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NBA unis get transformed into soccer kits

By Jeff Case

NBA players are no different — in one sense — from most sports fans around the world: they have a broad variety of sports they are interested in.

Such was proven this year during the World Cup, as the Hawks’ Dennis Schroeder carved out time after a Summer League game to watch his homeland of Germany take on Argentina in the final. And, of course, there’s Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who isn’t afraid to get on the pitch and show off his skills.

So what would happen if the NBA and soccer uniforms (or kits, to those in the football world) cross pollinated? The folks over at gave it a try and some of our favorites are shown below:

bullsnuggetswizardswolves hornetsjazz

(h/t Yahoo’s BDL & J.E. Skeets)

Welcome @NBA to the official game ball

By Joe Boozell,

Social media is changing the way media, businesses and sports operate at a rapid pace. That applies to the NBA as well, which has over 24 million likes on Facebook and also ownsย almost 11 million Twitter followers.

Eleven million for now, that is. This upcoming season, all Spalding NBA game balls will have the ‘@NBA’ Twitter handle imprinted on them. Take a look at the stylish new orange:


The official press release from the NBA can be seen here.

NFL Madness Continues: You OK KD?

By Nick Margiasso IV

The only thing more entertaining than the first week of the NFL so far has been NBA players’ reaction to it. And what better way to cap an extended weekend of madness than the NBA brotherhood taking out the Redskins Monday night meltdown/Eagles ascension on renowned Washington fan Kevin Durant.

Teammate Russell Westbrook, busy this weekend at New York Fashion Week and celebrating his Cowboys’ big win, took time out to rub it in on pal KD…

Durant wasn’t happy…

And LeBron James, well, just thought it was pretty funny…

Westbrook Goes Fashion Forward-er

By Nick Margiasso IV

What happens when the worlds of the NBA and New York Fashion Week collide? Something with explosive patterns, random accessories and odd lil’ hats … worn by a guy like Russell Westbrook, of course.

But, you see, New York Fashion Week is no place to make tongue-in-cheek quips at the outfits worn by NBA players like R-Wes in the obligatory postgame presser fashion show. Just the opposite — it’s where NBA fashion fits like a glove (check out NBA Style correspondent @LanceFresh for all your NYFW-NBA happenings).

Case-in-point, Westbrook has been spotted sitting with one of the most powerful faces in fashion — Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour.

See for yourself … if it’s a little blurry, that’s just because you stylishly took the lenses out of your frames:

And again at another NYFW (the kids’ll wanna throw a “hashtag” in front of that) event:

What does this all mean for the OKC man runnin’ the point on posh style? All signs point to a little love in the pages of that aforementioned very famous fashion mag. Keep your lense-less eyes peeled …

Follow Russell Westbrook on Twitter @russwest44 and on Instagram here.

The Season In Fan Halfcourt Shots

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I’m guessing it’s a universal emotion: We’re at an NBA game, sitting there in the stands, cheering our team on, and then through some fantastic twist of fate, we’ve been chosen to go out on to the court and attempt a halfcourt shot. We line it up, take a few dribbles, then let fly… and the crowd goes wild as it swishes through the net! There is generally some sort of prize connected with making the halfcourt shot, but the reward isn’t really the point — the real reward is making the impossible shot and having everyone go wild.

This happens a few times each season, but it seemed like this season it happened more than usual. And the NBA has put together a terrific supercut of all the halfcourt shots from throughout the season.

What They’re Saying: July 4th

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here in the United States, July 4 is observed as our Independence Day. Let’s check in with some of the NBA’s best to see how they’re celebrating…

Best Video Bombs Of The Season

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Are you guys following all the free agency news? Crazy, huh? Stressful? Making you a little nervous as you wonder which players your team will or won’t end up with?

Well, take a second and chill out, and laugh at some of the season’s best video bombs.


Copa de Kobe: Lakers’ Bryant Kicks Around In Brazil On Vacation

By Nick Margiasso IV

Los Angeles Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant knows the best way to unwind after a season of hanging around big-time athletes playing a game followed by fans around the world that revolves around a little ol’ 29-inch ball.

Hang around big-time athletes playing a game followed by fans around the world that revolves around a little ol’ 28-inch ball, of course.

That’s right, Kobe “Footy” Bryant took his love for The Beautiful Game on the road for his latest vacation. He is currently in Brazil for the Confederations Cup rooting on world football/futbol/futbal/calcio/futebol/whatever-you-call-it powers like the aforementioned host country and his beloved Italian squad (who he grew up watching as a youngster in the country of calzones).

Here’s a look at the Soccer, err, Futebol Mamba on his sojourn:

Kickin’ it with all-time great Ronaldinho:

Starry-eyed in Soccerland with top players like Neymar, Dani Alves and Mario Balotelli:

Hangin with Brazil’s Mr. Damiao in a pair of his new soccer-inspired Nike joints:

As for his Achilles injury? Well, he’s been chatting on and off with the recently retired soccer brand David Beckham on that one. Kobe probably hopes that at this time next year, instead of kicking around at the fun and frenetic world party that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be, a ticker-tape parade will be on his calendar. Fun and frenzy is much more a Dwight Howard thing, anyway.

Follow Kobe Bryant, recent winner of the NBA’s first Social Media MVP Award, on Twitter @kobebryant.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Well, hello there. My name is Lang Whitaker, and up until this point, Iโ€™ve been something of an interloper around these parts the last few years, popping in irregularly to speak on the NBA on podcasts or in video clips. But now Iโ€™m here to stay. So we better get used to each other.

A little about me? I was born in Atlanta. I went to elementary, middle and high school in Atlanta. I went to college at UGA. I worked in Atlanta for a while after that. I moved to New York City in the fall of 2000, and Iโ€™ve lived here in NYC ever since. I root hard for the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Braves, the Georgia Bulldogs, Manchester United and the Atlanta Falcons.

For the last 13 years, I worked for SLAM magazine. From about 2001-09, I wrote five days a week on for a column called โ€œThe Links.โ€ I also wrote about a hundred features on various NBA players. In 2011, I left my full-time gig at SLAM and started doing other stuff alongside limited SLAM duties. I wrote a book. I wrote for newspapers and magazines and web sites. I took a few deep breaths.

And now Iโ€™m here. Iโ€™ll be writing here on the All Ball Blog every day. Once a week Iโ€™ll be podcasting with Sekou Smith and Rick Fox. I chat with folks on TNT Overtime during some of the TNT games. And from time to time you might even see my mug pop up on NBA TV.

For now, Iโ€™ve got to get settled in here. So while I figure out how to check my email on my phone, here are some other things you might want to know about me: I like to cook. I like to eat. I like to put soy sauce and sriracha on just about everything. My favorite restaurants include, but are not limited to: Red Rooster Harlem, Ma Peche, and Waffle House (any location). I have been married for nine years. I have a dog named Starbury. I have a son who is four months old, whose main objective in life right now is to make sure I donโ€™t sleep more than a few hours at a time. I love sneakers and sportswear. I like to play golf. I like to watch TV and movies. If I had to pick a character on โ€œDuck Dynastyโ€ that I would most like to hang out with, it would be Uncle Si.

My favorite director is Wes Anderson. I think a billion dollar idea might be disposable tissues that clean your eyeglasses without leaving any streaks. I believe in the sovereignty of the SEC. I enjoy playing video games so much that I have to try and avoid playing them. Iโ€™m going to start working out again pretty soon, I swear. My favorite writers include, but are not limited to, Truman Capote, John Irving, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nick Hornby, David Sedaris and Mike Sager. I read the New Yorker cover-to-cover every week. I feel like anyone who serves unsweetened iced tea has some nerve. I believe that OutKast is the greatest hip-hop group of all-time, and I also believe that Big Boi is perpetually underrated. Branford is my favorite Marsalis. Tyrion is my favorite Lannister. Khloe is my favorite Kardashian. Finally, I believe that above all else, basketball is a game, and it should be fun to follow.

The last point is the most relevant to who I am, and to this blog. I love this game, and this blog will hopefully reflect that and celebrate that, every day. Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™ll reveal more about myself (and learn more about myself) as we go along here, and Iโ€™d like to learn more about you guys, too. If you have thoughts, ideas, links, whatever, leave a comment down below, or email me using the link up top in the header, or tweet via the link up above.

And just so I donโ€™t leave you with nothing to chew on, hereโ€™s my favorite NBA-related YouTube video of all-time. This video explains my NBA fandom in many ways, from celebration of the game itself to the blind, ultimately misguided optimism. Iโ€™m old enough that I remember when this song was released, and I remain hopeful that one of these days the Atlanta Hawks will recycle this both as a marketing slogan and a theme song.

NBA Rooks: Diaries … Khris Middleton

By Khris Middleton, Detroit Pistons

Thatโ€™s A Wrap
The season is over for the Detroit Pistons, and Iโ€™m happy to say that I have completed my first NBA season. Iโ€™m definitely looking forward to many more. Since our team is not in the playoffs, I am going to take this down time to look ahead to next year and how our team can get better and become a winning team.

Iโ€™m glad that I was able to finish the season on a strong note, and hopefully that will run into next year as well. In the beginning, I wasnโ€™t playing, but I told myself to stay focused and keep working hard. My confidence has always been high, but when I got the chance to play and I was proud of the level it was at I became even more confident in myself. It is important to not let anything or anybody break your confidence, and I try and live by that motto.
Looking back on my rookie season, there was a lot of learning to be had on my end. You absorb the most in your rookie year, and I tried to take it all in. Now, I plan to take everything I learned from this year and enhance those lessons this summer to come back even stronger for my second year.

Offseason Game Plan
Iโ€™ll probably watch some of the NBA playoff games, but I wonโ€™t be glued to the TV like I have in past years. I just want to take some time to relax and get my mind off of basketball for a little bit.

This weekend, Iโ€™m going to visit my old roommate from Texas A&M who now plays basketball at University of Colorado in Boulder. We donโ€™t have any set plans yet, I am just looking forward to hanging out and having a fun time with friends. From there, Iโ€™m going back to my old school, Texas A&M, to see more friends, coaches and teammates. A lot of the guys I played with still go there, and they are great friends who are more like family.

After I take a couple of weeks off, Iโ€™m going to get back into working out and training. Iโ€™ll be spending most of the summer in Detroit working with our strength coach, trying to get stronger.

I will also be going home to Charleston, South Carolina as much as I can to visit my family and friends. Some of my friends are in other places during the year, but they all come home for the summer, so hopefully weโ€™ll all be able to meet up. I really miss my Momโ€™s home cooked meals. She actually came to visit me in Detroit last week and she cooked me all kinds of things, including cinnamon rolls made from scratch! Thankfully she made a lot of food, so I had plenty of leftovers! She is a great cook, and makes all different kinds of fish, chicken and pastas. My home cooked meals are definitely the main thing I miss from home other than my family itself of course.

In June, Iโ€™m going to have a three-day basketball camp for the local kids in Charleston. I always went to basketball camps as a kid, and I know how much they helped me, so now I want to help the kids from my hometown. Iโ€™ll always remember going to camps, making friends there and learning the fundamentals of the game, which I use to this day.

Suit and Tiephoto
I recently had the cool experience of getting my first custom suit. I got fitted at Alton Lane when we were in town playing the Knicks, and then I received my suits when we were back in the area to play Brooklyn. I got two new suits; they fit real nicely and make me look sharp! It was my first experience with being able to hand pick everything from the fabric of the suit, the lining inside the jacket and the small customizations like having my initials on the shirt cuff and inside the my jacket. I ended up getting a charcoal suit with a blue shirt that has pink trim. I also went with a straight formal black suit. I didnโ€™t have a plain black suit before, and I felt like I needed one for formal occasions. Iโ€™m not normally a fashion guy, but I like my new suits and they fit great!

Thatโ€™s about all from me. I want to thank the fans for all of their support throughout the season! I really appreciated it and am already excited for next year. Have a great summer, and donโ€™t forget to follow me on Twitter @Khris22m and instagram at k_mid32

Khris Middleton is a 6-foot-7 forward from Texas A&M. He was selected by the Pistons with the ninth pick of the second round in the 2012 NBA Draft.

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