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Mark Jackson Personally Calls Record Buyers

VIDEO: Strip Promo

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Hand down, song down?

Mark Jackson‘s wife, Desiree, is a gospel recording artist who also goes by the name Kadesh. We’ve seen her sing the National Anthem at Warriors games when Jackson was coaching there, and she recently released a new single called “Strip.” (You can watch the promo video above.)

To help get the word out about the new single, Jackson took to Twitter…

And then, yep, he kept his word…

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Throwback Thursday: All-time assists leaders

VIDEO: Best Point Guards: Magic Johnson

Welcome to Throwback Thursday here on the All Ball Blog. Each week, we’ll delve into the NBA’s photo archives and uncover a topic and some great images from way back when. Hit us up here if you have suggestions for a future TBT on All Ball.

Today’s Topic: All-Time Assists Leaders

We continue our Throwback Thursday All-Time Statistical Leaders series today by looking at the Top 10 All-Time Assist Leaders.

(NOTE: Click the “caption” icon below the photo for details about each moment.)

Gallery: TBT: All-Time Assists Leaders

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All-Time Steals Leaders

Which of these players would you want passing you the rock? Leave your comments below!

Will Paul George wear number 13 next season?

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game 6

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Jersey numbers, while mostly trivial, can hold much meaning for the athletes who wear them. I know NBA players who have their jersey numbers incorporated into everything from their Twitter handles to their email address to their phone numbers.

Pacers guard Paul George has worn number 24 throughout his NBA career, but via a series of tweets, George hints that he may be switching to number 13…

As the Indy Star points out, “trece” is Spanish for 13. This would allow George to be known as PG-13, which I guess is a catchy nickname if you’re into movie ratings. Also, 13 was the number worn by Mark Jackson when he played in Indiana, so I guess that isn’t being retired anytime soon.

What do you think? Should Paul George change his number? Or was 24 working well as it was?

(via Indy Star)

Mark Jackson Defeats Steph Curry In Shootout

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA practices frequently devolve into shooting contests — from halfcourt, from full court, between teammates, whatever. And when your team’s coach is a former NBA point guard, it just gives the players one more competitor to go up against in any shooting contest. That’s what happened yesterday in Indianapolis, where the Golden State Warriors had practice on an off day, and where Steph Curry and coach Mark Jackson got into a post-practice shootout.

Even though Curry is arguably the best shooters in the game today, Coach Jackson gave him all he could handle. Hand down, man down.

VIDEO: Jackson Vs. Curry

Andre Drummond Channels Bill Russell

Doc Rivers recently said that his starting center DeAndre Jordan carries qualities of legendary center Bill RussellThough it’s no surprise for coaches to veer into the realm of hyperbole to unlock potential of their players (think of Mark Jackson’s declaration of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson being the best shooting backcourt in NBA history), Rivers isn’t wrong. DJ is springy, he lives on the glass and deters weak and strong forays to the basket alike.

There was another element about Russell. The Lord of the Rings is praised for his ability to turn a block into a turnover, making defense offensive and piling on assists from the defensive end. More than anybody, in the process of altering shots his own way, Russell altered the way practitioners and fans viewed defense on the hardwood.

On Monday night, there were plenty of stout rejections, but it was the Pistons’ young pivot Andre Drummond who demonstrated to a new generation the art of turning a block into a quick two:

VIDEO: Andre Drummond swats Nando De Colo’s attempt to the running Brandon Jennings

Stephen Curry on Harden, Health, Warriors

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the most popular NBA-related commercials this summer stars Houston’s James Harden and Golden State’s Stephen Curry in an ad for Foot Locker, where Curry tries to stop Harden from recording an R&B track that is, well, rough. (And you can check Harden’s full track here.)

Curry’s commercial success comes on the heels of his incredible postseason run with the Warriors — the Warriors, thought to be rebuilding, finished the 12-13 season a dozen games over .500, knocked out the Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs and pushed San Antonio to 6 games before finally being eliminated. As great as the Warriors were, they went as Stephen Curry went. Curry, who had a 54-point game at Madison Square Garden and a 47-point game at Staples Center during the season, had several equally blazing performances through the Playoffs.

This summer, the Warriors made a surprising play for Dwight Howard, and then ended up with Andre Iguodala, adding yet another versatile option to coach Mark Jackson‘s lineup. it was the kind of move that seemed to say the future is now.

I caught up with Curry last week at Foot Locker’s flagship store in New York City to talk about all this stuff, as well as why he is the perfect person to produce Harden’s R&B record.