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Mike Scott knows his Oscar winners

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Atlanta Hawks’ Mike Scott is more than just a stretch 4 covered in emoji tattoos. As it turns out, Scott has extensive knowledge of movies, and in this video from the Hawks, Scott sits down with Hawks PA announcer (and Atlanta radio legend) Ryan Cameron and tries to name some past Oscar winners. Pass the popcorn…

VIDEO: Scott Oscars

Atlanta Hawks launch emoji keyboard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If there’s any NBA team that should be embracing emojis, those little pictures you can use on your phone when texting and emailing, it’s the Atlanta Hawks. After all, Hawks forward Mike Scott has dozens of emoji tattoos. In fact, Scott recently did an interview where he responded only using emojis.

Today the Hawks released their very own emoji keyboard as well as an app, which is available for free in the iTunes store. Via a release from the Hawks…

“Connecting with our fans is extremely important and our new app and keyboard will allow us to build an innovative bridge to reach tech-savvy Hawks supporters, giving them around-the-clock access to team-related information at their fingertips,” said Hawks CEO Steve Koonin. “The custom emoji keyboard will change the way our fans communicate, enhancing text conversations by enabling users to speak the language of the Hawks.”

The downloadable custom keyboard, developed by Snaps, includes Hawks-themed emojis ranging from electronically-generated images of player logos and gear, to distinguishing features of players and Harry the Hawk. In addition to the exclusive Hawks emojis, the keyboard gives users the ability to send animated GIF files to friends through text messages. Snaps, the creator of a unique content management system for messaging, is the first end-to-end platform for brand marketing across messaging applications and devices.

“A major way that my generation communicates and expresses itself is through emojis. This keyboard will add some fun, new options to my text game. I love it,” said Mike Scott, Hawks forward and emoji expert.

The “Hawks High Flyers” contest is a game-by-game competition through the app requiring fans to predict which players will lead the team in specific statistical categories. Throughout the season, prizes will be awarded to fans who accurately predict team leaders. Other prominent app features include: an interactive amenities map, giving fans locations and descriptions of food and beverage options in Philips Arena; and traffic alerts, providing information and navigation assistance to fans traveling to the arena.

Here’s a look at how it works. (The Schröder hair is my favorite.)

Social App Release

Mike Scott Dressed Up Like A Turkey

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here’s Atlanta Hawks forward Mike Scott dressed like a turkey.

VIDEO: Turkey Scott

Shoeless Mike Scott Strikes Oakland

When Mike Miller drained a treyball without a left shoe during a Miami run in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, it was a moment that earned an ESPY nod and will be remembered for a long time. Yeah, it was a big shot during a classic Finals game, but the visual was more remarkable by its rarity. If you asked every player that suited up for an NBA game if he hit a deep ball bereft of a shoe during a game, I’d wager that less than two percent would say yes.

Count the Hawks’ Mike Scott among the initiated. Against the Warriors on Friday, he slips right out his left shoe while setting a pick. Call a timeout or foul immediately on defense, right? Nope. Play on!

After playing a possession on D, still unable to slip his shoe back on, he slides back down the court. Coming off another screen and his man David Lee miles away, he found himself WIDE OPEN on the pass from Jeff Teague. You can guess what happened next:

VIDEO: Mike Scott loses his left shoe, plays defensive possession, then nails the trey

You got to believe Lee will hear about this during film session. Paraphrasing Warriors’ color guy Jim Barnett, why let a handicapped opponent off the hook?

Mike Scott Works On His Photobombing

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Miami’s Chris Bosh may be the NBA’s pre-eminent photobomb expert, a subject we touched on earlier. But there appears to be a challenger to Bosh making inroads in the photobomb world. Hawks second-year forward Mike Scott has been under the radar thus far, but as we see in these gifs from the Atlanta Hawks, Scott is putting in some serious photobomb work…



(via Hawks Basketblog)