansas for Mario Chalmers’ jersey retirement. We both went to the University of Kansas, and even though we never played together, we have worked out a lot together and are good friends. Some of my college teammates came out for the jersey retirement too, and it was good to chill with them. We all went to the game to watch Mario get honored. When you go to Kansas, and learn about all of the tradition that comes before you, it’s cool to be at something like that, especially since Mario is one of the better point guards to come out of Kansas. Maybe they will retire my jersey one day.

NBA Season: Act II

It was right back to business after All-Star. D-Will was back playing after the break, but I’m still working hard to improve and observing really good basketball from up close. I’m also getting the inside scoop on how to be a professional in this league. Most of my teammates have been in the league for double-digit years, and I really learn from them. When you come into the NBA, you think talent is enough, but it takes a lot more than that. It’s really good for me to be around all these veterans.

Family Roots

February, Black History Month, has always been very important to me. I can remember that while we were growing up, in February, we always learned about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Rosa Parks in school. Black History Month is especially important to my family because my great uncle, my Mom’s uncle, was one of the original Tuskegee Airmen. I don’t know the whole story behind it, but my family always talks about it, and it’s a cool thing to have in your family. As a young African-American man, I think it’s very, very important to know our history.

 A Real Honor

A couple Saturdays ago, I was honored at the 14th Annual Richard Hicks Black Youth Empowerment Luncheon at the Boys and Girls Club in Hoboken for my work with the kids there. It was really cool, especially because it came from the people in Hoboken, where I grew up. That made me feel good because it’s important for me to show people that even though I’m in the NBA, I’m still around and do what I can to help. Like I’ve said before, when I found out I was playing in Brooklyn, I never thought of moving anywhere but Hoboken.

I really try to help out there. I did a back to school giveaway during training camp. I also go to the basketball games and hang out with the kids whenever I can. I hear the kids are running around the gym at the Boys and Girls Club saying they are Tyshawn Taylor when they shoot the ball. It’s cool to hear that, but I also want them to know that Tyshawn Taylor worked very hard.

The biggest inspiration I can give them is for them to see that I’m a real person and that I grew up in the same neighborhood as them with the same chance and opportunities. And even though there were plenty of times I had my back up against the wall, I figured out a way to make it and they can too. I tell them ‘If I can do it, you can do it.’ For me, and for a lot of people in this neighborhood, it’s a big deal to graduate from college. It’s very important for me to talk to them about that, and explain that even if I didn’t play basketball, a college degree gives you something to fall back on. I want to empower them. Even if my message sticks with just one kid, it’s worth it.

Follow me on Twitter @tyshawntaylor or in Instragram at TEE_Y.

Tyshawn Taylor, a 6-foot-3 point guard from Kansas, was the 41st player taken in the 2012 NBA Draft. He was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers and traded to the Nets on Draft night. You can follow him on Twitter @tyshawntaylor.

Check All Ball throughout the season for more NBA Rooks: Diaries …

Bragging Rights Bracket: No. 2 UCLA vs. No. 3 Kansas

by Micah Hart

For the complete Bragging Rights rules and to vote for other matchups, click here. We continue the Sweet 16 in the West region, where two towers of college basketball power square off for a chance to move on to the Elite Eight.


UCLA Bruins

Starters (all stats per 48 minutes):

Russell Westbrook, Thunder: 30.2 points, 6.3 rebounds, 11.5 assists, 0.5 blocks, 2.4 steals
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Bucks: 11.6 points, 10.0 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 0.7 blocks, 1.8 steals
Kevin Love, Timberwolves: 27.2 points, 20.6 rebounds, 3.4 assists, 0.5 blocks, 0.8 steals
Baron Davis, Cavaliers: 21.4 points, 4.7 rebounds, 11.1 assists, 0.8 blocks, 2.4 steals
Jrue Holiday, Sixers: 18.7 points, 5.5 rebounds, 8.6 assists, 0.5 blocks, 2.1 steals

Missed the cut: Matt Barnes, Lakers; Darren Collison, Pacers; Jordan Farmar, Nets; Dan Gadzuric, Nets; Ryan Hollins, Cavaliers; Jason Kapono, Sixers; Trevor Ariza, Hornets; Earl Watson, Jazz; Arron Afflalo, Nuggets

Team synopsis: As the school with the most current players in the NBA, the UCLA Bruins will be a tough out. Several different players could make the starting lineup, but I went with Mbah a Moute’s all-around contributions over those of rising studs like Collison and Afflalo. When Davis is nearly left out of the starting five, you know you’ve got some firepower to work with. Love’s per-48 rebounding stats are absurd, and Westbrook’s scoring is only a few ppg behind his scoring-champion teammate, Kevin Durant. (more…)