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Vince Carter can still fly

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERVince Carter is 38 years old, at age by which most athletes are slowing down and staying a little closer to the ground than they were earlier in their careers. But Vince has always been known as “Half Man, Half Amazing,” and maybe the amazing half is still there, even if Vince doesn’t show it off quite as often. Here’s a few pictures from a workout this summer at the P3 Sports Science facility in California, and proof that Vince can still get up, even when you compare him to some of his (much younger) contemporaries…

Jason Williams is still awesome to watch

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERJason Williams played about a dozen years in the NBA, and the man called “White Chocolate” was always known for his incredible ballhandling ability. He hasn’t played in the NBA since 2011, but we seen in occasional viral videos of J-Will playing pick-up ball that he’ can still make defenders look silly.

This latest video is about five minutes of fun, featuring Williams in the Orlando pro-am league (with a few cameos from other NBA players) showing off all the stuff that made him a crowd favorite throughout his career. Williams may be 39 years old, but some of the stuff on this video is just awesome…

VIDEO: Williams Orlando

The Sacramento Kings join crop maze trend

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Welp, there’s a headline I never expected to write. The last few days, we’ve seen a trend develop, and it’s not a trend I can say that I ever saw coming. First, there was a crop maze tribute to Jerome Kersey. Then there was a corn maze tribute to Marc Gasol. And now, the Sacramento Kings have joined the crop maze trend.


According to, the 3.5-acre Kings logo is part of a regional corn maze at a pumpkin patch. Writes…

“This is a fun and unique way to both salute the best fans in basketball and celebrate our region’s world-class agricultural leadership,” said Kings President Chris Granger. “We’re looking forward to hosting special events and bringing Kings entertainment and energy to the maze for fans of all ages.”

In 2007 and 2014, the maze was certified as the world’s largest maze by Guinness World Records. This year’s maze will be 44 acres large and will take approximately 90 minutes to complete. Last year’s maze had thousands of visitors over the 51-day season.

Which NBA team will be the next to join the corn maze trend? I’m not sure, but this is clearly a trend.

Marc Gasol as a crop sculpture

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just yesterday we saw a picture of a corn maze in Oregon created as a tribute to the late Trail Blazers forward Jerome Kersey. Well, perhaps there’s a trend in making NBA-related agriculture art. Today there’s a picture from the Agricenter in Memphis, of a crop field that is in its early stages, but is growing into a tribute to Memphis center Marc Gasol.

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Russ Smith’s cat is on social media

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Plenty of NBA players have a presence on social media — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But how many player’s pets have a presence on social media? Well, as of today the answer is at least one.

Meet Mr. Quackers, the pet cat of Memphis Grizzlies guard Russ Smith. Mr. Quackers has only been on Instagram for a few days, but he’s already posted a few pictures.

I just met Russdiculous and he's going to take some getting used too !! 😽☺️ #StuckUp

A photo posted by Mr Quackers (@_mrquackers) on

When I first got out the joint .. 👻☺️😸😻

A photo posted by Mr Quackers (@_mrquackers) on

Mr. Quackers also has a presence on Twitter…

Welcome to the offseason.

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Jason Williams’ son can play ball like Dad

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just a few days ago, we caught up with Jason Williams, a.k.a. White Chocolate, the former NBA point guard who was a ballhandling wizard, and who can still make defenders look silly. If you thought J-Will was nice, check out this video of his 13-year-old son Jaxon breaking ankles in a couple of summer games…

VIDEO: Jaxon Williams

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Marc Gasol is all Memphis

By Jeff Case

The Memphis Grizzlies are hoping and wishing that their all-world/All-NBA center and defensive anchor Marc Gasol sticks around in free agency this summer and re-ups with them. Pretty good timing by the team, then, to debut a cool video yesterday that plays up how Gasol — a native of Spain — is a real “Bluff City” native like anyone actually born in the city itself …

VIDEO: Marc Gasol is as Memphis as they come

Check out this animated version of Stephen Curry’s warmup routine

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago when I was Memphis for the Warriors/Grizzlies series, I walked out to the court early enough to watch Stephen Curry do his pregame dribbling routine. Here’s a quick look at it…

The MVP.

A video posted by Lang Whitaker (@langwhitaker) on

Now a creative studio has taken Curry’s pregame dribbling and made an animated version of it, which is super cool to watch and just as impressive as the real thing…

VIDEO: Animated Curry

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Harrison Barnes does the splits

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I don’t think this will qualify in our Crossover Contest, because Courtney Lee doesn’t actually do a crossover dribble, but Harrison Barnes almost definitely breaks something here. During last night’s Golden State/Memphis game, Lee dribbles toward the basket, stops short, and Barnes slams on the breaks. The only problem for Barnes is, one foot stops, and the other just keeps going…

Memphis guy flips out of his shirt

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During a timeout in Game 4 between the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors, the Grizzlies welcomed the Beale Street Flippers, a group of local kids who entertain tourists on Beale Street with a lively acrobatics routine. I was at the game, and these guys may have been the highlight of the second half for Grizzlies fans, who had to watch their team struggle against the Warriors in Game 4. But check out this dude from the Flippers, who not only put together a long string of flips, but also managed to take his shirt off in the middle of all of this…


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