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The Time Michael Jordan Played Hoops Against Charlie And Martin Sheen

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There are events that are televised, and then there are events that are made for television. These are generally, at least in hindsight, stranger than reality, or at least lacking in some historical context.

The video we will examine today is certainly from the latter category: A made-for-TV event starring Michael Jordan, Charlie Sheen and his dad, Martin Sheen, and hosted by Dick Van Patten (you know, from “Eight is Enough,” yo).

My fellow ATLien Rembert Browne over at provides the heavy lifting on this video, researching its provenance and explaining its existence. But to be fair, no amount of explanation could ever really explain why this happened. In this case, it’s probably just better to watch.

There is SO MUCH HERE — Michael Jordan drove a Volkswagen Golf? Michael Jordan drove a Volkswagen Golf. — just watch it.

(via Grantland)