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What Would Happen If A Wacky British Announcer Called Game 7 Of The NBA Finals?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you ever wanted to know what it would sound like if a wacky British announcer called Game 7 of the NBA Finals, this video is for you…

Spurs Fans View Ray Allen’s Game 6 Three-Pointer


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just this past weekend at a barbecue, I was introduced to a gentleman from Texas. Our conversation, as many conversations I engage in tend to do, soon turned to the NBA, and this man told me he was a rabid Spurs fan. He quickly mentioned how tough the NBA Finals were to watch for a Spurs fan, and I mentioned that I was there in in the arena in Miami covering that devastating game six for We both shook our heads at the memory of that game.

Even though it was just a few months ago, Ray Allen‘s corner desperation three-pointer to send game six into overtime, which you can see in the clip above, has firmly found a home among the NBA’s all-time biggest shots. There in the arena in Miami, even as some fans had already headed for the exits, it was deafening when that ball swished through the net.

What would the reaction have been like had it the same thing happened in San Antonio? Thanks to a video working its way around the internet lately, we have a pretty good idea. The video below was shot in San Antonio’s AT&T Center during a game six viewing party for Spurs fans. Ray Allen’s shot happens right around the 55-second mark, and you can see hands go to heads throughout the arena as the shot drops. Oof.

(via CBS Sports)

Watch Isiah Thomas On NBA TV Along With Isiah Thomas


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On last week’s edition of the Hang Time Podcast, Sekou and I got into a discussion about Allen Iverson‘s impending retirement. When I wondered aloud if Iverson would go down in history as the best “little man” to play the game, Sekou quickly countered by bringing up Isiah Thomas. When I wondered if maybe Iverson would be known as just the best plain scorer at six-feet or under, again Sekou brought up Isiah. This was a timely conversation to have, because on Tuesday night on NBA TV, we’re going to celebrate one of Isiah’s greatest games, and one of the NBA’s greatest moments. And Isiah himself will be involved.

The 1988 NBA Finals lasted seven games, with the Los Angeles Lakers eventually prevailing, 4-3. But it was Game 6 of the series when Isiah Thomas had perhaps the most heroic game of his career, even in defeat. In the middle of the third quarter, Isiah sprained his ankle, badly enough that he could barely put any weight on it. Still, he missed just 35-seconds of game action, and Isiah hobbled through to finish with 43 points for the Detroit Pistons. Isiah’s big night included 25 points in the 3rd quarter on 11-of-13 shooting, a Finals record for points in a quarter. (The Lakers went on to come from behind and win as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hit two free throws to give them a 103-102 victory to force a Game 7.) You can see some highlights from the third quarter in the video above.

NBA TV will air a two-hour version of the entire game, Tuesday night, August 27th, at 8 p.m. ET. Even cooler? Thomas will be live tweeting along with the game as it airs. Isiah will be using the @NBATV handle and the hashtag #IsiahLive during the event. And if you’re not on Twitter, Isiah’s tweets will appear on-screen on NBA TV.



LeBron’s Game 7 Jumpers In GIF Form

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If it seemed as though Miami’s LeBron James couldn’t miss in Game 7, that’s a bit of hyperbole. Yes, LeBron went for 37 points, but he did miss a few shots here and there. But the Spurs did their best to contain him and make him make jumpers. And on that front, Bron punished the Spurs and led the Heat to another title. Here’s a GIF from Drew Sheppard that shows all of Bron’s jumpers at once. Cool stuff…


Twitter Congratulates The Heat

By Jonathan Hartzell, for

No sport has embraced Twitter as much as the NBA in the past few years and last night many NBA players made sure to give their congratulations to repeat champs:

Twitter Watches The Finals

By Jonathan Hartzell, for

After a remarkable Game 6 which saw the Miami Heat fight off elimination against the San Antonio Spurs, the 2013 NBA Finals will be determined tonight with the 18th Game 7 in Finals history.

To help you follow along with what should be an incredible game, this page will update with Tweets from athletes, reporters, analysts, and celebrities throughout the night. Let the fun begin.


What They’re Saying: LeBron’s Headband

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 6

By Jonathan Hartzell, for

The Miami Heat‘s season looked to be nearly over during the third quarter of Game 6 of the NBA Finals as their offense stagnated, their defense couldn’t stop fouling, and LeBron James was unable to find a rhythm. But then James took his headband off and everything began to work. He remained headband-less for the rest of regulation, overtime, and post game interviews as the Heat rallied back to beat the San Antonio Spurs 100-103.

Besides sparking the Heat’s run, James’ headband-less look also caused quite a stir on Twitter. From athletes, to reporters, to celebrities, LeBron’s bare scalp allowed us to remember everyone’s got jokes.

Twitter Watches The Finals

By Jonathan Hartzell, for

Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals is finally here and with one win, the San Antonio Spurs can win their fifth NBA Championship in the past 14 seasons. To help you follow the action, this page will update with Tweets from players, coaches, analysts, and reporters watching what should be an incredible game.

The Birdman Knows NBA Style

NBA Style


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On days during the NBA Finals when there are no games being played, the NBA organizes what is called Media Availability. Basically, each team takes a turn facing the assembled media, answering a similar gauntlet of questions about the game that just happened or the game that is about to occur.

One day last weekend in Miami, I decided to ask Chris Andersen, the Birdman, about his take on NBA style. We’ve seen how he’s evolved, but we haven’t really heard him speak on it. So I sidled up to him during media availability, asked him a few questions, had a laugh, and moved on. It was a short exchange, basically a minute long, so I wasn’t really sure what to do with the video. Post it? Or just forget about it?

I ended up forgetting about it until this morning, when I was perusing Getty and came across this photo of the Birdman’s arrival to Game 5…

2013 NBA Finals - Game Five

I guess this conforms to the NBA Dress Code? Actually, it reminds me of my favorite reality star on TV, Uncle Si from “Duck Dynasty.” (Hey!)

Either way, I guess we call the look “cool…cool.”

The Huge Spurs Pizza

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The other day we explored the world of custom Spurs haircuts. And now a new Spurs-related trend is sweeping the globe: A huge Spurs pizza.

This pizza comes from Big Lou’s Pizza in San Antonio, and it features a modified “SPURS” logo, complete with a spur, constructed from what appears to be pepperoni. There is also a “#1″ as well as a Larry O’Brien trophy, made from what might be a different cheese (or maybe pineapple?) than the rest of the pie.

Yet the piece de resistance is the image of The Coyote, the Spurs mascot, made mostly from meats — pepperoni, ham — with some olives and peppers for accents.

Check the images below. And someone save me a slice…





(images via Big Lou’s Pizza)
(link via Jimmy Traina)