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The Phoenix Suns try to spell Mirza Teletovic

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This is forward Mirza Teletovic‘s first season with the Phoenix Suns, but as you can see in the video below, he apparently hasn’t been around long enough for the majority of players on the team — we see you Brandon Knight! — to learn how to spell his name. My favorite attempt might be from Archie Goodwin Sonny Weems, who goes with “Televv” as the last name…

VIDEO: Spell Teletovic

Deron Williams Does Sideline Push-Ups

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The addition of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry has pushed the Brooklyn Nets to the top of the Eastern Conference, but it’s also given the franchise a little more swagger, some giddy-up in their step. And having KG around, one of the NBA’s most intense players, doesn’t seem to be dulling anyone’s edge, either.

During last night’s preseason game against the Wizards, Nets F Mirza Teletovic drained a three-pointer, and as the camera cuts to the sideline, we see Deron Williams hustle over to the bench, where KG and the other players clear room for Deron to do a couple of push-ups, right there as the game is going on. Not sure if this is the equivalent of a college mascot doing push-ups after each score or what, but you can’t say the Nets bench isn’t engaged in the game.

As Teletovic himself tweeted, this is something he’d like to see more of…