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ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — So we’re now a few weeks into the NBA season, and we’ve reached a critical mass of dunks and, more importantly, people getting dunked on. So let’s take a look at the best instances of people getting #POSTERIZED over the last week and, at the bottom of the post, place your vote for a winner…

Kristaps Porzingis on Kevin Love

VIDEO: Porzingis on Love

Damian Lillard meets 92-year-old fan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Before last night’s Portland/Memphis game, Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard interrupted his pregame routine…and he couldn’t have had a better reason for it.

First, a little explanation. The Oregon-based Vital Life Foundation exists to help support “programs that provide meaning and vitality in the lives of seniors and staff members living and working in long term care.” A 92-year-old Portland woman named Merle was a lifelong Blazers fan, but had never been to a Blazers game. Which is where the Vital Life Foundation stepped in, and not only helped Merle get Blazers tickets, but started a social media campaign to try and help make sure Merle would get to meet her favorite Blazer, Damian Lillard.

Word got back to the Blazers and Lillard, and just before tip-off last night, he jogged up into the stands and spent a few moments with Merle…

Tune in to the Tony Allen News Network

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months ago, I asked Grizzlies forward Tony Allen about his ability to cover Twitter as thoroughly as he defends his opponents.

Me: You are one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. It seems like you don’t miss anything on there.
Allen: I don’t miss nothing! I listen to all the writers, I listen to everybody.
Me: You must search your name.
Allen: No, I ain’t gotta search my name. If someone say something about me it comes right on my mentions. It’s all love.

So who better than The Grindfather to become a news anchor focused exclusively on Twitter videos, presumably of himself? (Also, the part at the end where he was straightening his papers is so great.)

VIDEO: Tony Allen News Network

The NBA Season Opening Hype Video Roundup

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The 2015-16 NBA season is not a few days underway, and if you’re not fired up already, we’ve got one last resort you can turn to: Hype videos. A bunch of different NBA teams released videos to get their fans properly fired up.

Which is your favorite? Watch them all and vote at the bottom…


VIDEO: Cavaliers Hype


VIDEO: Pistons Hype


VIDEO: Nuggets Hype


VIDEO: Warriors Hype


VIDEO: Rockets Hype


VIDEO: Pacers Hype


VIDEO: Clippers Hype


VIDEO: Grizzlies Hype


VIDEO: Heat Hype


VIDEO: Bucks Hype


VIDEO: 76ers Hype


VIDEO: Suns Hype


VIDEO: Kings Hype


VIDEO: Raptors Hype

Marc Gasol, 3-point shooter?

By Jeff Case

Despite having been born in Spain, Grizzlies center Marc Gasol is seen by the loyal Memphis fan base as a native son of sorts. His emergence from second-round pick to, perhaps, the best center in the NBA has been nothing short of remarkable. His path has been forged by a tremendous work ethic and a constant bettering of his on-court skills.

So, then, should we really be surprised that he’s maybe/kinda/sorta developing a 3-point stroke? Well, maybe we’re stretching things a little bit here, but if Gasol’s run of 3-pointers (19 of ’em, in fact!!) at a recent Grizzlies open practice is any indication, he may be even further diversifying his vast game.

VIDEO: Marc Gasol nails 19 3-pointers at open practice


MUSCLEWATCH 2015 (Update 2)


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s that time of year when we have to ask, are you strong enough to be our man?

MUSCLEWATCH season is upon is, and we are nearing the time when we declare a champion. Kyle Lowry and Andrew Bogut seem to be frontrunners, with no true winner decided as of yet.

But first, before we get to the muscles, what, you may ask, is MUSCLEWATCH? Basically, it began decades ago when my friend Matt and I noticed our local paper would always report that players had gained 15 pounds of MUSCLE in the off-season. No matter the sport, it was never 12 pounds, never 16, never 9, never 18, but it always seemed to be “15 pounds of muscle.” So we began keeping an eye on the papers looking for references to the magic 15 pounds of MUSCLE. Eventually, MUSCLEWATCH became about more than just the “15 pounds of muscle” and more about guys who had either gained or lost a lot of weight. Previous winners include Thaddeus Young and Rudy Gay.

And remember, MUSCLEWATCH cannot be successful without your help. The most effective way to let us here at MUSCLEWATCH HQ know if you see any MUSCLEWATCH news is to tweet and use the hashtag #MUSCLEWATCH.

Let’s go!

• As we learned this week, MUSCLEWATCH can be divisive. Our friend(?) Tas Melas from NBATV’s “The Starters” announced in the clip above that he was done with MUSCLEWATCH, sadly, before eventually relenting and halfheartedly announcing he was back in. SMH.

I guess our favorite member of “The Starters” needs to be Trey Kerby, who reported his own MUSCLEWATCH update a few weeks ago. MUSCLEWATCH salutes you, Taco Trey!

• For many NBA players, keeping weight on is just as hard as adding weight, considering how much running they do throughout the course of a season. In this article about Hawks big man Mike Muscala, he details his daily eating schedule during the season. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast!

• We may need to consider some sort of lifetime MUSCLEWATCH achievement award for Mike Conley, who didn’t actually gain any muscle, but did get a weight room named after him at his alma mater, Ohio State. That’s got to be worth something, right?

• We’re still looking on an exact number of weight lost from Kyle Lowry, who clearly dropped a lot but has thus far refused to give an exact amount. Lowry has looked amazing in the preseason, averaging 30 points a game, so obviously it’s working.

Can we do some detective work? Last season Lowry was listed at 205 pounds, and this year he’s being listed at 196. He certainly looks as though he lost more than 9 pounds, but maybe that’s just because he’s not seven feet tall. I was considering Lowry a front-runner for a MUSCLEWATCH title, but perhaps that was just all the MUSCLEWATCH in my eyes.

• As we mentioned before, Andrew Bogut lost 22 pounds by cutting out processed sugar. Now he’s leading fast breaks and pulling dribbling tricks…

• Orlando’s Aaron Gordon is back from a broken jaw, but he lost 10 pounds while on a liquid diet.

• Nets big man Cory Jefferson has added the magic “15 pounds of muscle”!! Congrats, CJ…

• Does Kawhi Leonard belong in MUSCLEWATCH? Perhaps we will never know.

• Also a few vague updates on a couple of Knicks players. We need details!!

Zach LaVine has added 10 pounds. Couldn’t find five more, huh?

Spurs again picked as No. 1 ‘Ultimate Team’

VIDEO: LaMarcus Aldridge talks with GameTime about joining the Spurs

By Jeff Case

Ever since ESPN The Magazine started doing its Ultimate Team rankings of every professional sports team in North America back in 2003, the San Antonio Spurs have never finished lower than 9th (2009). After winning the NBA title in 2013-14, they were picked No. 1 by ESPN The Magazine and have followed that up with another No. 1 ranking in the latest edition.

This story explains the process the magazine’s staff goes through in ranking each squad and, to us, it sounds pretty arduous. But, in short the ranking process is based on the following critera:

Affordability (11.3%): Price of tickets, parking and concessions

Coaching (3.2%): Strength of on-field leadership

Fan Relations (25%): Courtesy by players, coaches and front office toward fans, plus how well a team uses technology to reach fans

Ownership (13.1%): Honesty; loyalty to core players and the local community

Players (14.6%): Effort on the field, likability off it

Stadium Experience (9.8%): Quality of arena; fan-friendliness of environment; frequency of game-day promotions

Title Track (4.6%): Championships won or expected within the lifetime of current fans

Bang For The Buck (18.3%): Wins in the past two years per fan dollar, adjusted for league schedules

Other NBA teams join the Spurs in the Top 20 overall rankings, including the Memphis Grizzlies (2nd), Oklahoma City Thunder (7th), Indiana Pacers (13th) and Golden State Warriors (20th).

Based on the critera above, are the Spurs the No. 1 team in your Ultimate Team rankings?


J.R. Smith buys, eats cotton candy on bench during preseason game

By Jeff Case

Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith marches to the beat of his own drummer (or, if it’s during The Finals, to the beat of his own Phunkeeduck). The preseason is seemingly right up Smith’s alley with games often held in non-NBA arenas so fans outside of the teams cities can get a gander at their local team a little closer to home.

Such was the case last night for the Cavs preseason game against the Memphis Grizzlies, held at the Jerome Schottenstein Center on Ohio State’s campus. Memphis won the game and sent Cleveland to 0-3 in the preseason, but Smith may have won the night. Smith sat out the game due to hamstring soreness but, during the first half of the game, flagged down a cotton candy vendor in the lower bowl.’s Dave McMenamin recounts the tale from there

Smith, dressed in his Cavs warm-ups, flagged down a cotton candy vendor who was working the lower bowl at the Schottenstein Center in order to snag a treat.

The transaction was captured by’s Jared Mueller.

The outlandish activity was initially chalked up by observers as Smith being Smith and showing the eccentric side that has followed him like a shadow during his 12-year career. Also, it was only a preseason game, after all. His in-game snack only illustrated just how inconsequential the preseason schedule really is.

A Cavs team official said that Smith was purchasing the cotton candy for the son of professional golfer Jason Day, who was seated by the Cavs bench. Day’s wife, Ellie, is from Lucas, Ohio, and is a Cleveland sports fan. The couple sat courtside for Game 3 of the NBA Finals in June.

After finishing the Presidents Cup on Sunday, Day flew from South Korea back to Ohio to catch the Cavs game Monday. Smith, an avid golfer in his free time, has befriended Day since he was traded to Cleveland from New York last season.

While the cotton candy might have been ultimately intended for Day’s son, Dash, Smith munched on some of it during the game as well.

To corroborate McMenamin’s account, we’ve got some additional Twitter pictures of the transaction …

Vince Carter can still fly

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERVince Carter is 38 years old, at age by which most athletes are slowing down and staying a little closer to the ground than they were earlier in their careers. But Vince has always been known as “Half Man, Half Amazing,” and maybe the amazing half is still there, even if Vince doesn’t show it off quite as often. Here’s a few pictures from a workout this summer at the P3 Sports Science facility in California, and proof that Vince can still get up, even when you compare him to some of his (much younger) contemporaries…

Jason Williams is still awesome to watch

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERJason Williams played about a dozen years in the NBA, and the man called “White Chocolate” was always known for his incredible ballhandling ability. He hasn’t played in the NBA since 2011, but we seen in occasional viral videos of J-Will playing pick-up ball that he’ can still make defenders look silly.

This latest video is about five minutes of fun, featuring Williams in the Orlando pro-am league (with a few cameos from other NBA players) showing off all the stuff that made him a crowd favorite throughout his career. Williams may be 39 years old, but some of the stuff on this video is just awesome…

VIDEO: Williams Orlando