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Horry Scale: Johnson’s Dagger Wins It For Nets

VIDEO: Joe Johnson banks it in from beyond the arc as the buzzer sounds

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Admittedly, this was not the sort of scenario with which Robert Horry typically was associated. A fellow who became synonymous with clutch postseason shots would seem to have nothing in common with a pair of NBA cellar dwellers. The Denver Nuggets, in 11th place in the Western Conference, were in Brooklyn to take on the Nets, the East’s 14th place club. Combined, the team were 36 games under .500 when the night’s action began.

They remained 36 games underwater when the night was over (funny how the math works), but there was at least the drama of Joe Johnson, Brooklyn’s veteran sharpshooter, drilling a 3-pointer as time ran out to boost his club past Denver, 105-104.

That outcome might not have quickened Horry’s pulse the way it does when he polishes his seven NBA championship rings, but it did link him in another chapter of All-Ball’s Horry Scale. For those unfamiliar with the tradition, the Horry Scale examines a game-winning buzzer-beater (GWBB) in the categories of difficulty, game situation, importance and celebration. Then we give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys, whom our own Fran Blinebury refers to as “the patron saint of last-second answered prayers.”

We’ve already made clear this was a pretty humdrum matchup between teams stuck in standings mud, though the Nuggets remain a cut above the dismal Nets. So we’ll focus on the remaining categories:

DIFFICULTY: The clock was not Joe Johnson’s friend, and neither was his location on the floor. Only 1.3 seconds remained when teammate Merkel Brown inbounded the ball. Johnson had broke to the top from down in the paint, his defender, Denver’s Danilo Gallinari, trailing a step or so behind. Johnson took the pass, had time for a quick rhythm dribble and one step to his left, then launched from 27 feet. The ball banged in off the glass, a nice touch but hardly flukey. Johnson is a professional gunner, after all, and has hit similar shots hundreds of times, if not always as buzzer-beaters.

GAME SITUATION:  There had been some drama here late in an otherwise lackluster game. Brook Lopez‘s work under the rim had tied it 102-102 with more than a minute left, and then Denver missed two long jumpers while Brooklyn had only a turnover (nice steal by Nuggets guard Gary Harris) to show for most of the final minute. A 50-50 ball had forced a jump between Kenneth Faried and Lopez that the Nuggets won. Then, with 4.7 seconds left, Denver inbounded to Faried, who bolted toward the basket and launched a running jumper from about six feet. That had the Nuggets up 104-102 with first 0.9 seconds left, adjusted via replay to 1.3.

CELEBRATION: Johnson looked happy, a nice in-the-moment reaction to what generally has been a bummer season for the seven-time All-Star. He is shooting just 40 percent, is scoring at his lowest rate (12.4 points per 36 minutes) since his 2001-02 rookie season and has bandied about the “buyout” word as a way to exit the Nets gracefully while preserving what’s left on his $24.9 million salary for this season. There was an announced crowd of 13,043 on hand at Barclays Center to witness Johnson’s bank shot. And yes, that was Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov caught by the cameras, in a luxury suite high above the court, high-fiving his guests.

GRADE:  The shot was sweet in a season short on highlights for Brooklyn, but the blah backdrop – two teams headed nowhere, unrepresented in the All-Star Game next Sunday in Toronto – was too much to lift this one beyond two Horrys.


Mikhail Prokhorov has an awesome workout routine

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov was a basketball fan long before he purchased the Nets. And not only does Prokhorov have the size to be an NBA player — he’s about 6-8 — but he also apparently has the skill and work ethic.

This week, with the Nets down at Duke University for training camp, Prokhorov showed up to teach the players a bunch of non-traditional drills that were apparently influenced by Prokhorov’s love for martial arts. As Prokhorov told Newsday, “My perception was to come personally and to say hello to the players and to the coaches. I think it’s very important for a new team to have special team building and, of course, a commitment of ownership. It’s a part of this game. I also wanted to share something special with my own experience with martial arts and I really will be happy if it helps them in some way.”

Perhaps the best part? Seeing the players try (and fail) at these drills…

VIDEO: Prokhorov drills

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Prokhorov dribbling against the wall, part one

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Prokhorov dribbling against the wall, part two

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Lionel Hollins gets into the act with some juggling

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Nets Fan Recognizes CEO On Street, Parlays It Into Internship

by Micah Hart

Quick trivia quiz: Can you name the CEO of the Brooklyn Nets? How about the CEO of any NBA team? Would you ever think knowing the answer could be a potential life-changer?

It was for Nets fan Vivek Shah, who recognized Nets CEO Brett Yormark coming out of a Manhattan sushi restaurant and decided to tell him what a fan of the team he is and get a photo. Yormark, clearly impressed, then invited Shah to tour the Nets’ offices in Brooklyn. With the cameras rolling, Yormark offered Shah some swag from the Nets store and, the cherry on top, an internship with the team’s accounting department.

Check it out:

It’s a nice little bit of PR for the Nets, and Yormark is careful to point out the team’s integration into the Brooklyn skyline.

And who knows, maybe once Shah starts his internship, he’ll get to meet some of the Nets’ other front office superstars like Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov CMO Fred Mangione or Senior VP of Event Marketing and Community Relations Petra Pope!

H/T Nets Daily (via BDL)

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Jay-Z Isn’t the Only Nets Owner Who Raps

by Micah Hart

Rapping Prokhorov? Yes please. Via The New Yorker (H/T @edsbs):

You’re move, Hova.

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