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Cleveland wants LeBron to “come home”

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night at midnight, NBA free agency officially became official, meaning contracts and deals that had been negotiated during the moratorium were now able to be actually signed. And while there are plenty of storylines and players out there waiting to be finalized, the biggest fish is still swimming.

LeBron James has yet to announce where he will be playing next next season, but most reports have him deciding between Miami, where he’s gone to the NBA Finals four seasons in a row and won two MVP awards, and Cleveland, his “hometown” team and the the franchise where he began his NBA career. He left Cleveland in 2010 in search of titles, which he found in Miami, but now it looks as if he might make a return to Cleveland if he wants the best chance of winning more rings going forward.

Accordingly, while we wait for Lebron’s decision choice to be announced, Cavs fans have been lighting up the internet the last few days trying to do their part in bringing Bron back. For instance, celebrity chef Michael Symon, who hails from Cleveland and told us about being a Cavs fan a year ago, has promised to give LeBron his own personalized burger if he returns.

A Cleveland-based t-shirt company dropped a design designed to get Bron back in the Cavs’ wine and gold (and blue and orange)…

And finally, here’s an entire music video that’s pretty self-explanatory…

VIDEO: Coming Home

A Night At The NBA Draft Lottery

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night in New York City, a handful of NBA franchises looking for a little luck gathered in Times Square to try and beat the odds. That’s right, it’s the annual NBA Draft lottery, where the best of the worst vie for the first pick in the NBA Draft. I showed up and brought my cell phone camera along with me to see what went down behind the scenes.

Let’s get to the pictures …

photo 1

I arrived in Times Square right around 6:30 p.m. and fought my way over to the ABC Studios, where they shoot “Good Day America” or “Today This Morning” or whatever they call it — one of those morning shows that airs when I’m still asleep. There’s never really a good time to be in Times Square, because it is consistently crowded and busy and bustling, but 6:30 p.m. must be just about the worst time. Add in that it was humid and in the mid-80s today, and Times Square felt a bit like being stuck in a mosh pit. Or at the bottom of a mosh pit. (more…)