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Jordan Brand unveils Air Jordan XX9

By Lang Whitaker,

VIDEO: Tinker Hatfield on the Air Jordan XX9

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At a press conference yesterday in Manhattan, Jordan Brand unveiled their latest signature sneaker, the Air Jordan XX9. Michael Jordan and designer Tinker Hatfield were in attendance, and they talked often about how the new kicks, which will be available in September, is the best shoe they’ve created yet.

The shoe is woven together using a technology they found in Italy, so it’s both light and strong. As a press release explains…

The performance-woven upper delivers superior abrasion resistance, along with an entirely new look on the outside of the shoe. The structure and fit of the shoe are engineered through Flight Web tunnels, and strategic panels of stiffer and softer flex to enhance natural motion. The absence of numerous layers and adhesion technologies creates an incredibly comfortable, sock-like interior lining with superior breathability. Using webbed straps that wrap the foot and integrate with the laces, the Flight Web fit system offers superior mid-foot lockdown that moves with the athlete. Woven channels in the upper enhance the Flight Web fit system, while a double-lasted heel helps dampen the impact on hard landings. Articulated padding in the collar adds to the premium, signature feel of the shoe and helps prevent the heel from slipping.

While the shoe isn’t out until the fall, you’ll probably start seeing it on some feet in the playoffs. In the meantime, check out some images of the first two colorways in the gallery below…

Throwback Thursday: 60-Plus Point Games

VIDEO: LeBron lights up Bobcats for 61 points

Welcome to Throwback Thursday here on the All Ball Blog. Each week, we’ll delve into the NBA’s photo archives and uncover a topic and some great images from way back when. Hit us up here if you have suggestions for a future TBT on All Ball. Suggestions are always welcome!

Today’s TBT topic: Players to score 60+ points in a game

LeBron James became the 22nd player to score 60 or more points in a game earlier this week when he erupted for 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats.

However, James’ high-scoring affair wasn’t the first time someone went for 60-plus points in March, as Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Rick Barry, Tom Chambers and Tracy McGrady all accomplished the feat in the past, too.

This week’s Throwback Thursday honors these players, as well as 11 others, who have scored more than 60 points in a game.

(NOTE: Click the “caption” icon below the photo for details about each moment.)

Gallery: Throwback Thursday: 60+ Scorers

Which of these performances was the most impressive? Leave your comments below!

LeBron Would Consider Starring In Space Jam Sequel


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Late Friday afternoon, a huge story broke, at least for those of us who grew up loving the classic Michael Jordan-meets-Bugs Bunny movie Space Jam. According to, the sons of longtime sports broadcasting veteran Dick Ebersol had reached a deal with Warner Brothers to create a long-awaited sequel to Space Jam, in which LeBron James would star. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news? LeBron didn’t know anything about the movie he was supposedly starring in…

The good news? He didn’t rule it out, either. As LeBron said to the Palm Beach Post

Q. There were conflicting reports about you starring in a Space Jam remake.

JAMES: “It’s news to me. I haven’t heard anything about it. Like I said, I’ve always loved Space Jam 1. It was one of my favorite movies growing up. If I have the opportunity, it’d be great. But that’s news to me. Obviously I don’t want to be on there with this thing on my nose [note: a reference to his currently bandaged, broken nose]. We’ll see what happens.”

Q. No one’s approached you about it?

JAMES: “I haven’t heard about it. Maybe they’ve got it in my office. I haven’t been to my office in a while.”

Q. Does a matchup with the Monstars freak you out at all?

JAMES: “Absolutely. Those guys are very intimidating and they’re bigger than us. We’ve got to do our due diligence here on Earth.”

Throwback Thursday: A Slam Dunk-A-Thon

VIDEO: Some of the all-time best Dunk Contest jams

Welcome to Throwback Thursday here on the All Ball Blog. Each week, we’ll delve into the NBA’s photo archives and uncover a topic and some great images from way back when. Hit us up here if you have suggestions for a future TBT on All Ball. Suggestions are always welcome!

Today’s TBT topic: NBA TV’s Slam Dunk-A-Thon

By Jeff Case & Jonathan Hartzell,

What’s better than watching a Slam Dunk Contest from the NBA’s archives? How about whole day of watching Slam Dunk Contests? That’s exactly what NBA TV has in store today starting at 10 a.m. ET and going until 5 p.m. ET, with more Dunk Contests airing again from 7 p.m. ET Thursday to 2 a.m ET on Friday.

You’ll see every Slam Dunk Contest in history (yes, even the first-ever one at the ABA All-Star Game in 1976 that featured Julius “Dr. J” Erving). It’s a great time to look back at an era when All-Stars like Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins and Clyde Drexler were regular participants in the event.

And, you can look forward to this year’s Sprite Slam Dunk contest, which features three All-Stars (Damian Lillard, Paul George and John Wall) for the first time since the 1988 edition (when Wilkins, Jordan and Drexler participated).

To celebrate the big day of TV watching on NBA TV, here are some of the most iconic Slam Dunk Contest images of all-time:

(NOTE: Click the “caption” icon below the photo for details about each moment.)

Gallery: Throwback Thursday: Slam Dunk History

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Throwback Thursday: Jordan’s Top All-Star Moments

VIDEO: Michael Jordan in the 1988 Dunk Contest

Welcome to Throwback Thursday here on the All Ball Blog. Each week, we’ll delve into the NBA’s photo archives and uncover a topic and some great images from way back when. Hit us up here if you have suggestions for a future TBT on All Ball. Suggestions are always welcome!

Today’s TBT topic: Jordan’s Top All-Star Moments

By Jonathan Hartzell,

Michael Jordan and the term “slam dunk” are practically synonymous, thanks in large part to Jordan’s performances at the 1987 and 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contests. Today marks the 26th anniversary of Jordan’s dominating performance in the dunk contest finals against Dominique Wilkins.

To celebrate the anniversary, here are Michael Jordan’s top All-Star weekend moments:

(NOTE: Click the “caption” icon in the gallery for details about each moment.)

Gallery: Throwback Thursday: Jordan’s Top All-Star Moments

What’s your favorite Michael Jordan All-Star moment? Leave your comments below!

Rasheed Wallace Continues Dunking Exhibition

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERRasheed Wallace retired from the NBA at the end of last season, but he quickly found a new job as a coach with the Detroit Pistons, tutoring their talented big men. He has apparently formed some sort of kinship with Andre Drummond, who Vine’d a video of Rasheed almost dunking in practice a few weeks back, and then yesterday posted a new video of Sheed showing off his dunking skills. Rasheed says this dunk is a tribute to Michael Jordan. Maybe more of a loose interpretation?

Michael Jordan’s House Does Not Sell

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We recently got word that Michael Jordan‘s Chicago-area home was up for sale. And as with any 9-bedroom, 19-bathroom, 56,000-square-foot mansion, people seemed to be curious enough to want to check out what that house looked like inside, and there were videos giving posted a tour of the lavish spread. This video has racked up over 2 million views…

VIDEO: MJ’s House

Jordan has apparently been trying to sell the house for a while, so this latest round of publicity was tied directly to putting the house up for auction and trying to find a properly motivated buyer.

Today word comes that the proper buyer has still yet to be found: The auction was held yesterday, and the reserve price was not met. According to the Tribune, the house was originally listed at $29 million, making it the most expensive house in the state of Illinois.

What’s next? As Jordan’s spokesperson tells the Tribune, “We are disappointed that the high bid in today’s auction of Michael Jordan’s residence in Highland Park did not meet the reserve price. Concierge Auctions gave great exposure to the property and opportunity, but the market conditions were just not right to drive a fair value. We will be evaluating options for the property in the new year.”

Jordan Flu Game Shoes Sell For Over $100,000

1997 NBA Finals Game Five: Chicago Bulls v Utah Jazz

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We have followed with some interest the saga of Michael Jordan‘s Flu Game shoes, the kicks he wore during the historic game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. First we discovered that the shoes had ended up with a Utah Jazz ballboy, and then the ballboy spilled some interesting details about the flu game (including MJ’s love for applesauce).

The actual shoes, a pair of Jordan XII’s, finally went up for auction this week, and they sold today. According to ESPN, The previous record for game-worn shoes was just over $31,000 for a pair of shoes Jordan wore his rookie year. And as ESPN reports, after many bids, the Jordan flu game shoes finally sold earlier today…for a whopping $104,765. That’s a lot of applesauce.

LeBron James And Comedian Kevin Hart Set To Team Up For Movie

Dallas Mavericks v Miami Heat - Game Six

The history of NBA players in the movies is a long and varied tale, with differing results. Just in my lifetime, we can go from Michael Jordan in “Space Jam” to Shaquille O’Neal in “Blue Chips” and “Kazaam” to, more recently, Kevin Durant in “Thunderstruck”. Even though reigning MVP LeBron James has had a hand in various entertainment industry pursuits the last few years, he had yet to make his true big screen debut.

But according to a report from, LeBron is teaming up with popular comedian Kevin Hart to make his first flick. Hart, who over the last few years has become a fixture at NBA events and All-Star weekends, will co-write the movie with his writing team, and the movie will film next summer. The story, at least from initial reports, will cast James in a role he would seem to know pretty well …

[Hart will] then star as a man who lives in the shadow of his NBA superstar brother (James), but gets a chance to prove himself when he and some pals attend a weekend fantasy basketball camp in Miami. Hart is certainly dominant in the stand-up arena, but posting up against this screen sibling could be dangerous. Hart is under 5’3″ while James is a towering 6’8.” That kind of sibling size differential hasn’t been seen since Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in another Universal comedy, Twins. They’ll sign a director when Hart and his cohorts turn in the script.

Michael Jordan Speaks (Some More)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months back we saw a video from 2K Sports promoting NBA 2K14 in which Michael Jordan made some news by proclaiming he could beat LeBron one-on-one if they played in their primes. In part two of this interview, released yesterday, Jordan picked the four players he would want to play alongside (including one surprise choice — a Tar Hell, no less), his favorite Air Jordans, his most memorable dunks, his best year, why he wore number 23, and more.

VIDEO: Michael Jordan Uncensored, Part 2