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Memphis Grizzlies mascot breaks out wrestling moves

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Memphis Grizzlies lost Games 3 and 4 to the San Antonio Spurs this weekend, finally bringing to an end to what had been a rather improbable run to begin with, considering all the injuries they’d been through this season.

But you can’t say they didn’t end the season with a bang. On Friday night during Game 3, Grizzlies mascot Grizz paid tribute to Memphis’s pro wrestling heritage and delivered a table-busting splash off a ladder to a supposed Spurs mascot. Here are a couple of videos to walk you through it…

First, Grizz used a steel chair to drop a couple of opponents…

Then, after positioning his foe on a table, Grizz climbed up a ladder and ended up standing right next to where I was sitting, then dove into the oblivion…

Where did he end up? Well, here’s a video of the end of the sequence. And yeah, Grizz stuck the landing…

Toronto Raptors mascot pays tribute to Justin Bieber

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Toronto Raptors often invoke their franchise ambassador Drake, who sits courtside at many games. But during Game 1 of their first round series against the Indiana Pacers, the Raptors mascot paid tribute to a different Canadian pop star: Justin Bieber

And when you look side by side, the Raptor did a pretty good job putting together his outfit!

A first-person view of being an NBA mascot

VIDEO: Rocky GoPro

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Ever wondered what it’s like to be an NBA mascot? There are some parts that probably aren’t so great — being inside that hot costume and running around for three hours at a time. But you also get to do cool stuff, like rappeling down from the arena ceiling, climbing impossibly tall ladders, and of course interacting with fans. In order to let us know what it’s like inside the fur, Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky got his paws on a GoPro camera for a night and came away with this video.

Houston Rockets break out bizarre free throw distraction

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There are many ways to distract your opponent while they are at the free throw line. Yell at them? Clap your hands? Talk to them? Thundersticks? These are all options that are in play.

Or, if you’re the Houston Rockets mascot, and Utah’s Rodney Hood is at the free throw line, you wheel out a garbage can with a shirtless man painted green and holding a popcorn bucket over his head hiding inside of it.

Portland Trail Blazers host mascot battle royal

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you’ve ever wanted to watch five minutes worth of mascots wrestling in a Royal Rumble-style format, have we got a video for you. In Portland recently, the Blazers invited all sorts of mascots from around the NBA, as well as other sports, to participate in a fuzzy battle royal. Be proud, Rockets fans!

VIDEO: Mascot Rumble

Oh, and why wasn’t Memphis mascot Super Grizz involved? Because he was hosting a different kind of wrestling night in Memphis, along with the legendary Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart

VIDEO: Grizz wrestling

Brook Lopez becomes latest Lopez in mascot battle

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve faithfully chronicled the exploits of Knicks center Robin Lopez when it comes to mascots, as he has repeatedly found himself in physical altercations with our (usually) furry friends. Robin’s most recent mascot mixup came in Toronto, as he tangled with the Raptor.

Last night, perhaps to avenge the family name, Robin’s brother Brook, who has largely stayed above the mascot fray, was in Toronto and got into it with the Raptor…

Miami Heat mascot attempts to set long jump record

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — First of all, we should wish a happy birthday to Miami Heat mascot Burnie, who celebrated his birthday over the weekend. And to commemorate the occasion, Burnie had several other mascots over and tried to perform a flip over them. At least Burnie had a soft landing?

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Mascot jump world record jump #Burnie. You're welcome

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Russell Westbrook revives feud with Nuggets mascot Rocky

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Some of the NBA’s greatest rivalries have endured for years, and this feud between Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky and Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is no different. Two years ago during a game in Denver, seemingly randomly, Westbrook decided he didn’t want Rocky to make any of his halfcourt shot attempts.

Well, last night in Denver, after two years of detente, their differences flared again. Watch Westbrook here, as he says something to Rocky, who threatens to go all Daniel LaRusso on Westbrook…

Considering the result, Rocky might want to figure out a way to end this feud. Because just moments later, Westbrook did this…

Robin Lopez takes out Clutch the Bear

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For all the ways we have seen Robin Lopez tangle with mascots around the NBA, a tip of the hat to Houston’s Clutch the Bear, who waited until halftime the other night and then went after Lopez with a novel approach: Clutch sprayed him with a fire extinguisher.

You can guess how that turned out…

‘Mini-Boomer’ loses his head (literally)

By Jeff Case

By now, you know we love/pride ourselves on the latest NBA mascot news around these parts. The preseason has 10 days left in it and teams are working out the kinks, tightening the rotations as they getting ready for 2015-16. The same can (mostly) be said for the NBA’s mascot friends.

At last night’s Pistons-Pacers game from Bankers Life Fieldhouse, a smaller version of the Pacers’ Boomer — called ‘mini’ Boomer — lined up to do a trampoline dunk stunt. As he made his approach (he’s the guy that hits the trampoline second in the video) to flip off the trampoline and catch the ball and dunk it … well … his head fell off.

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Poor guy lost his head #boomer

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Points to ‘big’ Boomer for playing off the mishap with a bit of levity.

(h/t Indianapolis Star & Bryan Leach via Instagram )