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JaVale McGee Gets Own Reality Show

by Zettler Clay IV


Ladies and gentlemen, behold! The main character of the weekly series, “Shaqtin A Fool,” has parlayed his numerous appearances and bouts of ineptitude into a television show on Oprah’s network, OWN.

That’s right, JaVale McGee and his momager, Pam, will be on the tube away from the basketball court. Don’t know about you, but this is the best news I’ve heard this month:

The new OWN series “Millionaire Mama’s Boy” explores the dynamic relationship between former WNBA basketball star Pamela McGee and her 25-year-old son, Denver Nuggets center, JaVale McGee.  Famous for being domineering on and off the court, Pamela is not only JaVale’s mom, she’s also his business manager, working to build an empire while trying to keep a tight rein on the glitz and girls that come with the life of an NBA star.

Any combination of this woman and this guy is a worthy addition to the televisual medium: